July 2015 Horoscopes

July 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: If you have had anything to be single-minded about, this month comes as a relief as far as focusing your energy goes. Your ruler Mars being in Cancer and your solar fourth house forms an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn mid month, along with Mercury and the Sun also making their turns opposing Pluto. For you this means that a new phase regarding the integration of your identity and your social purpose is in development. The pattern will be one of gathering your energies internally, noting stresses or triggers that come up, and then a resolution point where suddenly the crisis or uprooted psychic matter finds balanced expression in the context of your life. You will be discovering ways to identify yourself and otherwise integrate into your identity things that you have imagined separate from yourself regarding career, success, or social standing. By the time the Sun shifts into Leo, you may have a more solidified sense of identity relative to your goals and desires that you are ready to project outward, while at the same time Venus rx in Leo at the end of the month asks you to especially consider your values while you do so, whether you are revising creative works or revising personal attitudes regarding love.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: This month you move through a lot of ideas and dynamic mental activity of specific relevance to your progress and evolution. The realizations you are experiencing can either inspire a sense of safety and comfort in the grand scheme of the order of the Universe, however you may also be working through subconscious matter that relates to insecurity about the same. You will be letting it go. The communication channel for your emotional body is very open this month, but not necessarily focused. You can be exploring options and different points of view, and in the larger process that is unfolding this month, experimenting with new ‘filters’ is not only your impulse, but far more relevant than immediately apparent. More clicks into place as you have the experiences that inspire awarenesses. Your ruling planet Venus is in regal Leo in your solar house of the home and personal identity and she will be in retrograde at the end of the month, so during this whole shift that occurs as several planets oppose Pluto, you will be in a creative and fertile mindset that supports you in using this month’s powerful transmutational energies for the development of your gifts.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: It was fun to have Gemini season with several planets in your sign, however it was also difficult because of the trickier aspects it was making to Pluto in Cap. This month, your energies condense and focus more on tasks that seem more in your power or control than they did previously. Pluto in Capricorn is in your house of shared resources, sex and transmutation, and while the Sun, Mercury and Mars oppose it this month the opportunity is to work the opposite house, which is that of self-reliance and the relationship to the self. Gains you make here will carry over the health of the whole axis, included here is your ability to call in abundance into your life, to elevate or evolve your career focus and to make money. The ways that you take care of and nurture yourself (Cancer in the house of self-reliance), the more the Universe will provide for you to match. Also here is emotional strength. While things are always in a state of flux and change, what kind of things within can you depend on? This month supports the exploration and development of your inner-rock, that you are actually secure within, secure enough to ask for what you need, and in exchange with your environment in dynamic, sustainable, and positive ways.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This month it’s easy, nay almost unavoidable, to know what YOU want, what your cutting edge is. This means that any situations you are entrenched in to some extent become visible. Your place within all of it is not necessarily immediately clear, but the motivation for change or for more autonomy is very present. Your willpower is also boosted by Mars being in your sign and at some point this month during its transit it conjuncts your Sun. The necessity to act according to your purpose, the thing that drives your very life force, is here this month, as well as the unconscious impulse to defend it. So your finesse here comes in not identifying things outside of yourself as threats to your process. External circumstances that don’t give you space or freedom, like toxic relationships, are something to assess and distance yourself from. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be a matter of opposition. It may just be a matter of you asserting a new direction without feeling the need to defend or explain yourself. Ultimately the wisdom that guides you is within, and external sources can point you back to that place within, but you will want to see how the words, ideas, and beliefs of others ring for you. If they are ringing out of tune it’s not because they’re wrong, it’s just a signal from the Universe that you’ve changed resonances or are about to.


Leo/Leo Rising: This month a connection deepens for you between vision and practice. The practice side of it has been emphasized through Pluto in your solar sixth house and with your ruler Sun and then Mercury and Mars being or coming into Cancer and opposition with Pluto this month, much activity happens in your solar 12th house which rules over vision, dreams, and source connection. The last spiral of evolution related to your work ethic and ability to organize your reality in alignment with spirit is now coming to a point of greater fruition. You can apply yourself to consider how you are forming reality out of your dreams, what exactly are you dreaming of (intentionally or unintentionally?) and how much power have you given or not given to the power of dreaming and then steadily creating those dreams step by step in real space and time? Asserting your ideals and creating from them comes naturally this month. When Venus in your sign goes retrograde at the end of the month, you will be refining again these ideals and values, and how you can align your instinctive relationship to life with them, such that you are putting the right foot forward, so to say.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Camaraderie and friendships are a focus of this month. Your sensitivities are attuned toward new levels of understanding of the realities of other people. The relationship you’ve been developing to your creative heart center, also like the inner-child, is strengthened by this exchange with people of like-mind or people who somehow inspire you or expand your horizons. The people who enter your sphere in significant ways are heralds of what is emerging within you, and of course this is always in flux and up to your will to adjust, but it should be exciting to see what kind of connections are formed and what new insights and downloads you can fold into your experience just by mind-melding with people who interest you in a particularly instinctual way this month. Juno, who correlates to committed partnerships, enters your sign just before the month begins and stays until mid-September. Before she approaches the degree of your Virgo or Ascendant, there will be a feeling of culmination as far as an understanding of what partnerships mean to you and how they can assist or hinder your will and expression. After she makes a conjunct with your Sun/Ascendant, new directions related to the same will start to take form. During the culminating phase you can plant seeds as intentions for the next cycle, and the resonances of this month can lead you to meet significant/auspicious people when you are listening to your gut and acting just like yourself.


