Astrology of 2/21 – 2/27: Dream Constructions

All of our exact transits this week involve the Sun, Venus and Mercury each in Pisces aspecting other planets – and so, this is a great week for activation of transpersonal love. Pisces is one of the most loving signs, bringing in inclusivity, forgiveness, compassion, and just a bubbly love for all things and all beings. Additionally, dynamic harmonies are opening up this week around the archetypal Pisces and Capricorn, bringing together the forces of dream and discipline – or apathy and nihilism, if we are to be too disillusioned.

Pisces involves a spectrum as all the archetypes do, and comes with the more problematic qualities of delusion, confusion, escapism, or being adrift and lost at sea. While not being discriminating can lead to openness and love of all, it can also lead to having poor boundaries and being overly permeable. While having daydreams and visions can lead to inspired actions of follow-through, they can be Oddysey-like lotus fields of their own that we stay asleep in and never materialize. When we are involved in Piscean processes, we are truly tasked with the question of spiritual enlightenment – yet as beings of Earth, as embodied beings, we have to find ways to bring Heaven down to earth, down to every mundane experience such that there is no need to escape this reality for something better.

We have collective spiritual histories that involve a break from the earth, or the body, a separation – the Fall if you will – and so in our own ways, many of us also experience that memory. Sometimes it comes in the form of longing – seeing salvation or redemption as something out there. We might also view longing as the drive to re-connect, the drive toward wholeness. We heal this split when we see interweaving between dream and reality, between fantasy and construction, and use our creative abilities to actively bring these forces in conversation… like taking practical steps toward your dreams, like perceiving reality as something you can artfully contribute to, or even allowing yourself to dream rather than restricting your capacity to do so.

What Evolutionary Astrology as a practice continually brings me back to, which I will offer here – is that our lives themselves, including our egos and our temporary circumstances – are the spiritual path. It’s not a world to get lost in to the point of losing our touch with spirituality, nor is it a world to abandon in the name of spirituality. So to support this spiritual path that we are all on together; here are some thoughts for the transits of the week.

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February 21

Venus in 13 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 13 Pisces: 11:41 AM PDT

This alignment is also squaring Mars and Vesta in Sagittarius, and the Venus-Mars square will go exact later in the week.

  • The potential for healing relational dynamics to come up this week: a dissolving of some separation-based wound, forgiveness, compassion. The emotional tone of redemption coming through connection with others.
  • The aspect of our relational lives that is fantasy – dreaming up adventures and plans and wishes we have with friends and lovers and other significant relationships. If these fantasies are misplaced onto someone (such as an unrequited fantasy), the emotional tone can tend toward suffering. However, if these fantasies are mutual or there is a real potential at play, this can be an active, important part of relationship (seeing the potentials, being creative together and dreaming up new possibilities that allow the relationship to be a launchpad into other realms).
  • Venus-Neptune can help us transcend the projections and limitations we project onto specific people, if we can become more discerning about the difference between this fantasy/divine love and the actual boundaries of the relationship in question. At lower states of development (which are often necessary and valuable all the same), a lot of projections are placed onto relationships which ultimately will not come true – it is the discovery of one’s own fantasy life. There can be a state of disillusionment after that. And there is yet another stage in which the active fantasy, co-creation potentials are mutual, and relationships themselves become a spiritual path with mutual participation.
  • The love language of communicating your longing and receiving the longing of others, letting others participate in your dreams and participating in the dreams of others.

Mercury in 6 Pisces sextile Saturn in 6 Capricorn: 1:23 PM PDT

  • This transit can activate a harmony, if we choose, between our vast dream/imaginal realm and our actual, substantial, concrete actions, discipline, or practices which facilitate the development of those dreams.
  • A negotiation can occur between our structures/foundations and our inspiration, such that we might become more steadfast or less rigid as necessary.
  • The reaping of poetic/dreamy rewards as we prioritize or are responsible/judicious with our energy.
  • In the contemplation of where we feel disillusioned or overwhelmed with dysfunction, reaching inspired solutions as we puzzle through this problem (or let go of the question, and in some dream or reverie come upon an idea). Mercury-Saturn aspects can relate to puzzle-solving and diligently working through a hard riddle. In this case, this riddle can have to do with areas in our life that feel leaky or dysfunctional and discovering a structural solution which bolsters the entire situation to a more elevated place.
  • It can be important to recognize what footholds we have in life that are allowing us to ascend – and then to ascend! (Rather than focusing too much on the rising water licking our heels as we try to ascend.) This involves footholds we are just now reaching toward as well as ones we already have that we are ignoring but might actually do well to utilize.
  • Remember that cynicism/nihilism is often a form of delusion. Working too hard with no return can be also, but these might be poles we flip between (working too hard versus giving up and thinking a process is futile). We’re looking for ways to climb the mountain in the most efficient way, yet let’s recognize too that this path is full of trial, error, failure, and rewards over time. And sometimes it’s actually hard. Sometimes ease is born of sweat and skill, and is not just implied from the start.

