October 2015 Horoscopes


October 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: This month is so much about readying yourself that you may do best to consider all forms of getting organized and aligned an adventure, rather than set of chores. A good Neptune opposition to Mars will do that for you – the actional plane is infused with all sorts of meaning. Your expansion is so much about learning practical skill, of improving your methods, and of coming into a new earthiness for your process in general. Important contacts are entering your sphere to help you innovate – your interactions with others (as you choose your company according to your own growth) is highly energizing as the Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in your sign. You’re at a moment where your projects are benefiting from a muse, an inspiration, or a teammate. The more you innovate and are creative, the easier this kind of energy will just fall into your life. All you have to do is show up for the work that creation really is, and allow the soil to turn over into something new.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This month has soulmate energy written all over it though it does not come with an outward gaze. Your ability to cultivate enjoyment of life in all of its color on your own is what attracts a naturally balancing counterpart. (If you are already partnered, this has to do with self-work that enhances the connectivity and communication of the relationship.) This energy is also ripe for creative projects and the creation of arts of all kind. Choose the influences that bring vibrancy to your life, and you are getting closer to a new truth that is one you get to walk in. This is a time definitely to give up any limiting self beliefs and philosophies that demand and take of you more than they replenish. The biggest change comes in terms of recognizing your worth and aligning with that, in any way that is presenting itself. Consider your interior and creative world a channel attracting a mirror. The connectivity is a given. You determine what channel you are tuned into.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This month your ruling planet is in favorable aspect to Saturn most of the month – positively blending your world of romance and your world of relationship, and how the relationship dynamics may work out on a realistic level some of the vision born in the romantic stage. (This can apply to other areas of life not involving other people – simply how you are fortifying a fiery fantasy into something more lasting) A lot of this month is also about self work and about accountability – there is a lot of gravity into self-analysis, whatever emotion may come. You will benefit in the long run if you are allowing and let yourself work with this new self-knowledge. Deeper and soulful work comes with tapping into the root energies of your life – what is underlying a situation – although it can just as easily be avoided. You’ll get to enjoy a new kind of richness though, if you’ll take the trip deep within.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: A huge evolutionary theme for you this month is about speaking your truth and turning it into more of a habit, practice and commitment – even and especially in those areas it seems to get away from you if not just through being accommodating or being a chameleon. The point being that the more you show up with a deliberate sense of self and truth, the more your environment and the Universe itself collaborates to present you with resonance. This is also a time to be experimenting and collecting information on the field so to say, engaging in a variety of new experiences as to discern what is really worth honing in on as there are still unknowns and you are not expected to have defined everything. Most of the month is an extended process of getting to know yourself in a state of expansion, until the Sun moves into Scorpio and enters your house of romance – then there will be exceptionally more intrigue and allure afoot…


Leo/Leo Rising: This month there are life advances that spring from the most basic of sources – your foundations are key. A new image revamp in terms of creating space and aligning your environment with a set of values that are the new version of yourself or the projected new you. Jupiter in Virgo sits in your house of self values and harmoniously aspects Pluto god of Change in your house of alignment of the material world to the world of Spirit. So creative blossoming of your world as a whole is assisted just as you set the seeds – more work is being done for you as long as you make a pathway. Additionally Venus and Mars in your house of self-relationship/self values opposes Neptune in your soul sector. The transformational potentials of this month are here and do not have to hit you in the face – they are more of a polite nature, yet phenomenal in their results if you take charge. It can feel like finding water at last in the desert…


Virgo/Virgo Rising: This month holds opportunities of leadership and self-initiative that while at once may have you feeling like a novice, you are as ready as the opportunity being presented to you suggests. There is a chance here to discover that what you have been wanting to see in the world or in your community is actually something you will be the one taking lead for. With Jupiter, Mars and Venus in your sign and forming conjunctions to one another this month, there is a burst of newness within the self that is worth kindling into something more – a greater act of creativity or self-realization as Jupiter trines Pluto, planet of transformation, in your house of creative self-actualization all month. With this supernova in vision, you are still grounded in how it is applicable or can find route in a real sense. Some teamwork or dialogue can be a rad, definitely evolutionary way of bridging the gap between plans and their actual execution. You will be facing your own limitations, letting go of the ones that are illusions, and proceeding lighter for it.


