Evolving Deep Habits: Astrology of 4/18 – 4/24

Mars is touching roots this week as it approaches a conjunction to its higher octave planet Pluto in the sign of Capricorn – and if we are skillful with it, we can evolve our impulses and our relationship with time. We have Pluto stationing retrograde in Capricorn as Mars approaches, and Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio form a sextile. Another way to look at this is that Mars is energizing the already present Jupiter-Pluto sextile, an alignment that brings us in touch with greater reserves of resource and psychic wealth as we let go of entanglements that don’t serve – like unconscious attitudes, addictions, and the like. While we might think of wealth or abundance as an addition of some kind, Pluto teaches us the wealth of letting go and of making space for something else to emerge.

The Sun and Uranus join in Aries (a Mars ruled sign) at the start of the week. We may be holding simultaneously an urgency to become or to act (Sun-Uranus in Aries) with a deepening wisdom and strategic mindset (Mars-Pluto and Mars-Jupiter) which actually affords more skillful alignment and impact.

But that movement toward skillfulness asks us to also take a look at our shadow and our blindspots which need not necessarily even be painful. Sometimes our blindspot is cynicism, and our very belief that something is not possible blinds us to recognizing opportunities and insights which would be available to a more open mind. Sometimes our blindspot is that reality functions in a particular way, yet we have not more lucidly examined our cosmologies or experimented with other ways of being with life’s multivalent possibility. Shadow work yields its share of treasure. ?

This work is all the more important in earth signs like Capricorn, where we take part in the act of materialization. As Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn, we may experience a call to look inward and see the impact our deepest (and sometimes unconscious) attitudes have upon our actual realities over time. Within this is also the opportunity to reach new vistas of psychic self-awareness; to find out what agency you do have and learn how you can improve your life and positively assist the world situation. Read more about this in the Pluto retrograde section.

(Last week, I gave a talk called Having A Relationship With Pluto – I speak about some themes that arise when you connect consciously to the archetype of Pluto – such as having greater agency and free will, becoming aware of your entanglements and letting go, and using your focus esoterically. You can watch it here.)

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The class is designed to give you the foundations to have a deep relationship to astrology, to be able to source your own interpretations and insights. You can read more about it and reserve your spot by registering here.

Here’s our week:

April 18

Sun in 28 Aries conjunct Uranus in 28 Aries: 7:00 AM PDT

  • This pair can represent a heightened impulse to self-invent. As Uranus relates to channeling, group-mind, and the phenomenon that all information that ever exists in the Universe is accessible via attunement (similar to how we receive the internet, but in the subtle dimension), you might consider how heightened versions of yourself that do reach your full potential speak to you, and if you are tuning into that channel. (Why full potential? Because it’s Aries, and Aries wants to be the best. But of course, tune into whatever channels make you happy – and ride Aries’ energy and go-get-edness toward it.)

  • This pairing can also vividly illuminate which streams of information and experience enliven us, versus which streams relate to a sense of disassociation because we lose alignment with the self. It’s like a nervous system for the Soul, our excitement – giving us feedback about what creates more life and more vitality, versus what drains or de-centers us from our purpose and our inner-nobility of spirit.

  • Watch for the experience of intuitions, discoveries, feelings, etc. that are “ahead of time”. Not only does the past inform the future, but the future informs the past – rippling backward to send out impulses, inclinations, and destiny to guide one toward a particular future. A film emerges into the public when it is out in theaters, and millions of people tune into the story at once. It becomes part of the zeitgeist, it is at the moment “of the time”. However, the people who brought the film to fruition were “ahead of their time”. Think of the electricity and party happening inside of the seed before it sprouts. Though it might have an extreme urgency to become itself, time and conditions will have to allow. Time and conditions may draw the seed to sprout and give fruit eventually. If you feel ahead of your time, revel in it – and have some patience.

  • Likewise, if life is feeling dull or you are not sure of where you are headed, start to enter conversation with your future self, or anticipate how the actions of your current self are in dialogue with one of many possibilities of future self. If you want a more exciting trajectory, meditate on which actions, practices, and modes of being will connect to an exciting future.

  • If you haven’t already delved into teachings about the Higher Self, it is a type of practical logic worth exploring. Check out Abraham Hicks videos on youtube or Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman. A general philosophy that emerges from Higher Self teachings is  that when you know how to tune into your excitement & what electrifies you, you gain access to different planes of frequency both in yourself and in the cosmos… and ultimately, more time spent with one’s inner-electricity leads to a life that is in alignment with the Higher Self. The Sun relates to our self-actualization, where Uranus relates to Higher Self – when they are in conversation, we experience a sense of brilliant self-actualization that touches into possibilities of creativity which are beyond one’s known universe.

  • Always in this process of self-becoming, if you come out as a more authentic version of yourself but have a community built around a less actualized version of you, that community may have the values and skillsets to walk with the changed version of you, OR they might not, or not even be interested. When we are having Uranian experience, we can feel like we are alienating some around us, while wildly connecting with and inspiring others. It’s about frequency – and with Sun-Uranus, sometimes it is a sudden change in our personal frequency and all that entails. (Since this is just a quick transit, it might just be that these ideas enter our minds and are useful seeds to think about.) The Sun and Uranus in Aries together can ask us to really value our emergence as an individual. Likewise, the presence of a supportive or alternative community of likeminded people often allows an individual to enter a greater space of creative fruition. Under this transit, a radical sense of loneliness or a radical sense of connectivity could apply, depending on where you are at in this storyline of individuation and connection with tribe.

