Monarch Forecast: January 4-10, 2016


This week’s astrology favors bold actions regarding selfhood and responsible and disciplined actions regarding relationship. Not that this need be a form of caution that amounts to not doing anything – at the core it’s actually about expansion and adventure, but figuring out what is best going to support that in a truly realistic sense. The romance astrology of the moment delves into the uncharted waters which we get to chart out via our direct experience with the mystery of love. Going in with any level of intention or boundary is where the Venus-Saturn conjunction of this week plays in.

Un-involved in romance but wish to have it? This is a good week for love magic, specifically think along the lines of identifying what it is that you want or desire, and sincerely asking Source for it. Venus is in Sagittarius squaring Neptune – the imagination can meet synchronicity here. If you know any Jupiterian types, they are the ones who always get the things they want because they thought of it and then it happened to appear in their life in a free box on the side of the street the next day. If you’ve gotten to talk to any of these people who have the science of it down, (as opposed to the ones just living in it without even noticing they do it) it is a trip listening to them. They essentially put their orders into the Universe like a cosmic catalogue. Note that as they retell stories of all the lucky things that happened to them their voices become even surfer-like in dialect. That’s because they are actually wave riders. And so can you, too, access this dimension — especially available with this week’s astro.

Because Venus is squaring Neptune, visualizing what you value and really imagining it will help it find you – the other aspect of this equation is actually going out and having adventures. If you’re on the fence about doing something fun and think you might just go home – go out! That is how you find Jupiter. If going home sounds like heaven on earth and you’re actually excited about it, then do that. Sagittarius types, Venus in Sagg – is going to do what seems like fun, what your good hunches are telling you. Sagg need not question the intuition. Venus in Sagittarius follows what is exciting. Genuinely exciting to you, at any given moment in time as it changes like the tides.

Sagittarius rules synchronicity. Think of your creative intelligence (what you choose to think and envision) as your weigh-in in the world of synchronicity. Synchronicity does not just happen outside of you – it permeates the boundary of self and Oneness. The more you get into the flow of all things, the more your desires and values resonate with what is actually available to you.

Venus also being in conjunction with Saturn this week can manifest as feeling more serious about getting our work done or being efficient about our art (whatever your art is. I have a loose definition). This can also be a time to have serious talks in relationships, but not about right vs. wrong stuff – Sagittarius is going to lose it there, and by that I mean go crazy (but one could “win” but not really). This is more about having a serious intention and bringing it to the other’s attention. Propositions and proposals (in romantic or business relationships) are great this week assuming they have material to back themselves up with. Being prepared to make the proposal AND being prepared to follow through is super important. If something that is proposed and approved fizzles out, don’t fret about that either – part of this is that you are being prepared for a next step and this was a stepping stone, not the top of the mountain like it had appeared in a romantic vision. Keep forging.

Take note Mercury is retrograde starting the 5th – read more about it in the monthly forecast for January.

The Sun, like Venus, activates our big outer planet dynamics of the time. The Sun will be activating the Uranus-Pluto square this week by forming a conjunction to Pluto and squaring Uranus. Think out with the old and in with the new in big ways. This is classically intense astrology – partial ego death very possible. There might be some desire to make drama of the trauma, but even that too goes the fire. What really keeps us from letting go of what doesn’t serve us? It is an obvious choice yet it is a warrior-like, shamanistic path on the other hand – to really let the illusions, the attachments, flush away, to strip ourselves bare. Go as deep as you’re needing to go. No need to be hardheaded and cray, my friends. Identify one piece of bullshit you can do without, and let it go. This is officially the astrology to do it. Go where it hurts a little bit. When it’s raw, know it’s your cutting-edge, and that’s where your growth is. Apply as much pressure as needed.

All this goes along with the New Moon close to the end of the week on the 9th – the dark moon is classically a time to let things go. This New Moon is also written up about in more detail in the monthly forecast.


(Image: Taj Francis — and did you note the Neptune earrings?)

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