Capricorn Emotions


Capricorn emotions are intense. It seems as though they have everything on lock and under control, but that too is why their emotional eruptions seem so severe.

I was visited by someone, maybe from my Cancer SN… an older lady, very put together and the slightest bit haughty, who said in a very charming voice, “The emotions of men frighten me, if only because of how repressed they are.”

Not that Capricorn = Man but certainly Capricorn corresponds to cultural conditioning… part of the intensity of Capricornian emotion comes from having kept it under control, ‘gotta keep my shit together’ mentality. And to an extent, we do.. it’s just the disparity between how we’re containing ourselves because of our own compass (self-discipline) versus how we are containing ourselves because of our beliefs of how we are supposed to carry ourselves. Or even how we are repressing ourselves because of our own values which turn out to be outdated.

And I wanted to ask… how are you Capricorns/Capricorn-influenced people doing through Pluto in Capricorn? Especially if Pluto is in orb of hitting your Sun or some of your inner planets… Probably not being left unscathed, but with potentially awesome results! Anyone – check what House Pluto is transiting through and any aspects it is making to your natal planets. And share here if you’ve got something to say about it!

As I close this someone is bellowing a song outside and it comes in through my window… Perhaps it is my tint upon reality at this very moment, but I like to think he is releasing something, he sounds joyful to sing so loudly.

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    April 10, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Ohh yeah, we talked about capricorn and controling in the astrology class.

    😀 my pluto is transiting 2nd house, but I’m not sure if it is still conjuncting saturn or not (saturn is 12 cap 28º32″r, and the pluto transit is 15)
    Some months ago I felt some pressure and fear, but now I feel “the bright side” of saturn/capricorn. Like, developing patience, understanding that work must be done slowly (not magically in one second like sagittarius-gemini wants xD).

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    March 1, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    Pluto in Capricorn is directly conjunct my cap moon, in the 6th house. It made dealing with my emotions a living hell. Until I accepted the havoc that came with being a cap moon, then things seemed to calm down…. I acted out really badly but the repercussion of it was the extreme awareness of my abilities and my need plus drive for success in what I do. Amazing and extremely torturous.

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