Libra/Libra Rising: This is a big month for career starting with a Full Moon in Capricorn. Mars operates in your house of career all month and opposes Pluto mid-month. Conflicts of ego within work environments or with others of authority is possible as a manifestation, but you can totally rise above this when you are armed with knowledge. You are learning how to be comfortable within both the personal identity and the professional identity, as well as how the two mix. They aren’t very separate after all, and the advancement of one will result in the advancement of the other, and likewise the negative health of one can affect the other. Saturn is retrograde in the house of your relationship to yourself – so what are your values, what kind of earning power or living power do you think you deserve? You are going to act accordingly in most cases. This month is about embodying the very identity of your evolution and advancement. The whole month Jupiter in Leo, and for most of the month Venus in Leo (except for a short travel into Virgo the 18 – 25), spend in your house of innovation and individualized identity. Use this future-mindededness and creative fuel to build your identity now. Who are you really, despite what appearances say now? What are you becoming? Be that. Time is just a dimension, after all.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: The litmus test for what is true is not about the logic right now. It’s about how it feels. While Pluto has been in your house of logic and discerning reality from that point of view, Mars, the Sun and Mercury come to oppose it in Cancer in your solar house of the right mind, intuition and expansion this month. Because of the opposition, the messages you receive from the logical mind and the nonrational mind can seem to be at odds with one another. The challenge or invitation, depending on how you look at it, is to merge and strengthen both – there will be an integration point. The premises that your logic builds upon, baseline kind of data, can be exposed where it was unconscious, and revised to be more inclusive of the new information this month’s experiences bring you. Your adventure this month is directly related to leaving your comfort zone. Yet if you do want comfort or need relaxation, the best thing you can do is be outdoors and connect with nature. With Saturn in your 1st house rx now, moving forward or asserting yourself involves checking yourself to some extent. With Venus and Jupiter in your Saturn house too, you’ll find grace and luck by having your bases covered and being as prepared as you can be on your end in a structural kind of way, like how a camping trip would be significantly more enjoyable with proper gear than without.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Your awarenesses are likely to be heightened this month – psychically, spiritually, emotionally. What is happening, is that you are osmosing extra information and you are tapped in. So the more that you have cleared away and continue to clear away psychological clutter, the clarity of the messages you receive is deeper and more interpretable. A focus this month can be to be emotionally resourceful. Your normal sources of nourishment may be at odds with new and somewhat unexpected sources this month. And you need this type of travel. Part of your whole thing, after all, is being comfortable with change – that’s why your kind is known to travel so much. Keep your eye out for places in your life where you have a pretty firm grip and don’t really need or want anyone else’s help. These are areas that become illuminated this month by the transits of Mars, Mercury, and the Sun. You may find an abundance of resources around you that you have somewhat of a shell against receiving. Your task is to find out why, and see how you can open up to further abundance, which in this case requires some level of vulnerability. But the good thing is that what you are losing is a defense, and what you are gaining is nourishment.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: The call this month is teamwork and cooperation. And there is significant fuel to do so – but out of context this fuel can seem just like people are butting heads. Not so. Leadership is desired – you may be taking on a leadership role or find yourself around emerging leaders. The freedom and forward momentum you value does not happen in a vacuum. The path may appear to look as a detour this month, but if you are developing relationships you’re on track and strengthening your original purpose and goal. This can feel like a very strategic time, but strategic about what? Your strategy is about the flow of natural timing and the natural unfolding of events. Timing for example, is a strategic effort, if one is too excitable and impulsive they may act at non-conducive times. But along with this is also vibrational ‘strategy’, that being if you get lost in strategy but lose the vibration, that’s not good either. It may be helpful for this month to consider what your baseline values are, the place of mind and spirit that you wish to approach life from. Then as you see yourself veering off that course, you can re-adjust. If you keep your vibration about love, even as you navigate a multifaceted world, your intuition and energy field will be stronger and you will attract the right kind of help and friends.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: This month can get very micro-focused and for the intention of bringing some feeling and embodiment into the smaller details that make up the moving parts of your life. The health test for any given ‘function’ is how it feels. It’s vibrational. So relative to larger dreams and ambitions you have now, the task at hand is to match the details with the feeling you dream of reaping later. The energy of this month for you is quite energetic and can be overwhelming, so to avoid the overwhelming aspects of it, it will be a matter of discerning how you use your energy and what kind of information you engage with. If you have been overly lenient about something because of love, or graciousness, this month it will be more difficult to keep that up – the urge will be toward nourishing your specificity. Your will is a careful channel, highly energized and directed toward only what feels right. At the same time, the mindset around service and being of help to others is strengthened considerably, but there is no need to martyr yourself. You give your best when you feel your best, and so you are allowed to be selective. When you narrow in on relevant tasks/objectives that show the green light/lightbulb, you will see that you have significant resource backing you.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: The instinctive desires of your heart are illuminating the ways your ideals have affected your conduct relative to larger goals and dreams you have right now. Where you have built ideals and focused yourself around that matrix, the time comes as well for the other side of the pendulum – how do you actually want to proceed? What is your heart urging for? These are things that come into play this month as needing extra development to fortify and balance the trajectory that has already been going. It’s possible you have some ideas of how things will work – cause and effect – that is not necessarily based in common reality but is one special of your own. And it may have grounding, and it may not. The point is that if you are giving your power away to that system of how you believe things to work, you will feel increasing urgency in the creative heart of you, that part of you that understands that you too have power to affect the course of your reality, and that you don’t have to get lost in your own matrix. Then of course, Saturn rx in your solar ninth house of philosophy and belief systems – you are shedding the things that aren’t true. We build houses for our experiences for a certain time, and they work once because they were direct with the present. Your task is remembering to stay present, to know that circumstances evolve and so do you and that if your heart is at odds with your methods, an integration is desired. And your other task is to go and get it!

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