February 25

Venus in 18 Pisces square Mars in 18 Sagittarius: 5:01 AM PDT

(Image: Hannah Yata)

  • Possessing the energy, vigor, or spiritual fire to pursue a dream, or to even dream in the first place.
  • Romanticizing the quest.
  • This is fiery and dynamic for our relational lives, involving both a mix of affection (Venus) and the will to act on it or to court (Mars). Both Mars in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces have a penchant for not indulging limitation – Sagittarius is willing to quest, and Pisces is willing to dream. Together this pair can expand the boundaries of the known Universe via faith and the courage to explore the unknown.
  • So much of our relational lives happens on the telepathic and unseen planes. If you find yourself very attracted to someone new or you are wanting to develop new territory in an existing relationship, don’t underestimate the territory of proposing your ideas/wishes to the other person on the subtle plane (from your higher self to theirs) before you do so in conventional reality. Venus in Pisces loves the psychic, fantasy foreplay. Don’t use this ethereal realm to push ideas into people’s consciousness (like sending someone a text message in all caps), but instead ask a question and allow time for a response and respect the answer.
  • For existent relationships which are firmly established, this can be about deepening the territory that is already known together; translating your vast inner worlds to each other as new explorations have occurred and there is new territory to map together.

Mercury in 13 Pisces conjunct Neptune in 13 Pisces: 5:25 AM PDT

  • Our membranes, what we allow in osmotically, and our health, can be extra open/vulnerable at this time. So this is double-edged. It can allow in more negatively, but can also allow in more love/healing. Our health or mental states might be more suggestible than usual. This could be a good time to focus on healing and love and merging with positive influences.
  • This transit, like Pisces, can ride the edge between self-undoing and inspired acts. Both involve a diminishment of the ego. But self-undoing doesn’t have the bigger Self catching us per se (we might fall into a delusional self), while an inspired act is coming from the bigger Self. It can be worthwhile to negotiate our wild, fantastical, big ideas with a healthy ego. An ego that can be transcended, but not one that is just destroyed uselessly. If you want to know how to tell the difference, try to imagine how you feel when you have done/said what you are thinking of and if it is going to bring levity and joy to your life or if it’s filling you with a sense of dread/anxiety. In the case of the latter, the vision might just need to be refined more!

Sun in 7 Pisces sextile Saturn in 7 Capricorn: 10:45 AM PDT

(Image: Artist Niki de Saint Phalle photographed in one of her sculptures by Franco Fontana for American Vogue, December 1987)

  • Sun-Saturn aspects bring in a connection between our radiance/happiness/creativity (Solar principles) and our discipline, responsibility, and conditioning processes (Saturn principles). Unhappiness or depression that arises under Sun-Saturn can point out to places we would like to be more creatively empowered. When our creativity is expressed with Sun-Saturn, it is very robust! Read an article on Sun-Saturn aspects that I wrote a few months ago here, for a more expanded download on this planetary complex.
  • Longing for success, accomplishment, or status symbols (Pisces + Saturn). The possibility to recognize and piece out what this longing is telling us; such as what we are wanting to develop, and where our dreams are accurately matched with symbols versus where the symbols themselves that we have chosen might not be the actual thing we are working toward.
  • The potential for worldly involvement and success to be a spiritual activity.
  • Alternately, a disillusion with success, accomplishment or status symbols – wanting to drop out of that game, questioning the delusions or cultural delusions involved.
  • Seeking a harmony between the spiritual, transcendent self, and the concrete, incarnation, worldly self – the spiritual enlightenment of self and culture. (Not too in the game that one is lost, not escaping the game, but merging with life in a meaningful way).
  • The potential for current obstacles, difficulties, or quandaries to be portals into an expanded spirituality – they are not obstacles, but they are part of the path.
  • The creative quality of engineering – constructing a path for energy to flow, like irrigation canals that direct the movement of water.

