Social Media Is Not Real Life & Essena O’Neill

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During the Last Quarter Moon in Leo – called a “crisis in consciousness” aspect, Essena O’Neill’s switch on social media not being a true representation of self goes viral. She is a former successful Instagram-famous model, now denouncing it as an illusion. Mercury has just got into Scorpio. Essena O’Neill herself is a Sun – Mercury conjunct Scorpio having a solar return today.

She edited the photos on her instagram account, now titled “Social Media Is Not Real Life” and included the hidden subtext uploading other photos like this:

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Thoughts? I feel like the crisis here is around how much one buys into the performance aspect of social media. The more real it is, the more of a crisis it is to step out of it. And she’s young too (19) – I hope this segways into something satisfying for her. Something else I see going on with this astrologically is Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune – realizing that the construction of life as one has been living it is a “lie” (Saturn in Sagittarius) and that it is not ultimate reality (Neptune in Pisces). And the Last Quarter Moon in Leo is playing out strong here – a crisis in the creative self-identity as it confronts the realm of deception in Scorpio – a crisis of having become skilled and self-realized in playing out a lie and having had enough of it because it’s not where the heart’s at for her anymore.


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