Astrology of 10/12-10/18: Uranian Full Moon in Aries


This week features a Full Moon in Aries on the 15th conjunct Uranus and Eris, Goddess of Discord, also thought of as the feminine counterpart to Pluto. Venus changes signs into Sagittarius and enters mutual reception with Jupiter in Libra, meaning the planets are in each other’s ruling signs. This creates a feedback loop between the two planets. Mercury in Libra will square Mars and Pluto in Capricorn this week, and Mars will be hovering close behind Pluto, not yet forming an exact conjunction but that will come at the very start of next week. We’ll see a gathering and building of energy leading toward the Full Moon and we’ll drop down from there. For those of you who are in the habit of observing energy levels and the Moon cycle, it’s common for this to be a very activity-heavy time of the month and for energy levels to drop toward the end of the Moon cycle. How you experience the relative intensity of a Full Moon conjunct Uranus and the Goddess of Discord depends on how friendly you are wth those two archetypes – we’ll dive in and get acquainted. 🙂


The ruler of this week’s Full Moon, Mars – is dissolving into Pluto all week. Mars is catching up to Pluto, so it is in what we call “balsamic phase” to Pluto, which is the completion of an entire revolution of Mars around the zodiac in relation to the vastly slower moving Pluto, who has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will be there until March of 2023. Pluto in Capricorn brings the primordial, transmutational qualities of Pluto into the archetype of Capricorn: how we structure, bind, and contain reality. While we are seeing major transitions in the way the world is operating on a global, political, governmental level, it is also working in each individual consciousness on the level of how we build our reality. We are compelled and experience resistance on the levels of life such as public image, career, organizations we associate with, and our general boundaries: what we allow or restrict from our experience based on how we build our foundation and where we erect walls. But it’s Pluto, so it’s also working with the unconscious, and Pluto in Capricorn calls to mind for me deep-seated building and deep-seated breaking down, like chains underneath the Earth breaking apart and giant roots starting to gather below the ground. The challenge with Capricorn alone, even before you combine it with Pluto, is to know when to build and when to let go: as the structures are foundations for particular experiences and are only useful as long as they are useful. Pluto intensifies this lesson as well as the degree of emotional attachment involved. The opportunity of any individual living on this planet through Pluto in Capricorn is to become highly intentional and conscious around how they are directing and channeling their energy in constrained ways, or how they are specifically conditioning both their consciousness and by result, their exterior reality. It calls for a deep accountability of one’s experience. Any individual who attends to their own interior reality and vibrational frequency can evolve their circumstances, and every individual who does this is benefiting the entire collective. While some people may work very hard to maintain the past or status quo under Pluto in Capricorn, others will be working to dissolve outmoded social constructs to create new ones.

Mars is the lower octave of Pluto, representing the active will and the way that the will crops up visibly, where Pluto relates to motives below the surface that drive the surface behavior. Mars will be just catching up to Pluto at the time of the Full Moon. The balsamic phase between planets is very mystical and can be sweet or disillusioning. It is a moment where lessons learned peak to the surface as fruit and abundance, and it could also be a time where things we expected to last dissolve or change forms. The condition of Mars and Pluto this week speaks to breakthroughs, as does a Uranian Full Moon. It is as though Mars is simply tired of that which is no longer true, and the will to uphold something that no longer works will be diminished. For individuals who don’t know what comes next and struggle with the unknown, this can be unsettling, but with faith or a dream for the future, this energy is exciting. The unknown is a place ripe for projections of whatever frequency we are carrying, so faith and optimism are practical choices to make. In Capricorn, it’s helpful to meditate on the density of ideas, emotions, and physical reality, and the way that physical reality is the most dense and final product of the former two. Mars catching up to Pluto is a time to let go of action that is based solely on what already exists in form, and to enter into a more spiritualized and free consciousness that can imagine a future and generate it based on faith and aligning action. And unless this is a conditioned pattern, it’s not easy initially… it takes passion and commitment, but the momentum yields significant gifts.

The crescendo that is building as Mars approaches Pluto also has to do with an upcoming new relationship between the car and the driver (or the surface will and the motivating forces), signifying that some old relationship between these two is changing. This can be subtle, but I think it’s interesting to reflect on.



(Image: Jean-Pierre Roy)

Uranus is the matrix. We are interfacing through matrices all the time, from the matrix of our early life conditioning to the matrix of school to the matrix of a belief system to the matrix of phenomenal, magnetic like-attracting-like reality. It is holographic in nature and futuristic in its aesthetic. On a high, resonant stream of an individual’s matrix it is like functioning at full design-potential. We are, in varying degrees, interfacing with matrices of the collective or of culture, and individuals who step into their own highly individualized vibration and manage to relate it to the social organism around them are revolutionaries. Uranus can relate to experiences of being way far out and not relating to anyone, or of being way far out in a group like a cult. We see Uranus politically all of the time, when groups of people organize around things that are not true or are very extreme in some way, yet their group identity bolsters and validates each member’s identity as a part of that group.

