A Flame of Emerging Truth: Astrology of 3/29 – 4/4

The emphasis of the moment is Aries, with a lineup of planets in this sign – bringing to the fore themes around self-assertion and self-discovery. In our own unique plotlines, we are facing novel initiations. Inside of the Aries experience, we can be driven by instinct and not have so much reference or prediction for how things will pan out. It’s worth taking a moment to really presence the sensation of being new/fresh, or at the start of a new spiral of evolution. This can be exciting and adventurous if we’re game, but also holds a lot of insecurities and doubts.

The Aries lineup is ruled by transiting Mars in Cancer, who is trining Saturn in Pisces this week. To me this suggests that these emerging tensions are showing up in the emotional realm, like an inward pot of simmering water. Something internally is stirring, restless, wanting more, wanting change, and isn’t totally sure how to do it. Or we have some ideas, but they are experimental!

With as much confidence as Aries presents ideas (or we may feel our own emergent processes) there is some element of not really knowing and being willing to see what happens, step by step. So I think of “emerging truth” as in the truth of the path is presented as it unfolds and as we participate with it. Perhaps we can allow ourselves to be less preoccupied with having everything figured out and lean in more to the reality that we’re just starting something new. Perhaps that lets us be lighter on our feet, more playful, more honest, more open.

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Here’s our week:

March 30, 2023

Mercury in 22 Aries conjunct Vesta in 22 Aries: 7:07 AM PDT

This is part of a greater Aries stellium – Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, Vesta and Mercury. Before sharing some delineations, some keywords for the planets involved: Sun (essence, radiance), Chiron (wound, pain point, initiation), Jupiter (truth, knowledge, beneficence), Vesta (sacred space, priestess), Mercury (communication, translation, information).

  • There is a quality to life, spiritually, in that when we speak our truth it filters our experience accordingly – moving us through thresholds and initiations that we can’t access when we don’t ally with the truth.
  • To speak our truth in some instances and moments creates a severance (Aries/Mars) from the path we are already on. Take the metaphor of being in a car moving toward a destination, and you tell the the driver, “hey actually, I don’t want to go to that destination,” and maybe, “I want to instead….”
  • At the moment, there is potentially a great deal of insecurity around admitting these things to ourselves let alone verbalizing them because of a sense of feeling like our impasse is novel/new to us in some way and we’re not feeling sure of our position or next moves. It all feels experimental, subjective.
  • There is also potentially a great deal of energy or restlessness driving us to make choices in our actions or expression, even if we’re acting more on impulse than on certainty.
  • Once difficult truths are named, there is an opening. The situation adjusts as we participate, giving a sense that only a step or a few steps seem to be revealed at once.
  • The original intensity of the fiery impulse of Aries may adjust or temper once on the path: i.e. the first impulse is to full-on quit a job or leave a relationship, but once contending with that possibility or even naming it, more subtle negotiations or new choices may emerge. We see ourselves puff up, then dial in.
  • Ultimately, below the appearances of the actions we are taking or being spurred to take, or the challenging conversations we are being spurred to have with ourselves and/or others, there is quality of emergent selfhood – the realization that we have to bring more of ourselves to the table, even though we may have our reasons and wounds that keep us sidelining parts of ourselves. We realize that certain impasses in our life literally require our participation, and that bringing more of ourselves to the situation at hand allows the story to progress meaningfully.

A special event inspired by the Aries lineup


A transmission & visualization event inspired by the current lineup of Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, Vesta and Mercury in Aries.

One dimension of the Aries archetype (which we all have access to, we all have Aries ruling a house, and Mars in our charts, and we’re all experiencing this transit) is overcompensation.

The garnering of lifeforce, in response to an insult (from others, from life)…

to become the fucking BEST.

It is strength that’s developed in adversity.

Talents developed to prove the people who underestimated us wrong.

A brilliant life as the best revenge.

All this fire, as a defensive structure.

It’s an effective vehicle for lifting a person out of a low place, but at some point as an ego pattern – it can be thrown to the fire and a different kind of Aries magic emerges from the ashes.

In NUMBER ONE, I’ll share teachings about the archetype of Aries, and why Aries relates to overcompensation-driven success.

We’ll explore a different soul octave & potential within Aries to access fire and drive but from more of a root of love and inherent worth.

Deflating the balloon 🎈 isn’t about succumbing to mediocrity. Because unmotivated by the wound, Aries still wants to be the best version of themselves. Aries wants to realize their unique greatness.

But when it’s not about proving anything, it’s a very different kind of freedom and adventure and even a mystical innocence that the Aries archetype points to.

This will be a visualization journey also, to liberate the freedom-oriented side of Aries’ desire to become.

All levels of astrological experience welcome. Informative enough for beginners & angled enough to be expansive for advanced students and practitioners.

Live April 2 @ 12 pm pacific. 

