Week of October 19 – 25 Horoscopes


Pluto is the major focus of this week, with several planets forming aspects to Pluto and the Sun moving into Scorpio midweek. Pluto is the force of transmutation and change, and also is associated with resistance (however we resist that change). But with Pluto we can think of Anais Nin’s quote, “The pain it took to stay tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” That’s how Pluto operates. The nature of something only coming into existence because something else has ended and made space is also Pluto.

To start the week, there is a first quarter Moon in Capricorn. As this relates to our Libra Sun season, we are looking at ways to solidify or build structures around the floating kind of relationship dynamics that have not yet found form. With the Venus-Neptune opposition we just had, there has been an openness and formlessness to a lot of the current Venusian energy – either in relationship or what we are valuing personally. We may feel a stronger sense of boundary – what we want and don’t want. For established partnerships especially, this First Quarter Moon takes on a level of deeper mutual intention (along with Venus trining Pluto) and new types of commitment, i.e. committing to provide x kind of support, as we have just become aware of what that need is. The fruit of this comes in giving what feels joyful to give. Capricorn is a blissful provider assuming it is not feeling taken advantage of. Libra and Capricorn both have lessons around what giving really means, versus when it’s just a habit or a condition and not a genuine heart sentiment. (Saying no becomes a form of giving then.) The Plutonian energy of this week works to facilitate a deeper look at how exchange is operating.

The Goddess of Soul Contracts, Juno, has also been building up to an exact square with Pluto, creating more of a storyline below the surface. When in Libra season, curiosity is a source of magnetism. We meet mirrors. If it sticks into something more established is a matter of time and having common goals (Capricorn). This dynamic with Juno has highlighted the way that it does not have to be in knowing someone well that creates an opportunity for deeper knowledge. Sometimes it is just a meeting and a sparked curiosity that initiates a stirring within.

Mercury will square Pluto and shortly after Venus will trine Pluto – the square between Mercury and Pluto speaks to a collision in communication, where words exchanged at this time can be of an intense and transformational nature. We can feel gripped to say something, but we can definitely apply care to how it’s communicated. It will feel better if it’s working toward something positive. What helps with anything Plutonian is to face the shadow so it’s not projected. Mercury in Libra brings messages in the form of the mirror – and it will always go naturally that if we do shadow work, the mirror will reveal a new levity in being also. The shadow work that comes with this allows a more conducive foundation for whatever positive change is wanting to move through for us. The Venus Pluto trine is occurring in earth signs, Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn – so we are really able at this time to root positive changes into our lives in a way that can be felt tangibly.

We’ll want to tune in to the Mars – Chiron opposition happening this week too, and the way in which we are not really served by acting on a sense of wounding but could instead use this energy for empowered change. The wound is often just part of the illusion of separation. It is like a reoccurring dream that only ends once the dream symbols have been understood. If we are to instead see deeper into the construct and integrate the lesson, we stop needing the environment around us to validate the story, which never had to be true in the first place. When it comes to initiating change and rewriting those stories, the Mercury and Venus – Pluto aspects can do this. Some of us have been made very aware of a certain level of discomfort – of what needs to change. And so if we tune into our creativity and come up with something altogether new, and boost ourselves with the courage to align with that, we have a chance to step out of repeating patterns.

At the end of the week there is an exact Venus – Jupiter conjunction. While Venus is moving toward Jupiter, she will be in a culminating phase, meaning we are at a kind of height before dissolving and renewal. Any gifts from this phase that have been in store for us that are ripe, will drop. And we may also see where some kind of value we’ve adopted has run its course and is actually no longer true for us. When Venus forms an exact conjunction with Jupiter, the energy will shift toward initiating new values around abundance and prosperity. This is a time to believe in your worth and see if the Universe cannot help but to match you. Virgo at her height is the alignment of the Spirit into the physical form. She is not prideful and she is not self-undoing, but she is in harmony with who she actually is.

