Athena in the Heart of the Sun: Astrology of 2/3 – 2/9

Venus and Saturn begin a new cycle together as they join up in Aquarius, and Mercury and asteroid Pallas Athena fuse with the Sun in Aquarius by conjunction. Each of these events may speak to the possibility of reviewing our strategies. There are two basic types of strategy I want to draw attention to: one is unconscious strategy, which we can liken to egoic structures we possess that are designed to protect us from a core wound or a sense of powerlessness. The other is a conscious strategy, like a business plan or a conscious map we have developed to arrive at a particular goal. Ultimately, even our conscious strategies are subject to unconscious influences, which is why engaging in shadow work or personal de-conditioning is also an ingredient to real success in our lives.

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Uncovering and reworking some of our deeper patterns is something that is supported by engaging with the therapeutic arts and the personal development world, which is one reason why I love these things so much. With the Sun and Mercury forming a conjunction in Aquarius though, it also speaks to moments of illumination in our everyday lives, and the possibility that we might have a breakthrough in seeing a pattern. These are moments where we suddenly form new awareness of the impact of our own behavior and mindsets, or we see ourselves in a situation we’ve been in thousands of times before and yet just now we have the idea for a new choice, instead of playing into the familiar storyline.

Similarly, being at a place where we can extend compassion to ourselves and feel the things that lay underneath, instead of staying in control or defense as we may have previously, is an opening process that leads to a richer life. Success isn’t just about building ever greater structures out and externally – it can also be the fulfillment and connection that we feel to ourselves and others, which is ultimately connected with vulnerability and a deep capacity to feel.

Welcome back! Or in case this is your first time here, I’m Sabrina Monarch and I’m a soul-centered astrologer. I love providing perspectives on the opportunities of transits and putting into words what the zeitgeist feels like at this moment in time, to support you on your path & open a dialogue between us and the cosmos. If you would like to receive these weekly forecasts to your inbox and be notified of upcoming educational opportunities, sign up for my mailing list here.

Here’s our week after a few announcements:

Pillars of Creative Mastery: The Grand Fixed Cross: I’ll be speaking through the Washington State Astrological Association on Feb 11! This is an online event, so tune in from wherever you are! I’ll be sharing ideas on the fixed signs of the zodiac. See Facebook event & ticket page.

We come into this life with a cosmic inheritance, one that we are tasked to discover and cultivate. The fixed signs of the zodiac each correspond with elements of a creative life. Taurus relates to our cultivation of our individual essence, resourcefulness/wealth, and our self-worth. Leo is how we radiate this essence outwardly, play, and allow our light to shine forth. Scorpio is how we connect with the depth of our unique soul imprint and raison d’etre, through the language our deepest desires. And Aquarius is how we attune to the greater intellectual context of it all, and how we align our minds to channel brilliance.

Yet, each of these signs come with challenges. We experience scarcity/deprivation with Taurus. There is the possibility of shame and feeling unseen with Leo. We can experience painful obsession, power struggles, and addiction with Scorpio. Not to mention trauma, psychological fracturing, and dissociation with Aquarius! Because the fixed signs can be so stubborn – so “fixed”, many of these issues are also stubborn in our experiences. Yet, they are not impossible to work with, and we will discuss what helps alleviate them.We will explore some creative techniques for harmonizing these archetypes – like focusing on the positive or resourcing pleasure as a way to build resilience and magnetism and shift one’s vibration. Many of us have heard that what we focus on expands. Scorpio is this kind of intense focus. But do we value (Taurus) what we are focusing on, or are we focusing heavily on lack (Taurus)? Over time, these dynamics build fixed mental and biochemical pathways (Aquarius/Taurus) and we yet we can re-program these pathways to experience whole new worlds. One magical way to experience new realities is through the gateway of play (Leo).

We will explore these signs from a magical, empowering perspective to support you in making impactful connections on how you can facilitate your creativity. See Facebook event & ticket page. Photo of the mega Taurean Amanda Palmer.

Astrology Reading Bookings FULL: My books are currently closed, but I am still taking new clients for ongoing mentorship/coaching (6 month – 1 year commitment). If you’re interested in working with me in that capacity, send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com. And make sure you’re on my mailing list if you’d like to be informed of when my books open again!

Next Evolutionary Astrology Intensive: The intensive is currently in session. I will announce the dates for the next one in the coming months.

