New Moon in Pisces, the Gifts of Dissolution, & the Call for Spiritual Maturity

The New Moon at 20 Pisces at 1:00 AM Pacific on March 10, 2024

This New Moon is at the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune, who are both in Pisces but not within 10 degree orb of conjunction. Saturn and Neptune will enter orb briefly this summer, then Saturn will retrograde and they will begin to fall back away from each other. Saturn and Neptune will exact their conjunction eventually in 0 Aries in February 2026.  

The New Moon here offers an emotional, perceptual bridge to some of the approaching Saturn-Neptune storyline, in addition to being a lunation that is shortly followed by an eclipse.

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Keep reading below for those of you who like to read or watch the YouTube version with additional commentary:

The third decan of Pisces (where the lunation will fall) is associated with the 10 of Cups in the tarot and the search for ultimate emotional fulfillment. This can correlate with actual experiences of the sublime and dreams-come-true as well as the illusory things we mistake for that.

One of the challenges of the Piscean experience is that we are dual-natured: earthly/incarnate and spirit. Part of our nature seeks our temporary experience and another part of our nature seeks the ultimate, infinite, transcendent experience. The erotics of living is that we tend to do both at the same time: that our temporary lives, our aspirations reached, and the bonds we form here are in themselves portals to that sublime feeling of being one with God. These are times when we feel blessed by the rains, like the Universe is personally working out in our favor, like we are at Oneness.

This being said, the search for our earthly and temporary experiences to match the imprint of our most cosmic or spiritual desires, such as our personal high dream of what would make life most worth living — is easily imprinted onto situations that aren’t quite the thing, if our fantasy is strong enough and our discrimination weak enough. When this is the case, our fantasy might be alive for a time only to disintegrate before our eyes into experiences that feel subtly to wildly devastating and disillusioning.

(If you really relate to this kind of thing, I would love to invite you to listen to my audio-novella Hungry Ghosts of Paradise which is a lot about this energy, the ultimate highs and falls in romance and the spiritual crisis from that. There’s a playlist with all the chapters here.)

Not all is lost here however. The task of this particular issue is to reclaim the projection of the dream/fantasy. Similar to the process of aligning one’s spirit with their body — landing in their body instead of being disassociated — being able to maturely interact with our dreams ‘out there’ means being able to see things for what they are and recognize where there is true invitation for a dream to unfold. Reclaiming the projection and being able to relate to the dream means we don’t kill it or stuff it away, but we allow it to take on a more mature/realized form in our lives.

This is a classic dynamic in romance  — the difference between being able to read the signals and actions a person is actually giving/displaying versus interpreting all of those things through a delusional, dreamy, or hopeful lens. Romantics who do the latter often have an immense capacity for love that they only have to free up by placing themselves mores squarely in reality instead of spending their energy pining into the abyss for something that doesn’t exist.

We are only speaking so far of the New Moon itself in the third decan of Pisces, but these themes also correlate with the archetypal signature of Saturn-Neptune. When Saturn and Neptune come together, things we felt were more real or stable (Saturn) can begin to fade (Neptune) which is often a bittersweet experience. It is challenging when things we wanted to stick, dissolve — but also redemptive when calcified limitations melt and make way for a deeper experience of flow and receptivity.

Likewise, Saturn-Neptune can also work in a reverse way of materializing the ineffable or materializing the dream: allowing what was once invisible become tangible.


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The New Moon in Pisces: Themes, Possibilities, to Consider:

  • The New Moon is opposite Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, which to me is evocative of the deeper feminine powers (Lilith) of discernment (Virgo). For people who are really stuck in spells and swells of Piscean oceanic illusions, investing much of their lifeforce into something far far away that is questionably real (and speaking from experience as someone who went to a love addiction program to get sober) this is very psychological yes, but the ‘glamours’ of the fantasy are kind of spirit-like. Black Moon Lilith in Virgo speaks to me of practical magic, herbalism, or any healthful real-world, ritual-like anchors that allow a person to call their power back from the nebulous field of fantasy projections. There might be a call here to refine our attention (i.e. how we place our energy, and therefore what we are routinely bonding with).
  • We might be generally mindful that life is collaborative, that while we do actually have to take actions and be agents of our own lives, and apply effort in our desired direction, we cannot dominate life. When our desire around a dream is so fervent and powerful it’s as if we want to become like the ocean that swallows or re-arranges anything in its path. The thing is, Nature also has dreams that it dreams through us, and not all of our dreams are wrong or delusional. Many of them can be life-giving, meaningful, truthful. But it is a spiritual path of co-creation. We have to be able to hear how Life is talking back to us and teaching us or adjusting us. When we have a dream that brings us to our knees — in desperation or in prayer — let it be a spiritual awakening. Let it shape you. Let life shape you. Learn to discern your place in the scheme of it.
  • High potency spiritual energy actually does show us what is in the way of our prayers, in terms of our own psychological or mental blockages. Spiritual development and psychological/personal development inevitably go hand-in-hand, and when they don’t that is where a lot of delusion kicks in because a person is projecting their unresolved issues onto their spiritual unfolding. When things are not working out for us and something is clearly off, we have to be willing to consider where we might be incorrect in our thinking/approach and try something else or learn better ways. Paths of spiritual realization will illuminate our errors, and when we refuse this process we can become frustrated, deluded, messianic, inflated. There can be a gentle, compassionate balance around being able to learn and still be in connection to ourselves, our hearts, our dreams, with more of an open palm.

My tone has been a little serious and I think this is in part because real spirituality does include fun and play and is also not really a joke. The Universe is not just a wish-granter, sugar-mama/sugar-daddy. Sometimes we are called to ‘grow up’ spiritually and a New Moon close to Saturn suggests the question! Growing up spiritually is not just about becoming wiser or having more spiritual sight, it’s also about how we integrate and live as co-creators, as beings who are more truly responsible for the stewardship of their own potential, life dream, and calling.

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with love,

Sabrina Monarch

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