Sun Inconjunct Neptune


The Sun and Mercury in Libra are moving toward an exact inconjunction with Neptune – the signs under the rulership of the Sun (Leo) and Neptune (Pisces) are already naturally at inconjunct to each other so the feeling can be doubly emphasized. This is an aspect of refinement and adjustment, it resonates with the Virgo archetype of refining and improving before interaction with other and balance (Libra) occurs.

So right now as there is something calling you, there is also a moment to ready yourself for it. This is a moment where we tune into Source energy for an internal adjustment and realignment which allows us to meet what it is we are wanting but prepared as an equal. Rather than to feel frustrated at what is not becoming manifest yet, we’re pointed to a place or places to narrow in our attention on, somewhere that needs extra lifting and often in a spiritualized context.

The tension can come in the form of not knowing quite what to do, except when the most helpful path or actions are discovered, the events will unfold easefully on their own – a la the inner adjustment or alignment to Source that has been made.

More info on this as it plays into the whole astrological landscape is in the horoscopes.


(Art: George Henry Boughton – The vision at the martyr’s well.)


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