Here’s our week:

February 5, 2021

Venus in 5 Aquarius conjunct Saturn in 5 Aquarius: 11:07 PM PST

Venus and Saturn begin a new synodic cycle together.

  • It is highly important to have a positive self-regard where we are already worthy – we do not have to achieve something or become something to be lovable. This is foundational. However, Venus-Saturn can relate to pleasures and satisfactions in life that are earned. So what are the differences?
  • If we have a logical structure in our consciousness that we will be “ready” for connection with others or receiving love when we… look a different way or achieve a certain goal (or something along these lines)…. this can be a sign that it is really our judgment and non-acceptance of ourselves that we are using as a shield. It’s vulnerability to choose to love ourselves as we are now. Even if we have goals and we still intend on working toward them, we don’t have to suffer in the interim. Fundamental self-worth is like giving our soul a nourishing home to live inside of. One who has a good soul-home can still achieve things. We don’t need to be in a barren, cold, solitary chamber to be motivated for betterment, which is a pattern with Saturnian thinking in our culture to de-condition from.
  • If we’re looking at Aquarius, we can be thinking about the individuation journey – the process of de-conditioning from social norms that don’t resonate at a core level with us and adopting new ways of life that match our inherent essences and gifts. At certain points in life, we might find ourselves changing, becoming more of ourselves, but noticing that if we were to step out and be visible with this change, that our friends might not be our friends anymore. We might not fit into the places and roles we’ve been accustomed to fitting into. So we can either take the leap and go forward into the unknown, or settle to live half of a life, where we’re using our energy to make sure other people don’t find out who we really are – we might still belong, but it is a hollow belonging that eats at us. Whether our current circles adapt and accept the new aspects of us or we find ourselves resonating with different groups of people, individuation is a journey that comes with moments of isolation, moments of seeking and learning, and comes with ‘work’ you might say. So when we’ve done that work and had that courage and we experience deeper connection on the other side? You might say we “worked” for it or “earned” it.
  • So simultaneously it is a reality that we can love ourselves as we are now as a profound act of self-care, and recognize that certain elevated, desired experiences in life might require our willingness and effort.

February 6, 2021

Venus in 6 Aquarius sextile Chiron in 6 Aries: 3:43 AM PST

(Image: Linda Westin)

  • A key to connection/relatedness highlighted at the moment could be the willingness to be first. Being first could have a variety of manifestations like: being the first to reach out, or expressing a sentiment or idea that is really alive in you and you’re the one starting the conversation about it. Often when something is brewing inside of us that feels nascent/emergent, we’re not the only ones in our environment feeling that way.

Sun in 18 Aquarius trine Lunar North Node in 18 Gemini: 10:40 AM PST

  • Situations may be arising that encourage us to take on the role of the experimenter, the scientist, the researcher – to observe that there is a question in our experience, something we do not yet understand. Sometimes we may experience a conflict or impasse in our lives that we do not experience as a problem or something bad, but rather as a curious opening for a larger experience of life. We intuitively know not to rush for an answer, or a control-mechanism, but to follow the impasse to a kind of paradigm shift.

Venus in 6 Aquarius square Uranus in 6 Taurus: 7:33 PM PST

  • This electrified Venus may relate to some developments in self-awareness – noticing, observing, what really draws our attention and our desire to be involved, and where we feel more detached, aloof, or distant.
  • This information on what attracts or repels us can also be a read on how accordant or discordant we are with our deeper wishes and desires. For example, many who desire real love and committed partnership find themselves drawn to unavailable people. We might want to register where our desires and actions feel crosswired.
  • Once we know where we are in discordance, we can watch ourselves playing out that pattern and be aware of it consciously (instead of doing it unconsciously). We can start to imagine or envision an alternative, and become open to information, teachings, experiences, which offer us pathways for connecting with what we do desire.

February 7, 2021

Mercury retrograde in 20 Aquarius conjunct Pallas Athena in 20 Aquarius: 4:30 PM PST

  • Pallas Athena (here, an asteroid) is a warrior philosopher goddess. She has a creative intelligence/genius and a somewhat ruthless manner – when she has her sight on a target, she is the embodiment of “where there is a will, there is a way.” She is able to do this because she is a master strategist and she recognizes patterns. She is a trickier personality component or ally to have when our goals are not coming from a clear place of heart/value, but she is a wonderful ally when we are coming from a clear/embodied/true place.
  • Do you associate cunning with deceit or poor morals? Sometimes people who identify as ‘good people’ who do not want to harm anyone are reticent to fully own their strategic power – leaving strategy for the wolves, or people with predatory consciousness, so to say. Consider if you invest in strategy, or have disregarded it as too calculating. Many people have visionary ideas – but strategy is part of what brings visionary ideas to life.

