Astrology of 9/28-10/4: New Moon in Libra


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This week we have a New Moon in Libra and two exact and harmonious planetary aspects – Venus in Scorpio trine Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius.

I want to clarify that the positioning of the planets do not cause events on Earth, and that’s something I’d like to be more intentional about conveying from now on. The principle behind astrology is not causation, but is instead Oneness – that it’s all happening at the same time. Astrology is a symbolic language that mirrors events and phenomena. The awesome thing about astrology is that because we can predict the positioning of the planets into the future, we can also anticipate the correlating future trends.

We have a New Moon in Libra on the 30th at 5:11 PM PST. On a technical level the nature of the New Moon it that it is a conjunction (same degree of the zodiac) alignment between the Sun and Moon. We often hear about using the lunar cycles for manifestation starting with the New Moon because there is an affinity at the start of the new lunar cycle between our immediately felt/perceived reality (the Moon), and the possibility to create or manifest a vision (the Sun). The New Moon resonates with a seed quality. This New Moon in Libra is conjunct Jupiter and square Pluto, and Jupiter and Pluto are just beginning to be in orb of forming a square to one another. This last year we had several Jupiter-Pluto trines while Jupiter was in Virgo. This corresponded with a perception of dramatic gains and losses; and relative to both planets being in earth signs, it often involved change in our experiential relationship with the body or the planet in its physicality/ecosystem/aliveness, and the connection between the two. It could have also involved our material life, career, and our philosophical orientation to those. We got feedback about what kind of diligence was rewarding or evolving us, versus what was just extra clutter/busywork we needed to purge.

With Jupiter and Pluto squaring, Jupiter is now in the relational sign of Libra, which is an air sign corresponding with cooperation, listening, and discovering oneself through mirroring with another. Whatever has become rigid in our being and the way we are structuring life, is clashing with new and diverse viewpoints that come from our impactful experiences with others. Libra is the process of learning balance, so we may have to experience extremes to learn and find our balance. As the New Moon in Libra squares Pluto, it will be an opportunity to play with the way our internal frequency or vibration magnetizes experiences toward us. With a New Moon confronting Pluto in this way (squares are harsh, confrontational aspects seeking integration), what we are desiring to manifest in the next cycle may be more of an obviously felt experience. This week offers both practical and soulful assistance in embracing the path that desire is illuminating.

With the Libra energy of the week, it will be especially magical to drop in with presence and listen to others and open the heart so we can do so. In whatever ways that we are not actually listening, we are engaged in assumption of meaning. If we expand into the space of active listening, we move past this limitation and this is where opportunity (Jupiter in Libra) opens up. This can affect the way that we interact with time. Besides altering consciousness and lifting ourselves out of the mundane, we allow a thread of synchronicity to be woven through our experience of time, such that something that a person said will take on additional meaning or relevancy after the conversation, which ultimately has the affect of bonding us into the present and illuminating the path of life as it spontaneously unfolds. Active listening is a way of dropping our preconceived notions and allowing greater receptivity for whatever spirit food is wanting to come through our field at this time. The other side of this is how we are ourselves communicating: communicating with honesty will be majorly expansive with Jupiter in Libra. A theme is arising about how we make agreements with others clearly versus where we are dishonest. It’s not so much about active deception or the desire to deceive, as it is an extension of the act of lying to oneself, something we see often with Jupiter. Relationships are opening up a field wherein we can accelerate our learning about honesty and about the expansion and availability of love that floods in when we are honest and allow that side of ourselves to be met.

The New Moon in Libra is an invitation to consider and deepen into new values. The ruler of this New Moon is Venus in Scorpio, and there is a tone of deep connection and transmutational change. It’s not just a new aesthetic that is captivating you, but it’s what you feel yourself becoming as you surround yourself with those symbols. Or it’s not just a commitment to listen better in conversations for the sake of superficially charming others, but it’s a commitment to invite greater connection and intimacy into your life. If you have a compelling desire that you could regard as frivolous (or somehow sense that others might), this is a time to reconsider if it is frivolous or if it’s actually profound.


As Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces this week (exact on October 1), there will be a conversation between desire and compassion; that is, the part of us that surrenders into desirousness as though desire were sacred – when that path is open. It simultaneously is about being able to let go, depending on where we are in the cycle. This easeful harmony between our most personally felt desire and the One, all the Universe – is palpable in terms of aligning with peaceful satisfaction: trusting the Universe and settling into where we are in life, and balancing our ability to be happy with where we’re at and to ask the Universe for what we want, and trust that it is coming to us. My friend reminded me this week that whatever we try to possess we inherently lack in our act of attempting to possess it. In Scorpio and in relation to the Soul and other yin dimensions of our experience, we have a great amount of power within ourselves to attract or magnetize, rather than needing to do something externally. Think of how you have met life when your conditions of happiness were met – you had the perfect love, the wealth, the sense of purpose. Whatever that was, see how that internal attitude or state of being you met those external circumstances with is available to you unconditionally. The level up in this game is being able to cultivate that vibration on an internal level without the external support to bolster it, and the desired contentedness does end up manifesting. Life will meet you with exactly what you need – which is sometimes a challenge to help you grow, and sometimes (but perhaps always) such grace and generosity. Likewise, if you are experiencing a bounty of external life circumstances that are incredibly nourishing or satisfying, this transit can be a reminder to go ahead and receive those gifts openly. Both experiences, either of presence or lack, are here for our growth.


On the 4th, the Sun in Libra sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. This can speak to the potential to envision and re-envision ethical boundaries for that which you are wanting to become (Sun) or experience with others in relationship (Sun in Libra). The structures that Saturn represents are here to serve a purpose or have some utility, and because these structures are only useful for as long as they are, they require all the processes of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. This week the forces of grace, beauty and harmony and the forces of boundary and constraint are in a harmonic relationship. As a lot of consent culture speaks to, boundaries and the respect of boundaries are a way that we love and respect one another. Consider how your ethics may be evolving at this time and if there is any new way to set them in motion – even simply identifying them may allow experience to meet you with a chance for their application. Can you willfully condition your life in ways that match a creative vision of the future? I’ve got an image of someone whose career comes with all expenses paid travel & fancy hotels – boundaries and possessing self-discipline do not always imply limitation, sometimes they channel reality into specifically pleasing avenues… which are yours?


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~Sabrina Monarch

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