Astrology of 2/14 – 2/20: The Star Among Stars

Happy Valentine’s Day loves! Commercial holiday or not, the hive is tuned in to a common thought-form and the Aquarian in us knows that has an effect. This holiday occurs under the solar sign that is most associated with friendship and the collective (Aquarius) so it is a great time to share love with your friends and community as well. Our Solar Eclipse in Aquarius occurs the following day on the 15th.

Every now and then Aquarius process is about loneliness and isolation, where one develops their frequency and tunes into their channel in solitude, so if that’s you this Eclipse Season that’s okay too. We might be expecting some shifts during this time, alongside the eclipses, in how we are resonating with our personal channel or our group channel, aka our communities and how we belong. To be part of a star system we enjoy, we also need to know what kind of star we are and to emit our unique signal so our friends know how to reach us.

If you want to learn more about the sign of Aquarius, my soul sistar Ichrak Dahou had me on her podcast to discuss Aqua with her – titled Why Aquarius is an Objectively Great Sign, In Our Opinion.

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Here’s the astrology of this week:

February 15

New Moon Solar Eclipse in 27 Aquarius: 2:05 PM PDT

(Image: Casey Weldon)

Other exact alignments of today are Mercury in 24 Aquarius sextile Uranus in 24 Aries at 8:07 AM PDT and Venus in 6 Pisces sextile Saturn in 6 Capricorn at 4:19 PM PDT – I’m taking them as a whole with our New Moon in these thoughts below. Jupiter in Scorpio is also squaring this eclipse.

  • A possibility of this eclipse season is that it has reoriented our relationship to community and how we show up as a personal self in that community – how we are a star among stars. This eclipse in particular may highlight how we truly need community to thrive. We may experience that as a longing to move in that direction or we may experience abundance and positive shift in our social lives.
  • One source of the common correlation to Aquarius of being “detached” has something to do with being out of alignment with the radical electricity that is one’s individuation and highly unique self. How attached can you feel when you’re walking a path you don’t feel you belong to? This eclipse season we may realize that our life circumstances are actually eclipsing our purpose (blocking it out) or that we are coming into contact with exactly where we need to be and who we need to be.
  • When we approach more vibrant resonance with our soul and our soul’s destiny path, you might actually expect to feel that you are coming more alive. Parts of yourself which you don’t have access to off that path, return to you, like a magnet collecting stray metal filings. While it sounds very serious on the one hand, it is also very common that the soul fractures from various traumas it incurs in this life or prior lives. When we become more alive, we recollect fractured parts of ourselves and get to integrate them. In this way, when our lives improve and when we become more alive, our egos have to catch up too. We have to become calibrated to being far more online than we were before.
  • There are many different kinds of rituals and practices for retrieving soul fragments and if you are called to do that and it excites you I wouldn’t discourage you, however — the soul fragments return to us when we walk the path, when we meditate on wholeness, when we accept all of ourselves, when we choose life and presence. You have probably retrieved soul fragments without even knowing about it. There is a difference between getting stuck on seeing the fracture versus thinking, feeling, or living in a way that integrates the separate parts back toward union.
  • A major source of disassociation is resisting the primordial evolutionary drive within us, or what is wild about us that we domesticate, perhaps because we don’t have the skills or knowledge yet of how to allow that wildness to burst forth. When we discover how to truly integrate and be our wildness in a way that is socially relevant and enriching (a dynamic process to be sure!), we find ourselves much more connected to life than when we are simply staying small and repressing our own wilderness and power.
  • Consider the gifts of timing in terms of the progression of your life and your dreams – there is value in what is incremental. There is a steadiness. There is space to integrate. Likewise, if you have an end-goal in mind, it’s useful to consider the steps that will take you there and take note of what is available to you at any given moment and what your intuition is calling you toward. Divine timing is not simply puzzled out with logic in advance – it is a flow experience, like surfing.