February 8, 2021

Mercury retrograde in 20 Aquarius conjunct Sun in 20 Aquarius: 5:48 AM PST

  • Mercury and the Sun fuse for this moment; join forces. This can look like a visitation from the messenger, Hermes – whether it is a charged idea that visits our own consciousness, a letter, or a peculiar synchronicity that feels like a message from the Universe or from our many guides and angels.
  • Receiving messages from the Universe is not necessarily a given, but a process that we engage. Just like in a friendship, you are more likely to receive communication from a friend if you are communicating. If you stop talking for years, it is like radio silence. If we want to expand the sources from which we receive insight and intuition, we have to expand the conversation. Prayer, creating an altar, talking to the Universe, honoring our ancestors, talking to angels, having a divination practice – etc – are some ways that we show up to the conversation.
  • Regularly contacting our soul or our higher self can be a powerful practice as well. Imagine building a bond with the deepest part of yourself, and deepening your trust with yourself. Beginning to contact our own soul or higher self can be a process of recognizing our disconnection and coming home. What we pay attention to grows. So if we have abandoned our self, our deepest self, to please others or to fit in in the world, we are paying attention to a superficial layer of ourselves and relating to ourselves as that. Start talking to the soul though? She/he/they will speak back. The first contact can feel shocking. It is like a remembrance, a coming back online…

February 9, 2021

Saturn in 6 Aquarius sextile Chiron in 6 Aries: 3:00 AM PST

(Image: Max Sansing)

  • The sweet balm of time, the healer of wounds. Chirotic experiences can put us in touch with a pain that goes deeper than the event that triggered it. It draws us to seek answers. There also comes a time along the path of life where we notice that we are not pained by the things that we once were – that the pain has diminished because of knowledge and experience we’ve collected along the way.

Sun in 21 Aquarius conjunct Pallas Athena in 21 Aquarius: 11:50 AM PST

  • As with Mercury this week – the Sun and Pallas Athena fuse and join forces. There could be an importance here of sourcing a willingness and morale within ourselves to figure out the pressing mysteries or puzzles in our lives. Athena favored heroes. She likes to help the people who are trying. Symbolically you may say there are forces that conspire to help and guide us when we have made the choice to pursue a vision, and to endure and to keep experimenting even when we fail. It can be the fates pulling strings we are not privy to. It can show up as people, who sympathize with us and want to help us. We might also notice this impulse if we are in a position to be benevolent toward others, that we want to assist people who have heart in the game.
  • Many people naturally find their motivations shifting the farther they move along a goal-based trajectory. This is *natural*. It simply means that we’ve gained insight and integrated that insight. But this happens through direct experience, most of the time, meaning we have to live it out.
  • It is also natural to find our methods shifting, as we move farther along a trajectory. One may use the tools available to them, only to discover later on in the path more refined tools that serve the journey better. But one often had to use those earlier tools to even get to the place of discovering the more refined ones.

Mercury retrograde in 15 Aquarius trine Lunar North Node in 15 Gemini: 11:09 AM PST

We have the ruler of the North Node in Gemini (Mercury rules Gemini) trining the node it currently rules. This could be magical for communications, specifically, helping bring events together.

  • In the flow of events, each element (fire, earth, air, and water) has its place in the story. The air element (we have Mercury and the North Node of the Moon in air signs), we move forward in the story via the exchange of ideas. This could be a catalyzing conversation that sparks a new vision or direction, or loosens us up in a place we’ve gotten stuck. It could also be the way that when we put out the word about something, events and people show up in alignment. It’s one thing to feel into a wish, a need, or a desire (water = feeling) and another to actually verbalize it (air) and become available for the connections that would ensue as a result.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! If you would like further guidance, I have been increasingly focused on longer-term 1:1 work with my students and clients, in the form of mentorship – helping people form a depth relationship to their natal chart and personal transits over time, to develop themselves, to heal, and to reach their goals, all through the soul-making lens of evolutionary astrology. If you’re interested in working together in that capacity, I am currently accepting new clients. Send me an email at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to start a conversation and set up a free consultation call.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

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