Astrology of 10/5 – 10/11: Venusian Magnetism


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“From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.” – Robert Frost

At the start of the week we have Venus in Scorpio in the harmonious sextile aspect (60 degrees) to Pluto in Capricorn. But this one includes a line-up of semisextiles also, that is when planets are in close orb of 30 degrees apart from one another. The Sun in mid-Libra, followed by Venus in mid-Scorpio, Saturn in mid-Sagittarius and Pluto in mid-Capricorn. The Sun, starting this pattern, will be exactly 90 degrees and making a square to Pluto by the 7th. This is largely affecting relationships – either the status quo of existing relationship or a new way of relating to others based on inner-transmutation. Libra is ruled by Venus, and with both Venus and the Sun in Libra aspecting Pluto this week, we can see change in that level of life. The semisextile aspect is not one I normally talk about in forecasts, but it’s a definite felt energy, and so I’ve made a list of some possible effects of this line up.

But first, at the bottom line of this week what I’d like to impart is that pleasure, ecstasy, the enjoyment of life, and locating the ability to do this within unconditionally, is radically empowering. It’s not because it will give you the power to better “endure” life’s hardships, and it’s not that you’ll just convince yourself to reframe them positively. It’s because an internal change of one’s being will actually change the quality of the experience they are attracting. The astrology right now really emphasizes this possibility. Venus is in Scorpio, and Scorpio is all about magnetism. Venus herself is too. And you have the Sun in Venus-ruled Libra. Magnetism is hugely relevant right now, and the origin of it all is located within, even as Libra is an extroverted, yang ruled, relational sign. The combination of Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio really emphasizes this aspect of mirroring. Relationship only gets so much better and so much deeper as one cultivates their inner-reality.

So, keeping in mind the interior as the root, here are some possible phenomena & thoughts of the week:

1. New relationship is desired (between individuals, to oneself, or between an individual and their overall approach to life. Not “relationship” in one strict definition, but relating), or change in existing relationships is desired. There is quite an opening here to turn back this desire in the mirror – a deep commitment to oneself is enacted. Examine what kind of hooks (opportunity if, more love if, conditional love if) inspire you to disconnect from yourself, as though that will lead to any place desirable. If the commitment to one’s core of being is ignored, the external relating will not be what one wants. This creates stress until one locates the control board within and changes the storyline – at which point, positive results can become simultaneous.


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2. Assuming that the will is consciously directed toward feeling good, vitality, and wellness: one is constantly becoming more and more self-aware about what one likes and doesn’t like, wants and doesn’t want. This requires continual self-presence. This exploration continues to evolve and deepen at every unfolding moment and informs the actions that one is taking. Having a clear idea of what you want or desire is great, and that image can (and will likely) change according to the sequence of discoveries it opens up. Presence with the underlying vibration of resonating with life is more sustainable than getting lost in the substance that overlays it.


3. Assuming that one’s will is directed toward feeling good, or even if one happens to stumble into it – there are a series of thresholds to the amount that one can feel good right now (Venus semisextile Saturn). It’s like going along and suddenly having a sinking feeling or a pain in your heart after you were just feeling so great. These aren’t just mood swings – but really an opportunity to expand your comfort zone. In reality, we are conditioned to only feel so comfortable with radical ecstasy, even though you could argue that’s what we’re here to feel. We even don’t know how to handle it when we have it, or are judged by others when we are in that space, or its difficult to integrate it. We have plenty of reasons why we shouldn’t be happy. This week, the deeper we fall into heightened states of presence or enjoyment or bliss, we are shown where our walls are. One example could be in what your thoughts are like before you drift off to bed. You’re lulling yourself to sleep with thoughts and dreams of the future that excite you when — with an abrupt feeling, you remember some reason you’re not ‘allowed’. Even if you’re not a judgmental or dogmatic person, it could be something like, “Wait, I’m actually happy right now? I let myself forget that my heart is broken and I miss my ex…” Met with loving awareness, this particular semisextile is in balsamic (culminating) phase and correlates to these walls actually dissolving. The self-awareness that results can be highly spiritualizing.


4. A re-configuring or dissolving of contracts or agreements where the core intention that was present at the beginning is no longer present. These can be between people or organizations or agreements located internally, in the sense that you’ve designed a certain plan for how something is going to go, yet in enacting that structure, you are beginning to feel that it doesn’t resonate. The structure is dissolving to the deeper core intention, therefore this is a time that opens up the opportunity to trust yourself, and let the methods you choose follow – not to trust the methods more than you trust yourself, even if you yourself once built those methods. Structures and agreements can become hollow – and when they do, it’s time for change.