February 27

Venus in 20 Pisces sextile Pluto in 20 Capricorn: 3:20 AM PDT

(Image: Rob Evans)

(Image: A Dream, Adelaide Ironside)

  • Feeling allured or drawn to specific others; or feeling an increase of libidinal energy in oneself in terms of giving, sharing and receiving love. Inner and outer transformation that occurs as a result.
  • In this increased energy toward and around love, discovering blocks and stagnancies that can be massaged out/released.
  • Confronting the shadow via relationships.
  • A specific shadow we might meet is where we have been unconsciously placing conditions or expectations upon ourselves and being able to forgive and transcend these conditions in order to access more abundance and flow in our lives. Conditions and boundaries themselves can be creative, intentional, and reflecting our values; but when they are operating unconsciously we restrict flow in our lives without even knowing we’ve erected a dam somewhere. Becoming more aware of our values allows us to have a more conscious relationship to how we experience and initiate boundary.
  • These boundaries and conditions are not static – they are flowing and in movement with life itself. Relationships can teach us how to move and flow with life because we are interacting with others who are in themselves, life – and all the dynamism that involves.
  • The potential to attract others who signify qualities in ourselves we are becoming more in touch with; or to be those figures to other people who we find are now attracted to us.

Thank you for meditating on the planets with me this week! Please share with friends and on social media if you found this helpful! Let me know what you think in the comments.


Soulwork Sessions

I have a new offering, which is something I’ve been doing all along when invited to, but have not yet put it in words clearly as something that I do! When I’ve been giving natal chart readings, it has run from a spectrum of offering people information about themselves (for curiosity, for expanded self-awareness) or addressing deep issues that lead one to seek spiritual advice. So, to make it more known and available that I can draw form the natal chart and offer advice for impasses and crisis, I’m now offering soulwork sessions.

Soulwork is a means through which I can provide guidance to anyone working with a challenging situation, paradox, yearning or existential question – something unresolved in your experience that you want to transform or have breakthrough with.

Evolutionary Astrology, the modality I primarily draw from, is amazing for providing insight on how to transform what feels like impossible situations and reoccurring themes. It is a study and practice of how to gain personal agency. It’s a type of astrology that addresses people’s cutting edge in this life which often will correlate with challenging stuff.

While the situations we work with may be superficial or on the visible surface of your life (or not), soulwork is about discovering the deeper currents in the situation and working with those roots, for personal transformation.

Topics and questions I can address are:

  • Questions that pertain to your emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing.
  • Guidance on how to have breakthrough in challenging situations.
  • Clarity on the deeper underlying and karmic dynamics playing out in difficult or reoccurring situations and how to shift those karmic dynamics.
  • Advice and strategy for moving forward with goals, ambitions, and dreams.
  • Clarity and support on longing, desire and attraction and how to work with these themes relative to your natal chart and situation.
  • Questions which weigh with gravity on you in which you feel like other measures of contemplating them have not been fruitful.
  • Questions which are more profound to you than cliche one-size-fits-all advice can touch meaningfully.
  • Accessing insight retrospectively about past situations you do not have closure on.
  • Addressing hopes and fears about the future.
  • If you’re not sure if your question applies, feel free to email me at sabrina@monarchastrology.com to inquire.

Read more and book here.

Evolutionary Astrology Immersion Course

My next, sixty hour online immersion course is currently open for enrollment and begins May 6. Students will learn the paradigm and practice of Evolutionary Astrology during a five month period and have access to personal support and tutoring during that time as needed. Read all about this course and sign up here.

Other Offerings

Personalized forecast reading: Want to know how the transits specifically affect you? This reading is focused on how the current transits of now to six months out are personally impacting your natal chart. We’ll look at longer-acting outer planetary transits as well as significant transit events that exact their alignment in this six month window.

Natal Chart Reading: I offer an analysis of the placement of Pluto, the lunar nodes, and the planetary rulers of Pluto and the lunar nodes, to tune into a Soul-level interpretation of the natal chart. Because the Pluto and lunar node signatures make up what is like the base tone or root of the natal chart, we can access some insights on the deeper “why” questions of one’s life. In addition to providing a Soul-oriented portrait of the natal chart’s major themes, I synthesize any questions you may have with your natal chart’s wisdom.

With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.

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