April 19

Sun enters Taurus: 8:12 PM PDT

  • When the Sun entered Aries, many of the seeds we planted in the wintertime began to sprout – it also constellated with a Mercury retrograde, leaving many of us with a backlog of tasks in relationship to our abundance of exciting (for better or worse) activity. With the Sun’s entrance into earth sign Taurus, the vibe settles down and we can pay attention to simplicity. What do we value the most and want to cultivate?

April 22

Pluto stations retrograde in 21 Capricorn: 8:25 AM PDT

(Image: Giordano Rizzardi)

“Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits. The hypothesis of morphic resonance also leads to a radically new interpretation of memory storage in the brain and of biological inheritance. Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains, which are more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past. And biological inheritance need not all be coded in the genes, or in epigenetic modifications of the genes; much of it depends on morphic resonance from previous members of the species. Thus each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and also contributes to the collective memory, affecting other members of the species in the future.” – Rupert Sheldrake

Pluto stations retrograde, as Mars in Capricorn closely approaches a conjunction to it. The Mars-Pluto conjunction exacts on April 26.

  • This is a meaningful time to transmute fear, anger, and aggression, especially to recognize when the shadow is being projected and how more skillful means of handling the situation may be available. These skillful means may have to do with inner-energy work: for example, realizing how our own defensiveness is constellating an external enemy and that if we were to change on the inside, the outside world might change in response to us as well. This is not to say that external situations are not real, not historically embedded, and are the fault of individual’s inner-energy, but that actual change and evolution of a situation can occur from within an individual. Not only are our interactions based on obvious modes of communication and symbol, but are also wrapped with energetic tethers and subtle communications. Someone who is internally gravitated toward paranoia may develop more actual reasons to be paranoid, and someone who focuses on the best in others actually draws out the best in others. The more accountability (Capricorn) we take for our unconscious and our unconscious entanglements (Pluto), the more we evolve and experience heightened agency.

  • For those interested in applying this logic to the world situation, consider the practicality of entering energetic conversation with ideas and actions that heal the planet. When we are cynical about the prospects of the Earth, we collaborate with an entire field of humans feeling cynical about the Earth. Likewise, when we enter into contemplation of how to be in better relationship to the Earth and to one another, we draw out that element of possibility in the cosmos. There are many planes of activism, and the subtle is one of them. Many creative potentials for the thrival of the Earth abound, but one must tune into them.

  • Pluto has us evolve by focusing on our passions, the things that in a preverbal way, compel and motivate us, draw us… this is Pluto. When we ignore these passions in favor of a more practical trajectory, we buy into an external vision of who we are supposed to be. When we use templates of practicality and discipline, etc. but align them with a more soulful path, we enter the path of mastery. As Pluto retrogrades, we may more readily internalize our inclinations; to realize what they draw out in us and why they are necessary to value.

April 23

Mars in 20 Capricorn sextile Jupiter in 20 Scorpio: 10:13 PM PDT

(Image: The Land of Miracles, René Magritte)

  • Mars and Jupiter join together in a spirit of buoyant adventure, of having generous expectations of one’s capacities. In the signs of Capricorn and Scorpio, this adventure may be about getting to deep matters of business. Like, what’s the stuff you really need to look at and deal with but ordinarily don’t like to? These two could help us have more energy and courage to deal with things we normally find difficult, yet that are directions toward expansion.

  • In considering a whole system or structure (Capricorn), when something doesn’t work as one hoped it can reveal a blindspot. These blindspots can be teachers (Jupiter in Scorpio) if we inquire in to them and seek to understand the psychic impact our codes and structures have.

  • Mars in Capricorn is incredibly strategic as an energy – able to have structural vision, command, oversight & execution to top it all off. As it nears a conjunction to Pluto, and sextiles Jupiter in Pluto’s home sign of Scorpio, strategy can involve the Plutonic. How it is we meet our resistance & how it is that we let go of the attachments/addictions that drain our life force?

  • We might consider the natural laws and philosophies of Mars – the just/proper use of will. Thinking of The Awakened Warrior: Living with Compassion & Discipline.

  • In groups where people are gathered together around a common goal, now might arise a graceful time to discuss touchier matters. An optimism around problem-solving can exist in this constellation and disagreements might be met with the spirit of adventure Jupiter represents. Authentic conflict, when held in friendly context, can be enlivening for all parties involved.

  • The experience of truths/wisdom arriving in a forceful way, whether delivered from a person or just as Reality itself. The experience of force being enjoyable or at least moving; truth/wisdom with impact.

April 24

Venus enters Gemini: 9:40 AM PDT

Venus stays in Gemini until May 19.

  • To pay homage to Venus, you may find her through the Gemini dimension of life. Or where you find Gemini (through experience or the archetype or concretely in your natal chart), you find added grace/beauty. Some possible themes: witty and pleasant conversation, shapeshifting, being able to name/articulate values and sentiments, grace in expression of all kinds, experiencing oneself or others as many different people (like a collection of sub-personalities) & the potential to enjoy this flexibility of identity, joy in the absurd, following a trail of alluring connections down a whimsical rabbit hole, enhanced curiosity.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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