Monarch Forecast: March 7-13, 2016


March 7-13, 2016

This is eclipse week and the entrance into Eclipse season (our next Eclipse coming up during the Full Moon in Libra on March 23.) We are now feeling the fresh energy of Mars entering Sagittarius from Scorpio: our world of action is feeling open and boundless. The sources of conflict can be intrusiveness, boundary issues, feeling defensive about boundaries being crossed or feeling the impulse to get involved in someone else’s stuff, hypocrisy and the impulse to correct. Mars in the boxing ring of Sagittarius is potentially a good-natured spar, though depending on how attached a person is to their viewpoint being right, arguments about beliefs can be ugly and as we see culturally/historically, actually violent.

Someone was expressing to me once that debate used to be a positive process for both parties. The goal was not competitive in the sense that one person would win and be correct and the other person lose and be wrong, but that both sides would learn how to express their own truth better, and maybe even evolve their viewpoint.

The vibration coming through that I’m thinking about with Mars in Sagittarius is how we get defensive about truth or lies, riled up by it, and will actually feel our blood heating up for it. With intention, Mars is capable of grace and definition of its will, even in a boundless sign like Sagittarius.

This week we have:

Mars in Sagittarius Quintile Jupiter in Virgo:

The quintile is the 5th harmonic and very magical. it’s not a obvious, in your face energy but one that appears if you pay attention to it (say like, only those who believe in fairies can see them.) Between Mars and Jupiter at this harmonic, there are cool possibilities to watch out for this week, among them:
1. An attitude of expanded possibility and good will diminishing conflict. Seeing conflict as an opportunity or a potential to refine oneself and one’s lessons, rather than a threat.
2. The ability to organize expansiveness in the mind through somatic practices of the body – dancing, running, exercising to process ideas.
3. Learning newly empowered forms of how to extend oneself, make advances, or going out on a limb – there is deep trauma in our culture around both the misuse of YANG energy and the projection of that historical misuse onto male-bodied or masculine-type people. We are in a juicy flux time – the desire to be loved and to connect is there & our cultural constructs, when separated from nature, obstruct this alchemical process. Playing with natural expressions of feminine and masculine interplay to find what feels good – being able to see past fears and conditioned wounds around gender. Discernment between conditioned beliefs versus natural dynamics.

Sun in Pisces Opposite Jupiter in Virgo:

This is like a Full Moon energy except instead of the Moon being illuminated by the Sun, Jupiter is illuminated by the Sun. Instead of the emotional reality of Earth coming to a collective head or climax of intensity; it is the planet of truth and natural law, in the sign of health and discernment, being lit up. Watch for healing insights around the connection between emotions/spirituality and physical vitality and health. Think of health as a creative act; the systems of power that prescribe or dictate what health means are usually just made up of people doing their honest best – but they’re not necessarily right or objective law. They are professionals aligning with beliefs, which may or may not resonate with yours. How many medications are designed just to stifle symptoms but not alleviate the actual cause? That is a philosophical orientation to medicine, where there are other philosophical orientations that would take a more holistic approach and seek to heal the root. Whether imaginary constructs are floating around your realm from the outside or hang around compacted over time, this dynamic between the Sun and Jupiter can shift that blocked energy in favor of more truth. A bright dissolving light from the Sun in Pisces reveals where our habits are in or out of alignment with our higher good on the physical plane. Especially since this is Eclipse week – use these insights to let go of what is unhealthy in your life – blast it out. Clear the vessel. The truth can set you free; not to say it wouldn’t possibly feel INTENSE first. Jupiter is a drama planet. So is the Sun… but you’ve got this. You know self-care and tuning in to your natural essence equals vitality.

New Moon Eclipse in Pisces:

A lot of our OLD/ancient stuff is launching us into the future right now. The deep-seated fears, the deep surrender to things we once had to bow to that no longer rule us, the old self-defeating visions of reality. The paradigm is changing. This New Moon occurs opposite the North Node in Jupiter conjunct Virgo, like the point of the bow springing us forward into a more specific, defined, and intentional reality. We are emerging from a dark soup. It has nourished us in many ways, and we are ready to leave some of the deadweight behind… the tendrils of creatures of the deep that make us feel like we have to tread water all the time. What if it wasn’t so hard? What do you need to let go of? Let it go now. It will likely call your attention. You have the wisdom to say your goodbyes… with love and thanks as you step into the new.

