Cutting Your Ropes with Mars and Jupiter Trining Pluto


This current alignment of Mars and Jupiter in Virgo conjunct and also trining Pluto in Capricorn is reflecting back to us the places our beliefs have been limiting. Before the exact Mars – Jupiter conjunction while Mars was gaining to Jupiter, a whole storyline of how we have acted on our beliefs (Mars in comparison to Jupiter) was coming to a close. With this closure comes one last reminder of something we have done or perpetuated that actually isn’t our truth. To expand into the new truth, we can access the harmonious Pluto trine, Pluto ruling over transmutation and life-death cycles, and let go of that which no longer serves us.

We are now in a new phase between Mars and Jupiter. Think to what beliefs you hold about yourself and your life that are in resonance with what you actually don’t want, but have persisted just because you’ve believed it to be true. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is enough for the will to be blasted with the empowerment of having had enough.

“I cut my ropes to the self-limiting beliefs and values I hold. I cut them and walk in courage to the future available to me that is the path of my Soul’s truth. As I am on my cutting edge, it will feel like the first time I’ve done this. I welcome the space that opens from the release of habits that do not serve me any longer. I am so much more than my old stories. And for whatever has triggered my awareness of that which I no longer wish to be, I thank it for the lesson. There is nothing to mourn as my regret is just another rope to cut. I have the complete power to do all of this because I’m not alone. If I fall off the track of my commitment, I will simply grow more skilled at walking this new phase of my life, because I’m not looking back.”



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