The Moon highlighting Uranus can relate to the emotional quality of being isolated in some way, or of being connected to others because of one’s group belong or individualism. It is a trajectory. Uranus also relates to attempting to fit in by altering oneself to fit in a particular matrix by adopting the values of that group, but if it’s not true for the individual it will often not be enjoyable for anyone. Uranus corresponds with synchronicity and highly electric resonance between an individual and their world and connections with others and community that gathers when they are being themselves.

The association of trauma comes with Uranus because of the nature of falling out of one matrix and into another – one’s life may be completely organized in one way and then not, so radically and quickly. Uranus deconditions and breaks from the known, so while it is through the same archetype that we reach greater and greater levels of freedom, certain Uranian activity in our lives can be destabilizing or traumatic.


(Image: Imaan Hammam)

The experience of Uranus can press us deeper and deeper into seeing things objectively, scientifically, as they actually are. With the Full Moon highlighting Uranus, we have a potent window to see into ourselves as we actually are, whether that’s in an ecstatic mood of freedom and electricity or in a more sobering de-conditioning from a prior identity that you realize was something you absorbed externally through a cultural or familial matrix. Or playing with both. Moon-Uranus could enjoy any kind of mood detachedly just for the quality of it on the palette. The enjoyability of this Moon may be inspired by what is happening on the Libra realm of life: how we are attending to relationship, aesthetic, and the pursuit of harmony and grace. We can see into our nature by compare and contrast, and more often than not we see ourselves through a lens rather than looking straight into the Sun of our being. This is a week you can radically change your experience of self by getting creative about how you source your lenses and importantly, identifying the observer of your reality as the being that you are, rather than the reality your being is observing, being who you are.


Eris is conjunct the Moon and Uranus and brings in more of that element of discord that the radicalizing Uranus also speaks to. She is a very passionate figure and correlates with violence and a violent aesthetic. In Aries, where she’s been since 1927, she can be expressed as total commitment to a cause, in that martial, championing vibe of Aries. Rather than think about what is going to happen externally because the Moon is touching Uranus, which it does once a month, I would instead suggest that it will bring people into contact with the Erisian dimension of themselves. Eris is a companion to anyone who is under extreme duress and has to survive with grit and their inner-fire alone. Eris could be a soulful place of tuning-in for anyone in extreme circumstance and graining emotional dynamics who is fighting for their way out. She provides a sense of the inner-warrior that can help people get through particularly grueling life sagas.


For whatever level of intensity you may resonate with Eris at this moment, she is also an assistant this Full Moon for ceasing to play nice where it is disempowering you. It could mean actively separating yourself from a situation in which you’ve patterned yourself to be accommodating or kind, inwardly kowtowing to the values of another instead of listening to your own, and it’s really just time for you to ride away and champion your own vibe. Resonating similiarly to this, Mercury in Libra is squaring Mars and Pluto this week, and we may drop some illusions around false peace and confront the actual issues head-on. Where there is love, cultivating real harmony can inspire greater vitality for all involved.



(Image: Trash Riot)

Venus is pleasure, love, harmony, beauty- and Jupiter magnifies what it touches. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 18th, bringing grace to the element of life related to philosophy, personal expansion, synchronicity and direct experience with phenomenal reality. With a feedback loop between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra, the generosity and joy between people can just keep expanding. The route in to this particular dimension of experience (versus the shadow elements of the transit, which I’ll get to) is aligning with what naturally feels good. It’s having an idea that sparks you and going for it, it’s deciding to go out to a particular event because you had a hunch that something great would happen there, it’s calling your friend because you intuitively felt like it. Sagittarian types who are always sharing stories of awesome things that happened and the good luck they’ve come by naturally resonate with this, and because their attention has been brought to it over time (probably lifetimes), they magnetically attract more and more exciting experiences. The shadow element of Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra both can be to overlook: to use one’s sunniness and optimism as a way of ignoring messages that would keep them in balance with their environment. Sagittarians can be used to annoying people around them who don’t get their high-spirited vibe, so the balance of actually tuning in with others can be made that much harder. (I mean, one is not bound to have tea with the haters…) This being said, this transit invites us to navigate the balance of doing what feels instinctually good and being ethical to ourselves and to others. As we harmonize truthfully— not just think we are — with ourselves and our environments, the benefits of this transit multiply. One more note on this, is that your inner state is part of the environment, and the virtue of ignoring one’s own self for another is also a way of being out of balance. Our knowledge and our direct experience of what harmony really is only continues to grow with Jupiter in Libra.

I am enjoying seeing so much more awareness and attention being spread about the importance of real reciprocity and authenticity within relationship – and information to inspire people to tune in with themselves so they know what their needs and desires are and can state them. We are deconstructing from centuries of cultural constructs that involve people having to do things they don’t want to do or pretend to be someone they’re not, and our relationship constructs have followed and suffered as a result. Our ability to be authentic and present with ourselves and others is an expansive gift for all beings, and is a way of spreading positive change throughout the world. The value of connection, where it exists, is so magical to tune into right now, and so much more magical than it may appear at first glance.


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~Sabrina Monarch

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    Romana Anna Nova
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    I love your take on Eris! Feeling so much resonance with your description of my favorite asteroid. I have it as a skipped step in the 11th…explains the nasty karma that’s been coming up these days…

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      I love Eris! She’s right on my Sun. Are your nodes in Cancer/Cap?

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