Surrendering Fears, Anxiety, and Grudges


Anything that does not serve you (such as fear, anxiety, grudges, etc.) can be offered up to Source to be transmuted. All you have to do is ask, and it works. I find myself including this as advice in horoscopes every now and then (usually related to 8th house transits) and decided I would share this across the board: it WORKS. It doesn’t require getting ready or taking a bunch of different steps, the decision to let something go is immediate. Keeping up the practice afterwards and staying on track is where the potential effort goes into.

And as a habit of noticing where you are feeling those old attachments, and letting them go each time, you’re effectively raising your vibration and freeing up room in your consciousness for things that support and serve you and those around you, rather than detract.

Right now with Saturn in Scorpio squaring Jupiter and Venus in Leo, letting go of psychic deadweight is going to help accent the positive manifestations, love and abundance of Venus and Jupiter.

Good luck! (And it is) 🙂

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    Rachel Fishman
    June 30, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    When I encounter negative thoughts, anxieties, attachments etc., I picture blowing them up inside of a balloon and setting it free. 🙂 I also encounter this notion when I pull the “Death” card in the Tarot. It helps to remove the psychological clutter and keep moving forward!

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