February 17

Mars in 13 Sagittarius square Neptune in 13 Pisces: 4:20 AM PDT

  • A transit like this may help us become more aware of inspired/spiritual action versus brute force. With Mars-Neptune, force that is out of alignment tends to be thwarted, but inspired action is elevated and supported by vaster cosmic forces.
  • Belief (Sagittarius) forms a natural square to the archetype that encompasses the spectrum of ultimate truth versus delusion (Pisces). When we will ourselves to believe something, the animating forces of the Universe may support that for a time until they don’t. If we really want to know if something is true (versus if it’s just anxiety, or wishful thinking, etc.) we can simply see if it withstands the test of reality. Mars squaring Neptune may ask of us that we stay open to possibilities rather than trying to assert one possibility against the flow of what is. However, if we are crafty with it, we can also assert beliefs and see the Universe co-create with us. Having a vision is one way we take destiny into our own hands, and it also directly requires we learn the art of co-creation such that instead of forcing the vision onto reality, we weave the vision into the fabric of reality and allow reality to shape, heal and teach us in the process.
  • As an action, prayer is a way of bringing the personal will into conversation with the universal will.
  • Getting into power struggles over opinions and beliefs would be a drain of energy (generally, and especially at this time). It may land us into a world of paradox, as well, in which neither side is capable of winning. This can call us to see the bigger picture beyond the local power struggle which encompasses the whole, such as what the universals operating in the situation are.
  • An intersection of spirituality and sexuality.
  • This transit signifies an opportunity to apply our will in a devotional way – to long to know something, and in that longing we access communion that leads us into (layers of) that knowing. Mars in Sagittarius presses past the unknown, knowing that answers to mysteries are possible but only if we seek!

Sun in 28 Aquarius conjunct Mercury in 28 Aquarius: 5:27 AM PDT

When Mercury is combust the Sun, there can be a theme of great clarity or lucidity especially involving areas the constellation they are in symbolizes. This lucidity can be a revelation; enlightening; as well as overwhelmingly bright, like the feeling of fluorescent lights being turned on in a dark room and the eyes have to adjust. Just as the Sun can warm or burn, the possibility of how we receive a Mercury-Sun message is unique to any given situation or environment. Here are some things to note:

  • An illumination around the specialized role we play in community; or simply for existing – how we affect the hive
  • Important contacts/communications occurring through social media and/or through psychic channels (the immaterial internet).
  • Realizing that themes/lessons in one area of life transpose onto another almost holographically; for example, a phase in your life which turned out to be the training grounds for your current scenario or advancement. Seeing the archetypal patterns and similarities in different situations. The healing possibilities within this (‘that’s why I went through that….’ ‘It wasn’t a waste…’ etc.)

Mercury enters Pisces: 9:28 PM PDT

(Image: Taylor Rose)

  • Mercury relates to how we obtain, store, absorb, organize and disseminate data and communication. In Pisces, it can be harder for Mercury to do its organizing function in a way that we would tend to recognize as organization. In Pisces, information is imagistic and appears when it is intuitively needed. We could read a book without understanding it and by the end have osmosed something of its music and meaning. Information can be spiritualized and devotional through Mercury in Pisces; understanding is union.
  • Information is gleaned often through osmosis, through having a membrane that is permeable enough.
  • If certain streams of information seem to dissolve under this transit, it can be because there is something more spiritual beyond/beneath the layer that is dissolving, that wants to come forth.
  • An opening into the realm of symbol, that we meet in dreams. Beginning to pick up on the spiritual or transpersonal meanings of otherwise ordinary symbols and events in the waking life.
  • For health of all kinds, we may consider the permeability of our various membranes, and what we allow in versus what we block out, or how we metabolize things that have gotten in the membrane that we would rather digest and let pass through. One of Pisces’ choice modes of digestion is unconditional love and forgiveness, not just as a concept – the real thing.

February 18

Sun enters Pisces: 10:17 AM PDT

(Image: Andrea Pramuk)

And the Sun is still combust Mercury, who has also entered Pisces. This marks our entrance into Pisces Season… when the Sun is in Pisces, the light shines on our imagination and our imagination’s gift of lifting the potential out of ourselves, others, and of reality itself. It highlights the gifts of compassion and unconditional love.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Please share this article with your friends and on social media if you liked it, and let me know what you think in the comments.

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