Jupiterian / Plutonian / Venusian

The Philosophy of Our Values


This Venus – Jupiter conversation (as it also trines Pluto for some extra depth perspective) has been extraordinary at illuminating the psychological and philosophical premises of values that we have. Values that are often unconscious. When we see into the root like that, we get to implement pretty radical change for ourselves. And we are upgrading ourselves when we do this! Wait and see how this is affirmed..

Because Pluto is trining these planets, these realizations are gentle in feeling, rather than abrasive. (If you’re feeling the abrasive tones, you may be tuning into the Mars – Chiron opposition, and that’s there a little bit!)

What medicine of it all. I hope you all are enjoying it. Please share here what you’ve learned if you desire.



2 thoughts on “The Philosophy of Our Values

  1. I just want to say thank you for your Monarch Astrology. You have really touched me in a way I’m having trouble in finding the right words to express … and I’m a Gemini! Thank you again,
    and I will be signing up next week,Sincerely Shirley King

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