The Monarch Forecast: January 2016 Astrology

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~ January 2016 ~

January is a mosaic of sultry undertones, dream fog, high ideals and putting it all on the line for those ideals. We’ll have a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn for most of the month, a few conversations with Neptune, a New Moon in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Leo.

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Mercury Retrograde – Mercury Goes Into The Underworld

This Month does include a Mercury retrograde, the most popularly notorious of transits. I do not find them scary. I even think they are enjoyable! But, this one may require some extra tenderness because it will be interacting closely with Pluto. A retrograde Mercury speaking with Pluto is like Mercury going into the Underworld at the time we are being asked to be a little more introspective. Cue existential dramas and dark nights of the Soul. Thrival tips are in the full forecast (because why only survive?)

Mars, Venus and Neptune – Love, Sex, Despair, Paradise and Dreams

At the start of the month, there is some tension between Venus and Neptune that by the end of the month, turns into Venus and Neptune getting along harmoniously. This is a planetary drama I’m tuning into this month. Venus and Neptune are naturally correlated, they both deal with love, but two different kinds of love. Venus is earthly love and the world of pleasure of the “five senses” while Neptune is spiritual pleasure, divine love, and divine longing. When the two planets are in disagreement, we are especially sensitive to feeling despair, feeling lost or confused in love, wishing for something else or something more, or we are likelier to have dramatically whacked-out ideals in love or love delusions that come with an inevitable comedown. When the two planets are in agreement, art flourishes and romances can transcend earthly contexts and become something more spiritual.

Mars will be in harmonious contact with Neptune this month, in a way that could easily be overlooked because of the nature of their link-up. But, tuning into their story can help with mixing the plane of action and the plane of dreams – this is a wave to be surfed. See full forecast for more depth.

New Moon in Capricorn on January 9, 2016 –  Making or Killing the Superego?

A short excerpt: This New Moon we get into the realm of the superego – the police of the ego, the one on high that ordains our “should”’s and “shouldn’t”’s according to a higher value system. This structure of self is not inherently a bad thing, as we like to think about the ego in general. The superego, like the ego, is simply a tool of consciousness that can be used for or against us. When we understand that this structure is malleable, we can use this structure to encourage ourselves to become greater versions of ourselves, and without this lens of idealized conduct we could just succumb to mediocrity. But we remember, in times of great stress or having pushed our limits, that this superego is not our ultimate truth either. It’s just a suit we wore to work. It’s not any old suit – it’s a magical suit, one that imbues us with powers we wouldn’t have had if we tried to do our work in our pajamas all day metaphorically speaking. We really also need to ask ourselves if our superego was designed for us by our culture or if we are taking part in the designing of it according to who we actually are.

Full Moon in Leo on January 23, 2016 – Good Form and Poise in Romance

Coming from the New Moon in Capricorn which was framed with a Venus-Saurn conjunction, this Full Moon occurs just after Venus enters Saturn-ruled Capricorn, so the curtains displaying this Leo Moon are tinted with seriousness and discipline. This Moon is about serious play. Read about what this means in the full forecast.

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While I have experimented with sharing my work for free in many different formats, I do not feel energetically nourished or in alignment with that. Other professions do not inspire people to feel they have to give their work away for free; especially professions dealing with “visible” matter. Astrology is a science that delves into the “invisible”: subtle realms. The nature of these subtle realms is that they become visible and actually tangible to those who are aware of them. Reading about astrology is like opening Pandora’s Box, and reading about astrology will have value in your life beyond even your initial moments of reading the forecasts.

In support of my diving into the invisible and subtle realms and bringing back unseen treasures, I ask that you assist me in making my bread on the visible plane. You can find information about astrology elsewhere, but you’re signing up here for the Monarch perspective: dreamy, poetic, depth-psychology oriented, and always determined on finding strategy no matter what the adversity (I’ve got an Aries Sun, and, Athena the Goddess of strategy and creative intelligence, on my North Node).

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