Full Moon in Taurus: Astrology of 10/24 – 10/30

This week we have a Full Moon in Taurus, with Taurus’s ruling planet Venus in Scorpio in the heart of her retrograde cycle. The Moon will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus, signifying a peak moment of visibility in our lives of what is changing about our self-image and our relationship to self. Consider the stories you have about yourself and your worth: it is this week that these stories may seem more arbitrary than normal, like you could adopt something far more liberating, like you have the capacity for accelerated shift.

However, these heightened and liberating ideas are working in tandem with the light of the underworldly Scorpio Sun and Venus in Scorpio, meaning that a descent might precede liberation. Or that we might find ourselves aware of new desires & have to decide that we are worthy and alter our pre-existing narratives.

Figuring out what kinds of new roots we want to throw down may be about the contrast presently confronting us. I came across an image the other day…

And thought about all my manifestation and law-of-attraction people who have become great at imagining things into being. Choosing a potential reality and living into it with actions that match the vibration.

The collective amount of anxiety around the future of our globe is pretty immense, sometimes it is so overwhelming for people it evokes a kind of carpe diem response like, if it’s all going to end anyway – may as well live it up, indulge and numb out.

As individuals and as a collective, however, we truly have to be more receptive to higher and more inspired ideas about what is possible if we are to live into those possibilities. That is Venusian work, you know? To really contemplate what you desire, decide you are worthy of that, and to live into it and court that reality. It often takes courage. I’m not sure it being easy is the point right now – we are approaching the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020 and that aspect really is about moral transformation, and drawing integrity and the will to do the right thing out of one’s deepest reserves.

Surrounding this Full Moon is a call to open the heart and our receptivity toward pleasure and love; yet it is not just on a self or human-to-human level that we are doing this. It is about our intimacy with everything.

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Top image: Shoichi Okumura)

Here’s our week:

October 24, 2018

retrograde Venus in 4 Scorpio sextile Saturn in 4 Capricorn: 5:51 AM PDT

(Image: Yi Pan)

  • There are two kinds of relationship pain worth considering with this transit: the ‘good’ kind of pain that signifies growth is happening (having the difficult conversations, confronting real issues, opening the heart and choosing to stay loyal to higher principles of love rather than becoming crusty and blocked-off, etc) versus the pain of staying in toxic patterns.

  • A deep and enduring love, whether that is with ourselves and our relationship to Source, or friendship to intimate partnership, must include some kind of descent (into the underworld if you will) if it is not to be a purely superficial contact. 

  • This transit correlates with reality checks around the types of suffering we endure for love. Is it the ‘good’ kind of pain mentioned above – the work of growing through openness and intimacy and really going into the depths – or is it the kind of pain that is more related to addiction, to lack-consciousness, to excessive entanglement?

Full Moon in 1 Taurus: 9:45 AM PDT

The Sun and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio, opposite the Moon and Uranus conjunct in Taurus. The Full Moon axis (along with Venus and Uranus) square the lunar nodes in Aquarius and Leo.

  • The Moon-Uranus combination can signify an interruption to normal emotional conditions and processes – which could relate to emotional chaos or a sudden burst of emotional freedom, like freedom from an old story we’ve been telling ourselves and seeing our condition in a radically new way.

  • This Moon-Uranus conjunction in Taurus specifically also relates to a peak awareness state in terms of how we are embodying (or not) our unique soul calling or dharma. How grounded and integrated are our highest ideas? Visionary thinking is only ‘out there’ for as long as it does not have roots in our material reality. 

  • There is a special revolution this week (and really ongoing with Uranus in Taurus) around self-love and extreme self-care. This is not to be confused with self-absorption or becoming an island – perhaps the fear of which keeps some people from truly diving into their self love practices. The radical possibility within having a vibrant relationship to the self (and really even on a chemical level shifting because of how much love and health one is building up inside of themselves) is having more energy to evolve and to participate meaningfully in our collective situation.

  • On an inner-level, consider the interconnectivity between your own wellness/fortune and the unique role you are here to play, the beings whose lives you are going to touch and positively impact when you are living your dharma, whether you know who you are reaching or it is beyond your knowledge. Wherever we are operating in selfish construct (because that is how we are conditioned in a compartmentalized, industrial society, because we are in lack/fear consciousness, etc.), these realizations may peak into our conscious awareness and be places we experience upgrades & paradigm shift. 

  • Selfishness exists in our Universe and is a supported-enough experience, meaning we can get ours and be seemingly fine enough. However, if we are situated in such a way that we are vessels of generosity, we also increase our bandwidth to receive good fortune whether that is in terms of wealth, connection, happiness. When we are conceptualizing how we want to participate in the collective and be a distinct individual being within that collective, we may think less of being cul-de-sacs where energy stops and we just hoard onto what we have and think more about being vessel-like and dynamic.