The ability to feel pleasure and to resonate with enjoyment of anything is a force of evolution with Venus and Pluto at this time. It makes it clear where we are wanting to go as well as what in our life, or what ways we’ve habitually settled over time, that are no longer true for us. With sin mentality deeply ingrained into the culture, whether one grew up religious or not, there actually is an experience of guilt that can accompany this kind of personal evolution, especially if it seems to pose a threat on an existing agreement or contract. Some people can respond to this tension between Venus and Saturn right now with ease, if they are already in the habit of adjusting their life to fit their deepest wellbeing. But wherever we are deeply enmeshed in a structure, the thought of breaking away from it is that much more intense. It really draws the question of what are we loyal to? We are also conditioned to put others or external groups ahead of ourselves, but this is coming from the Age of Pisces, where we have idolatry and sacrifice as values. The Age of Aquarius brings about radical freedom; relating to others from a place of freedom. It’s not heroic to disconnect from oneself in favor of anything else – it just creates more disconnection. It’s intimacy to be connected to oneself and to connect to others. Relationship (in all forms) becomes more and more about resonance and free will, than about dutifully abiding by contracts that are not flexible. The contracts can continue to change according to what is needed and desired.

Contracts we hold bind and constrain energy to flow in a particular way, and because of this they are very magical and profound – and as useful as their design is still resonating with purpose you value. It’s such self-knowledge and a fine-tuning process to discern if the particularly difficult things we do are adding vitality to our lives and strengthening us or if the difficult things we do are throwing us off-balance and not leading to a future result we are desiring. With the Sun in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn tension, it comes down to the balancing act of structure and how much of it we need.

On October 5, Mars in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra. Simultaneously as structures that have lost their sense of vitality are dissolving, the ability to enact new commitment that originate from high spirits is present. This bolsters taking action relative to what is exciting and feels expansive, as well as the opportunity to make incremental progress and put in the work for a higher vision we are holding right now. In many cases, this transit can be about moving from a talking and dreaming phase to a doing phase. Without taking these pragmatic, goal-oriented actions, there can be a greater than normal tension felt around the “where am I going” or “what am I doing with my life” kind of questions, since the tension of this particular square is about initiating new action, and Mars in Capricorn wants something formidable with a payoff. Since Jupiter is in Libra, it can also relate with what are “we” doing – taking actions to improve relationships in a very realistic way. Or it might relate to fitness goals around aesthetic and beauty or how we are actively pursuing what it is we consider the finer things of life. Unlike the Scorpio energy of the week, Mars and Jupiter here are not just setting the mood and letting magnetism do the work, but it’s an invitation to take actions that secure a series of reliable footholds, so one can climb up their mountain of choice.


Mercury enters Libra on the 7th, and Mercury will link up with Jupiter in Libra on the 11th. This transit is great for putting ideas in the air and sharing them with people. It can speed up events of synchronicity and luck and help bring in serendipitous connections. This transit relates to all kinds of expansion through dialogues and reciprocity, as well as opportunities that arise from listening to the people around you for messages via the playful, often disguised, Hermes/Mercury. You might take some of these synchronicities that arise as grace: signs that you’re in the flow with the entire dance of creation. Music (Libra) is built off of repeating chords. Try not to worry so much about piecing together specific meaning around random synchronicity beyond it being confirmation that you’re tapped into the song – the UniVerse – one song. 😉 I say this just because it is easy for conclusions of meaning extrapolated from these phenomenons to be unnecessarily crystallized when they are just symbols mirroring your dancing. They’re super fun though. Your being who is organizing the symbols into meaning holds the intuition, not the symbols themselves.

The Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn later that day on the 7th. The Sun and Pluto are making up the two endpoints on the 4-planet line up I spoke of earlier, I want to add a few more things about these two squaring in particular. Squares are tensions/challenges seeking integration, and are character forming. This tension speaks to new integration between how we are keeping peace or making things balanced on a superficial level and a deeper sense of integrity. The vibration of integrity may help discern what is private and what is not, and who is the audience meant to receive it or not. It’s a matter of integration between the unseen, gestational realms of life, and the manicured or cultivated outer presentation. We may find ourselves taking new action relative to becoming more visible or more internal, depending on which serves our process in an integral way and to those we are committed to communicating with.


The Moon will be first quarter in Capricorn on the 8th, with the Moon conjunct Pluto. As a few other influences of the week are pointing to, there is some tension between the realms of ideas and manifest/tangible reality, mainly that it takes time for something as immaterial as an idea to densify into matter. Whatever we want to manifest into existence that does not yet exist, necessarily requires some level of commitment and devotion. The first quarter Moon speaks to a moment in the Moon cycle where we initiate new action, after gaining some idea of what we value or want; and it being necessary to finally do something or enact that next step to put our vision into motion.

On the 11th, Mars in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Mars-Neptune contacts speak to inspired action and aligning the will with Spirit. While Neptune in Pisces is the inspiration, or the creative longing or the dream, Mars in Capricorn is the general executing the most practical steps along the way. As with the Venus in Scorpio empowerment vibes of the week, if you consider a dream you are holding in your life, consider also what you would do on a practical level to be in alignment with that dream. Yes to divine timing, and yes as well to boss initiative & telling life what’s up – your intuition will be the guide on that one.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! I am so grateful for your readership and for the interactions I’m getting to have with you. I am seeking to work with new clients for one-on-one reading sessions, and for a limited time I am now offering a 50% off introductory rate of $60 for an astrology reading to new clients. Just enter coupon code “revolution” when you order: For a look on what’s unfolding on the soul level for you based on your natal chart, schedule a personal reading with me here.

~Sabrina Monarch

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