Venus’ transit through Taurus: wanting what we want, hunger, desire and breakthrough

Venus enters Taurus on March 16 and I’m sharing below an analysis of her trajectory from now, her ingress into Taurus, and the contacts she makes to other planets while in Taurus, as a Venusian forecast for the month ahead. This forecast generally applies to themes of self-love and self-cultivation, resources, pleasure, relationship and connection. Venus will be in Taurus March 16 – April 10, 2023.

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(Top image: Kotaro Chiba)

Venus in Aries is currently separating from a sextile to Mars in Gemini

(The sextile was exact March 11, 2023 at 7:04 AM PST)

Inside of this transit, there was maybe increased willingness and agility to try new approaches or solutions to issues within relating. Maybe arguments or heated words came up (an ongoing theme with Mars in Gemini, and Venus in Aries is fiery as well), but Aries and Gemini together are lighthearted enough to both fight for a perspective and then shrug it off and shift into a different perspective. The support of the sextile and the inherent friction of the Venus-Mars aspect could have brought an edge/steaminess/conflictual quality to our connections that had a deeper undertone of camaraderie or teamwork even inside of the fire.

Internally, this transit could also relate to our drive to get what we want (Venus in Aries) and our mental wrestling with strategy or plans to get there (Mars in Gemini).


Anoretic square to Pluto

Venus in 29 Aries squares Pluto in 29 Capricorn on March 16, 2023 at 12:58 PM PDT

(Image: Saturno Butto)

Venus aspects Pluto on her way out of Aries, as Pluto is hovering at the 29th degree of Capricorn about to enter Aquarius on March 23. The anoretic (29th) degree of a sign is a significant placement. Like we hear that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and contains all of the experiences of the whole zodiac, the 29th degree is like the Piscean degree of the sign. It is a place where the fullness of that sign gets expressed – and we experience culmination as well as a last effort to tie up loose ends or really let something go.

Venus in Aries can relate to places where we have fought for what we want. Venus typically would relate to reception and magnetism, though in Aries there is a far more active go-get-it quality. While this energizes achievement, the rest and reception needs of Venus can feel left behind if intention is not shared in that direction as well.

Two Venus in Aries images that come to mind:

  • a dancer whose movements are fiery, powerful, and defined, muscular and agile, whose practice and passion for dance has accumulated into the magic of their performance
  • a business person who knows how to hustle and make things happen and make money, but doesn’t feel relaxed at the end of the day and doesn’t feel a soft landing at the end of the day either

The square to Pluto in Capricorn could then emphasize how our willingness to go for what we want is revealing deeper psychological themes and conflicts around what our boundaries ultimately are, like what we are not willing to sacrifice because it creates internal collapse or burnout. Or if our boundaries are more like walls/blocks, a newer revival of passion or libido (Venus in Aries) could be showing us places we need to let go of old patterns and old security/control patterns.

Since Venus-Pluto transits can also be projected onto relationships, there could be deeper tensions around projecting onto people (or being projected onto) – such as who we perceive to be ruthless, or who we perceive to be stodgy and stuck in their ways.


Venus enters Taurus a few hours later on March 16, 2023 at 3:34 PM PDT

From a Hellenistic/traditional astrology standpoint, Venus leaving Aries and entering Taurus is a significant dignity shift, in that Venus goes from being in detriment to Venus being in domicile/at home. Venus in Aries is a fighter both archetypally (ruled by Mars) as well as in the perspective of essential dignity, in that Venus in Aries may have had to work harder for Venusian things than Venus in Taurus, who is already at home and has resources to dispose of. 

Venus in Taurus can open up new or deepened realms of pleasure and receptivity. Part of Venus in Taurus’ gift/power is being receptive to simple pleasures, such that we are actually sensitive and moved by small sensations. Venus in Taurus can also build a large capacity to hold sensation, which can mean being open to receiving pleasure and adoration, as well as being available to hold money for example (to have nervous system comfort and bandwidth with receiving and holding money, not feeling an impulsive urge to spend it).

This is not to say that Venus in Taurus couldn’t also relate to giving/generosity or spending, but energetically Taurus has the capacity to hold and cultivate. The energetic of warmly receiving a compliment, or allowing someone to love and adore us and integrating that meaningfully into our self-concept, is somewhat similar to the energetic of easefully receiving money and then spending it intentionally.

Venus in Taurus can be an invitation to slow down and find pleasure and connection with what already is, and cultivate further abundance from that rooted place.


Venus in 1 Taurus sextile Saturn in 1 Pisces on March 17, 2023 at 3:25 PM PDT, also forming a yod to asteroid Ceres in Libra

A higher potential of this combination would be that we feel into our desire, creativity, and what’s emerging from inside of us with the intention and follow-through of doing something about it.

Consider, however, how the follow-through is in relationship with time.

Part of what keeps dreams unrealized is perhaps only envisioning a big result that is far away, rather than also imagining what the timeline of that big dream looks like today, on the ground.

That capacity for scale and timing is a form of grounding we could consider with this transit.

It does not need to be so intensely dialed-in, like knowing what our daily, weekly, yearly, and five year goals are right off the bat (goals which would likely change along the path too). It’s more about feeling a frequency of the future and relating to it in small and big ways, right now. The willingness to adjust in the present to relate to a longer term dream.

You can catch certain portal moments of making this shift by noticing where you procrastinate a practical action step toward a dream for “tomorrow” or for when you “feel like it”. Those are places of resistance that can likely use some more commitment for the dream.


Venus in 4 Taurus conjunct NN in Taurus on March 20, 2023 at 7:31 AM PDT

HUNGER! Not only is Venus in Taurus resourced to want what she wants (and be just fine having it) but the North Node of the moon is a place where energy incarnates and comes into form. In the Vedic tradition, the North Node is symbolized by the severed head of a dragon, who is always hungry for more because the head and stomach are not connected.