October 19 – 25, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Mars in Virgo has been teaching you about refining your impulses… as difficult, certainly, as that is. Add Libra, and by now you’re becoming quite adept at managing timing, it really comes down to. When you’re in a situation where you just want to ACT, and it doesn’t feel like the time, these are moments of urgency that point you to a place of actual spiritual healing. Follow the simmer inward… how long will you really put off the bursting passion that needs expression? And yes, privately, until its ready.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Large expansions are coming in the love arena. Before the entrance of all the new energy there are two major dynamics playing out: 1, a harvest of work you’ve done showing up on the outside (curiosity piqued, you have a bit of presence) and 2, self-limiting beliefs about relationships are kind of hitting you. They’re THERE. Confronting you to look. This is good though, because you’re exactly at a point to be ready to extinguish the ideas that do not serve you or your relationships.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: It is your most playful spirit that is ready to face the dragon… or the basement of the mind. It is a collision – neither force remaining unchanged. For the innocence and pluckiness that says it can DO IT without knowing what it is getting into, there is also the desire to become something greater. And for the scary chambers of the unknown, they seem to breathe out and decompress when they stop being feared so bad.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Before you step into a new version of yourself – one highly actualized in a way that you have been desiring – something from the interior world is being let go of. When we let something go, it does not always just vanish. Sometimes it makes a few appearances for our process and sense of closure. This week watch for messages of something within that is leaving, and bless it’s absence. It’s something like a band-aid, for a wound that has long ago healed.


Leo/Leo Rising: When have you let your generosity keep you from embodying a place of power or authority? In that, without thinking, you just passed it up and let it slip through your fingers? Watch this week for a moment in which you can embody a new power, and that you don’t have to let it go. If you do, it still exists, it just ends up somewhere else. You have to step up to the plate – and accept the responsibility. You can wear the hat, and be flexible as it balances on your head.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: When you stand your ground according to something you truly value, you are confronted with what is very much like an intense empowerment of the sensation of blossoming. Have you known someone who always stands their ground, like an emperor? They don’t just do it because it’s easy. But their passion motivates them through the struggle of resistance that arises. Are you ready to put your foot down and see just what happens?


Libra/Libra Rising: It is time for the substance of your dreams to be accepted as part of you… that if you have conceived of it, it is not because they don’t belong to you. The veil gets pulled back for all of us time to time, the moreso we ask. Some of it is a challenge to integrate. Other parts of it are so simple you could let it go if you didn’t have a discipline. There are visions that seem far away, but if you feel compelled, they are the very things that need to be pinned down to earth.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Premises that make up the structure of your reality are meeting the oceanic realm – as in, dissolving… yet, there is ample support to reconstruct based on your most lofty ideals put into practice using nothing but your ingenuity and your laser-focused will. This is the time to liberate yourself from the psychic drudge. Do not tread lightly. Tread deep, for it is at the root you will find the source. And the source CODE- ripe for revisions.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: This week is big on innovation creating more flexibility within a place you have more or less refused to budge. An idea, as far out as it may be, must be entertained. If you return to where you started, you will at least know why. But chances are you will be informed of some new facet of your reality that was lying in wait. An act of creative freedom in one area of life WILL affect the hologram of the whole.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This week it is like your will is your obligation and your obligation is your will. Something larger is being moved through on the mental plane – you are eradicating old ways of thinking with a swiftness. And as you step into something new, you are seeing how you may commit to the will as it enters a new cardinal direction. There is weight within this – but act in integrity and the pieces will fall as they need to. Past a critical threshold, it all becomes invigorating.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: On the pathway of making your own reality, the unconscious holds a key to much of what is unfolding.. as though your waking life could be read in the language of dream symbols, what would you find out? Discovering the key underlying philosophical motivations to thoughts that take up space in your mind is inherently game-changing this week. If you find yourself making an opening, good – hold space for what new authenticity is coming in.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: An elevator arrives at the beginning of this week to take you WAY out of a place of your own making – so deeply entrenched but becoming all the more subjective right now. Nothing is left without questioning, without awe. The goal does become to come back down and root this new psychic liberation into the values you hold. Future mind shows you what exactly is possible. The theoretical is like a matrix, beckoning you to grip it, awakening the resources you have right with you.

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