Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune


Anxiety is, beyond first appearances, a gateway into greater contact with the spiritual dimension of life. To be human is to be experiencing oneself as an individual separate from the Source. To be birthed from the collective ocean as a unique manifestation of that Source. And with that separation, there is anxiety in this life. There are moments where we think something is wrong or going awry with the unfolding of events around us, as though we are not being nourished in some way or another by our dynamic relationship to this reality. As though the reality we find ourselves navigating is just this empty, barren colossus without any stock in our highest good.

Anxiety becomes like a tug from that long-ago felt cord to the Divine… do you remember the Mother? Do you remember what it felt like to have no worry at all? Your Spirit does.

When anxiety appears for you, let it show you back home.

“Now what to fear?
Fear merged in Fear,
I know the secret of duality.
Fears always afflicted me,
when I isolated
you from me.
One is he with the One
who sees
the inner-outer as one.
But brute is he
who led by delusion
makes low-high division.
Freed from my “I”,
says Kabir.
I saw God in all.”

~ Monarch

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