Last Quarter Moon in Leo Scoping


The Last Quarter Moon in Leo is tomorrow. Fixed squares (the Leo Moon squaring the Scorpio Sun) can be particularly intense because of the energy of two fixed/solid (sometimes said to be stubborn) vibrations meeting at that 90 degree confrontational angle. We have fire of the heart from Leo and the ice of strategy, of calculation and determined emotional focus of Scorpio meeting here, and some kind of change is promised in the interaction.

Scorpio Sun – Leo Moon people are pleasures… I have known a few with intense hearts… which they listen to… and they let it guide them no matter how hard one side of them wants to resist it. They make good seducers because they KNOW romance and they have the discipline to only act when it is becoming of them, and courtly. But for the rest of the populace not living this dynamic day-to-day, we’re maybe thinking about it in terms of melting our own ice a little bit because our romantic and creative impulses are calling us to be a little more vulnerable, yet more vulnerable than another side of us wants. So, the face off.

Has a kind of vibe like what use is strategy without the heart?

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(Images: Metropolis, Fritz Lang)

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