  • Alternately, while holding onto energy/material can be a form of hoarding and stagnation, there are situations and times which call for creating and holding reserves. May this just be a conscious process that reflects value. You might think of a seed which takes in water into itself but soon after it sprouts and creates an extension of the value it internalized.

October 26, 2018

Sun in 3 Scorpio conjunct retrograde Venus in 3 Scorpio: 7:16 AM PDT

  • This conjunction of the Sun during a Venus retrograde is a special and magical moment – forming one point of the five-pointed star pattern between the Sun and Venus, where each Venus retrograde a point is formed.

  • A very typical pattern during Venus retrograde is the literal return of past connections – exes getting in contact, old friends reconnecting, etc. Part of this is re-assessing the relationship and its lessons, and checking back in into any unfinished business. No rule or maxim on talking or not talking to exes during Venus retrograde is a substitute for the intuition and intelligence of the heart. It’s also a time to feel into what you really want, which requires self-knowledge or the deepening of self-knowledge.

  • This can be a time to celebrate the energy of intimacy where it exists in your life and kindling it where it is supported/ready to be. Many relationship patterns can shift with Venus retrograde as well as Venus in Scorpio, and there is the potential to become fixated on wanting something particular from a particular person. If this particular desire is consensual and building something, that’s a great use of its focused intensity. However, there are times when desire and expectation has to be untangled and that libidinal force directed to places more suiting/inviting/resonant. Or in other words, tap into the energy of love and intimacy itself and be aware of that energy permeating more than just what is being focused upon at any given moment. 

  • Venus in Scorpio will relate to harmony at depth, which also means that discord can surface (it often cannot hide from Scorpio’s awareness). This discord can test relationships and what they are capable of holding, as well as strengthen and deepen relationships where parties are willing to go there.

October 27, 2018

Sun in 4 Scorpio sextile Saturn in 4 Capricorn: 7:51 PM PDT

  • A very pragmatic relationship between desire and necessity opens up. If we know what we desire, such as a way we want to transform or come into ourselves more fully, we might also consider what is needed for this creativity to unfold – both what we need to invest in more and what we need to let go of.

  • Some parts of this process may not feel good at all – it can feel like grief and disappointment when we realize what we need to let go of, and it can feel like such a task to think of what we need to do or invest in. However, Saturnian process is not always related to what feels good – it’s about what will feel good and satisfying later, what are the fruits we would like to harvest from our efforts. It’s about satisfaction in the present that comes from feeling like we are in moral integrity and on the path. With practice and maintaining emotional sensitivity (not shutting down emotionally in order to be efficient or get things done), we may start to narrow the gap between effort and reward: feeling satisfaction in the moment during difficult labors and satisfaction at the harvest.

October 29, 2018

Mercury in 27 Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in 27 Scorpio: 4:04 AM PDT


  • There can be an energy and excitement here around expanding wisdom, traveling into the depths for wisdom, gleaning significant messages from the unconscious, getting to the bottom of truth in a given situation.

  • This can be a time of encountering really provocative, stirring messages – whether that comes from others, dreams, a random thought, a synchronicity, an animal totem visitation, etc. Our ability to draw conclusions on what these messages mean is highly subjective and likely nascent in its accuracy, but we are just beginning to expand our knowledge related to whatever the symbol/message is telling us.

October 30, 2018

Mercury enters Sagittarius: 9:38 PM PDT

  • Hermes leaves the underworld. The transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius is one of surfacing from the depths and developing knowledge, levity, humor and understanding around what has just occurred. The promise of really going into the depths and facing fears and becoming more self-aware is that it relates to more sophisticated philosophy when we get to Sagittarius. When the descent has not been properly met, Sagittarius consciousness may be more dogmatic or projecting its unaddressed fears and complexes onto its perception of truth itself.

  • Mercury in Sagittarius may relate to an increased interest in understanding the bigger picture as well as encountering ideas about reality and cosmology from multiple perspectives and schools of thought. 

  • We may also encounter the intuition in the form of receiving visions – Sagittarius is a visionary sign and Mercury, the messenger. A craft of Mercury in Sagittarius is learning how to recognize and actually take note of visions that cross our consciousness. Sagittarius is also a fire sign, which here we can reflect upon this as a signifier that storytelling/vision/myth (as associated with Sagittarius) has a warming quality to it. It gives us a sense of meaning, enthusiasm and faith in life.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts, works with clients and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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