Libra/Libra Rising: A big shift this month comes in radiating out your most recent, emerging self and seeing what comes out of it – it is Sun in Libra season forming an opposition to Uranus-disruptor-innovator in your house of relationships. This is official astrology for breaking apart from stale dynamics and situations that inhibit your freedom or true sense of self. There is simply (or not so simply) an awareness of so much MORE and so much potential that your identity itself can be shifting this month – the Jupiter-Pluto trine activates your house of spirituality and your house of identity, bringing the two more in touch. This at the very least means coming into contact with a realer version of yourself and forgoing past self-held illusions. Remember that any ending is making space for what is ready and prepared to meet you now. An overall nurturance of your spirit occurs this month as what no longer serves your path dissolves, as well as pinnacle moments of completion and culmination occur on other storylines, and you are left in a space of pure possibility, open for co-creation.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Your storyline of forgoing attachment and being able to ultimately let go, experience death, and be reborn anew is shall we stay, in style this month, as Jupiter in Virgo trines your ruler Pluto. And while it has always been a beautiful process, the death process (unless/until you’ve gotten used to it) is not easy. This month it’s different – with the Jupiter trine there is an instant kind of luck and exuberance attached to any type of letting go. The more refined and intentional you are about the very words you speak, the ideas you believe, (think of ideas as a form of spiritual currency), the more you attract highly resonant forms of abundance. If you find yourself receiving a lot of something that’s not something you actually want, it will just be time to get way more specific. Let go of the excess matter and information that doesn’t enthuse you. Hone in on all the details and information about what you love, and watch it surround you.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: It’s time to let your interaction with the world carry you into a state of expansion with it – your identity as a participant and a global citizen is the frontier. This has to do with getting honed in on your visions for career, if not yet in the stage of it outwardly, in the stage of becoming the person as an individual you wish to be for your desired career. Your values change. Your priorities change. You get to fly with a sense of efficiency when you’ve found your alignment. You’re like a mapmaker staring at a blank page – you are setting your own guidelines. This is a stage of great creativity and you will be forming a structure to serve your vision until you outgrow it. So it does not need to be the ultimate. But it can certainly feel like the best thing you’ve ever done yet. Something more to be gained from this is a sense of boundlessness of the self – that really you can do what you put your mind and heart to.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: For where there has been desire and the momentum to blast forward into new ground, this month’s alignment of Jupiter and Pluto brings you an abundance of support as far as your methods go… processes seem to run more smoothly – assuming you are not attached and able to adjust your intention and plans when it’s called for. There is an invitation – things are about to get larger. Agree to it. You will figure it out along the way and chances are it’s what you’ve been wanting all along. Make sure you recognize it when it comes – stay keen. You have at your disposal as well the opportunity to regenerate in selfhood, to not be the person today you were yesterday. Remember that harmony can be a facade and the best support will come from working with what needs to be worked, rather than letting it be all pleasantry on the surface. While every moment is a frontier, you are a perpetual innovator. It’s not just an adventure, but a form of intimacy with life around you itself.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: As the Sun comes in opposition to your ruling planet Uranus this month it’s like a Full Moon but for the world of innovation – your most ingenious ideas can come out through dialogue and energizing communications. A lot of deeper matter is turning below the soil this month, with Jupiter in your soul sector trining Pluto, the planet of change who deals with yet the constant that is the soul. This is a time of being sharp with your intentions and generous in your ability to let go of attachments and fixations… you will be no less abundant for letting go, but any energy that would have been spent in constriction will now be in receptivity mode, allowing you to receive what you really are needing. This is also a time to get fiercely specific about your desires… and not to believe that specificity equals impossibility. The Universe likes special orders.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: There is much activity and movement in your relationship sector this month, and the heart of it is really about transformation. Relationships are arenas for becoming an increasingly authentic version of yourself, and also seeing yourself at the mirror – what types of people you are attracting and WHY. If we don’t consider any of it as random, but as a message of what’s emerging within, each relationship is truly a teacher (guru planet Jupiter is in your house of relationships…) and this month Jupiter trines Pluto in your house of radical self, channeling, innovation, Higher Mind — so be around people who energize you, and let it guide you in energizing yourself such that you keep the loop alive. This month has much to do with becoming your own best friend, honoring/voicing your needs, and seeing what awesome flow in your social world opens up as a result. More activity and mutability to be sure… it waits on your move!

(Art: Secure Landing by Eugenia Loli)

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