Classic Film Will Teach You About Cancer/Capricorn Extremes


Film noir and classic Hollywood archetypes portray a certain height (before the fall) of societally prescribed gender role for male and female, where Cancer is female and Capricorn is male (even though Capricorn is technically a feminine sign). Then the mid 60’s saw the Pluto-Uranus conjunction and of course so very much changed.

Film Noir is one place where the traditional male-female relationship (husband works at the job, wife is a homemaker, enchanting, emotional, beautiful) dissolves (Neptunian like) at the height of its own romance.

The relationship between male and female often became so adversarial, think femme fatale. It was like the two heightened expressions of extreme social-male and extreme social-female aim to destroy one another after or at the same time of intense attraction. They aren’t even necessarily fighting each other as much as they are fighting the parts of themselves they have had to entirely externalize onto the other who was ‘supposed’ to or allowed to fit that role. On an astrological level, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo to come up after would radically bring to the surface collective tensions and transmute them. It all turns out to be a process, where extreme changes are reactions to past conditions but not necessarily the objective end-all. It is interesting how before things change they become heightened, dramatized, explosive even, in their expression. And in this case with film, Cancer and Capricorn took on the limelight, literally.

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And one ego structure dissolves to make room for the next evolution –




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