In Western astrology, the North Node is often an aspirational point in the natal chart, a North Star — and the hunger that that point represents often creates a kind of vortex where it is possible to manifest or incarnate a particular experience into this reality. You can see how the difference of interpretations of the North Node (both of which I feel in practice) create a complexity to the archetype.

This is an opportunity to really experience and be in relationship with our appetite. I do not exclusively mean about food, but anything we find ourselves hungering for, like love, money, sex, attention, more fun in our lives, or so on.

Chances are, we have a kind of hungry “beast” inside, the part of us with an appetite that is seemingly large, inappropriate, inconvenient, and confronting.

Venus and the North Node in Taurus is like going full-throttle into life and its pleasures. Rather than it being about pointless stimulation or ‘gluttony’ I would look at it more as saying fuck yes to what we really want and learning how to be initiated by our own desire when we allow it to take up more space.

It reminds me personally of the visions that came to me to travel (and how things were lined up that enabled me to say yes, including an inner-beast embodiment journey hosted by my friend Karla Palomino where I saw my inner-beast was just ecstatically joyful), and how I spent at least a third of this last year of my life in other countries, tumbling from one fun and ecstatic experience to the next, meeting up with online friends I’d known for years but never met in person before, making new friends, and eventually falling in love and living in another country with my partner I met inside of these adventures. While I was having so much fun and pointing my life in that direction of pleasure, it did force me to confront so many blocks or deep-seated things inside of me, at a more intense register than before I said yes to these adventures. I find over and over again that terrestrial life, grounding into who we are, really being here and saying yes to the deeper initiations of our embodied life, IS spiritual. I don’t demonize my hunger, even though my hunger has brought me into contact with the most intense and complicated/complexed dimensions of myself.

The question for Venus in Taurus conjunct the North Node in Taurus is, what if there is some intelligence to the beast inside? What if our hunger had an intelligence? How do we learn to relate to our hunger?

then ten days later…

Venus in 16 Taurus conjunct Uranus in 16 Taurus on March 30, 2023 at 3:25 PM PDT

(Image: Bao Pham)

Venus-Uranus contacts call for invention and breakthrough around our experience with the Venus archetype – going beyond conventional (to us or to society) ways of relating or experiencing desire and tapping into something more electrically authentic.

In Evolutionary Astrology, Uranus relates to freedom as well as trauma and subtle mental trauma. You can imagine how the presence of trauma acts as a cognitive and nervous system filter that keeps us ‘bound’ to certain patterns as opposed to totally free and in the present moment.

With the conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus, we could be moving through some of our patterning related to scarcity and working to liberate ourselves from that. That could show up in our relationship dynamics, or it could also be a way that we are holding ourselves and building new neural and spiritual pathways around security, rootedness, safety, in places we are bracing for loss or injury.

Traumas do not have to be particularly heinous for them to be worth softening. More difficult traumas often call for deeper support. With Venus in Taurus we could consider the types of nervous system wiring that keep us from enjoying simple pleasures. For a frivolous-seeming example, clothes shopping was not a positive experience for me growing up, and I never felt like I had enough clothes and I most often felt ugly/nerdy at school and unable to keep up with the fashion of other kids. I received a lot of messaging that fashion was not a valid desire or interest and that I shouldn’t care about it. When I started to make and have my own money and get to shop for myself, I had a lot of rewiring to do. Looking for clothes was a loaded experience due to my conditioning and I created a lot of opening/softening around so I could enjoy it and reconnect with my intrinsic desire to be Venusian and feel joy through my self-expression through my clothing.

We have to remember with Venus that what we have been conditioned to think of as frivolous or superficial is often not, but actually has a lot more layers. There are often simpler and more basic needs underneath what we call superficial. And there is superficiality — but we can have discernment to tell the difference.

If we feel a natural desire for something but a kind of eeeeerrrkkkk electric boundary around it, like we want to have fun at a party but we feel socially anxious, or we want to feel sexual pleasure but we feel numb, or so on, this could be a place that we’re looking for Venus-Uranus breakthrough. 

If this is related to wanting to “have” something that we’ve never “had”, the breakthrough is profound or often ancestral – such as the desire to break out of poverty or month-to-month living and experience abundance for the first time in one’s life, or the desire to be loved and cherished when all past relationships have been tumultuous and volatile. The sense of never having had it creates more inertia/stagnancy, but once new experiences are unlocked, positive momentum occurs. An early breakthrough is really believing that it’s possible for things to change (which totally counteracts and reinvents Taurean stability).

Changing patterns takes time, but Venus-Uranus could be a significant leap or shift in the storyline because we have a new realization or break new territory, or find a new method or internal shift.

a week later…

Venus in 25 Taurus sextile Neptune in 25 Pisces on April 7, 2023 at 10:58 AM PDT

This is the last major contact Venus makes (besides with the moon or asteroids) before leaving Taurus. Our Venus in Taurus journey ends with a note of spiritualization (Neptune). Many of us have inherited cultural philosophy that comes from religious traditions that separated body and spirit, or made heaven or the beyond more spiritual than earth.

However, there are earth-based traditions and spiritualities, and a lot of them came before this spilt.

This Venus-Neptune contact could be a simple reminder that our bodies, hearts, and material conditions are not un-spiritual. Spirituality and contemplation does allow us to step away from the material for a moment to reflect on the bigger picture or the why, but it’s also true that our material conditions invite us into those discoveries and questions.

Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces could be a beautiful time to melt a little deeper into the trance spaces of pleasure and enjoyment, and to do it as a prayer.

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