Replay sent to those who sign up


Sign up here

Mars in 2 Cancer trine Saturn in 2 Pisces: 12:03 PM PDT

(Image: Frank Paton)

  • With Saturn (boundaries, restriction, call to responsibility and deeper authorship) and Mars (warfare, strife, action, vital energy) harmonizing in water placements, we can be experiencing emotional frustration and/or *applied/focused energy*. Consider the Pisces and Cancer house topics based on your rising sign:

Aries rising: retreat/isolation, the unconscious/collective unconscious, sense of being away from the world (not always by choice) & home, family of origin, ancestry, roots

Taurus rising: ideals, friends and friend groups, social networks, subtle mental paradigms and/or traumas & local area and local travel, siblings, media/communications

Gemini rising: vocation/career, public presence, prominence & personal money and finances, earning power, self-worth

Cancer rising: higher education, cosmology/spirituality, long distance travel and foreign cultures & self-direction, identity, body, individualism

Leo rising: shared resources/money, debt/inheritance, the occult, depth psychology & retreat/isolation, the unconscious/collective unconscious, sense of being away from the world (not always by choice)

Virgo rising: 1:1 close personal and professional relationships & ideals, friends and friend groups, social networks, subtle mental paradigms and/or traumas

Libra rising: health, routines, job/labors & vocation/career, public presence, prominence

Scorpio rising: creativity, romance, play, inner-child, children & higher education, cosmology/spirituality, long distance travel and foreign cultures

Sagittarius rising: home, family of origin, ancestry, roots & shared resources/money, debt/inheritance, the occult, depth psychology

Capricorn rising: local area and local travel, siblings, media/communications & 1:1 close personal and professional relationships

Aquarius rising: personal money and finances, earning power, self-worth & health, routines, job/labors

Pisces rising: self-direction, identity, body, individualism & creativity, romance, play, inner child, children

  • Within this emotional frustration, there is energy to simply be upset and feel thwarted/victimized. We may need some space to feel these emotions through and once we’ve allowed ourselves some catharsis and presence, consider how to redirect our vital energy in practical ways to improve our situation.

Venus in 16 Taurus conjunct Uranus in 16 Taurus: 3:25 PM PDT

Excerpted from my longer article on the transit of Venus through Taurus and the aspects she makes, which you can read here.

Venus-Uranus contacts call for invention and breakthrough around our experience with the Venus archetype – going beyond conventional (to us or to society) ways of relating or experiencing desire and tapping into something more electrically authentic.

In Evolutionary Astrology, Uranus relates to freedom as well as trauma and subtle mental trauma. You can imagine how the presence of trauma acts as a cognitive and nervous system filter that keeps us ‘bound’ to certain patterns as opposed to totally free and in the present moment.

With the conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus, we could be moving through some of our patterning related to scarcity and working to liberate ourselves from that. That could show up in our relationship dynamics, or it could also be a way that we are holding ourselves and building new neural and spiritual pathways around security, rootedness, safety, in places we are bracing for loss or injury.

Traumas do not have to be particularly heinous for them to be worth softening. More difficult traumas often call for deeper support. With Venus in Taurus we could consider the types of nervous system wiring that keep us from enjoying simple pleasures.

April 3, 2023

Mercury enters Taurus: 9:22 AM PDT

Mercury will station retrograde in 15 degrees Taurus on April 21, then direct in 5 Taurus on May 14, and eventually leave Taurus June 11. Due to the retrograde, we’ll experience Mercury in Taurus for a longer time than Mercury’s normal speed through a sign. We will also go deeper into Mercury in Taurus significations, as the retrograde will emphasize it.

  • Mercury becomes methodical, slow and embodied when in the sign of Taurus. Information becomes more interesting when it *lands*, rather than when it is theoretical or heady. Mercury in Taurus highlights the sensuality of language and communication. It’s not just about what is said, but if what is said can be felt.
  • Mercury in Taurus challenges the tendency to override information by going too fast. It asks us to look at something part by part, spend our time, rather than rush.
  • A place that can be unraveled or re-worked with Mercury in Taurus generally (and especially with the retrograde) is where we are stalled or stagnant in habitual patterns due to our wiring. This would be like where our body and consciousness had taken shape due to habit. Taurus would have done its job at preserving homeostasis and stability allowing these things to take solid form. Sometimes, we love these things: like if our body and consciousness has adapted well to receiving pleasure or abundance, or to generating self-esteem. Other times, we experience our habitual wiring as a limitation and we’re trying to unravel or disrupt those patterns.

Mercury in 0 Taurus square Pluto in 0 Aquarius: 11:55 AM PDT

This will be an opportunity to sense the recent Pluto in Aquarius ingress, for those who have been observing — as Mercury makes intelligible or gives translation to that which it touches.

  • Aquarius is a great interruptor/disruptor for what is stagnant in Taurus. (Taurus can also stabilize that which is inventive or channeled in Aquarius). Pluto in Aquarius, as an outer planet, will dominate Mercury to an extent by transit, so consider the first idea of disruption of that which is stagnant.
  • Say you are pretty well-adjusted in multiple areas of life but then you are thrown a situation which you short-circuit a little, like you don’t have the same capacity to handle it. This shows a place we currently lack resiliency but can build it.
  • No one is talented or adept at everything, we do specialize and have niches. At times, focusing on what we are good at or where we have a lot of resource is a great way to direct our energy. At other times, we hide behind where we have resource/skill to not have to deal with where we lack capacity or resiliency. In the case of the latter, and where life confronts us with the necessity to evolve, it may be time to develop some more plasticity in the places we avoid and short-circuit.

Thank you for meditating on the transits with me! Stay in my community – in addition to providing forecasts I like these, I teach astrology programs and support people in forming a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. I would love to support you, too, in building your relationship with astrology. Dragon of the Moon: an Evolutionary Astrology Intensive is currently in session and more advanced programs like METEORITE (a yearlong program where participants developed their own creative works) will be offered again soon.

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Sabrina Monarch

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