Venus in Aquarius quintile Saturn in Sagittarius:

When I see a quintile between these two I think of money – because we’re talking about creativity and money is something that mobilizes our resources and creative power. It’s super interesting that there are countless books and classes on how to make more money, from super realistic, business-minded and practical avenues of thought to teetering on delusional manifestation principles. I believe in manifestation – however I think that sitting in a dark room and meditating on obtaining a yacht is not how one goes about manifesting a yacht. This transit can speak to getting real about what your money magic is… what seemingly unrelated activities, apart from how you actually make a paycheck, call abundance into your world. What energetic patterns? What choices, from dress to hygiene to going out when you feel like something lucky is going to happen even when you also feel that tendency to just stay at home instead? Why do we think money-making is linear? Maybe you going out for a run or playing music for a bit settled your vibration into something more receptive. Venus in Aquarius is about electricity and resonance – the more you feel yourself as valuable, and treat yourself as valuable, the more a structure of support and expansion of resources builds around this. Be the mad scientist of your cash flow – decondition from patterns of how you’ve thought you make money, and see how you actually make money. If you already have a foundation or a platform that calls in variable income, this is easier to see immediately. If you don’t have much structure in your life, this could be a good transit for designing some structure.

Sun in Pisces conjunct Chiron in Pisces:

Who wants the full light of the Sun shined on their deepest wounds? Sounds savory? (Don’t worry – more likely in a FELT way than in an externally visible way) Except this is really brilliant, because the Sun is a force of vitality and it is waking up the stored potential of those wounds to be one, a source of major personal healing, and two, transpersonal healing for the whole globe. In other words: COMPASSION for what is hurting you right now… what deep and painful memories are surfacing at this time. Don’t think for a second that your own healing doesn’t matter. The world is literally counting on it. You may not identify personally as a healer, but if you seek and find healing for your own self, you will be sending out powerful ripples and inspiring healing on a massive scale. Follow the Tao of your own self-care with this transit for its wide-spreading magic.

Mercury in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces:

Dreamy messages & a chance of much being lost in translation. This is like not being attached to HOW your message is received or heard, taking a hands-off approach to how your art is interpreted. Pisces can be so vague, and not for any inherent fault of its own, but that Pisces is receiving stimulus and messages (Mercury) from behind the veil, behind the Maya and illusion, and into transcendent truths or wishful fantasies. Either way… Pisces is not what we collectively think of as reality, but reality, as we know as well, is also a dream. And since the Pisces realm is far beyond this realm, we don’t always have the language for Piscean insights unless we make the effort to build it ourselves. So if you want to understand others’ unique realities and be understood for your own unique reality during this time? Make an effort for clarity via the Virgo polarity to Pisces. Get specific when it counts. Use images and metaphors to convey complex feelings. Listen to your dreams. Use compassion in your communications to float high on this one. But not the self-undoing compassion. If your needs have to be sacrificed for another, think twice. Does it really have to be that way?

Venus enters Pisces:

Venus corresponds with earthly love, pleasure, values and ethics – and Pisces, ruled by Neptunian, correlates to Divine love, tantra, transcendence, and spiritual love. The desire alone for this kind of divine partnership can be projected onto ANY person, regardless of whether or not there is actual compatibility or resonance. Ever had a crush you couldn’t explain – someone just enchanted you and you couldn’t understand why you even liked them? Venus in Pisces is like this. It’s a wide spectrum – total soulmate energy and magic here, and also delusions in love, or getting distracted and drugged by unhealthy love. The best medicine for this is keeping your gaze at the Oneness and the all – when you don’t have a connection to Spirit, you still end up finding Spirit as it manifests individually in other things or other people. Spirit is all around- and within you – within everything… DON’T let your love life be like you’re a baby duckling who makes an imprint on the first duck it sees. Love can be a beautiful fantasy but you also want it to work. Now, if you are an artist or creative type, fantasies can be like food. Imbibe wisely. And watch your relationships that are already healthy or ready to be taken into new levels of intimacy deepen and be nourished with Spiritual essences as Venus is in Pisces. It’s going to feel like a dream. You’re going to take the high road and be lucid in the dream.


(Image: Yuta Onoda)


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