The Pressure Valves for Capricorn and Scorpio




The two signs I perceive to be under the most pressure are Capricorn and Scorpio.

Watching Scandal has demonstrated a Capricorn principle for me: the more constricting the environment, the higher pressure the job (like a high profile government job), the more extreme the desired release. So the phenomenon of sex scandals of people in power. The allure of the taboo, of danger, secrets.

The fallout of any public scandal though seems to me to be more in Pluto’s domain than Saturn. Even if Saturn is the judge, or the set of standards that has been violated. But Pluto is that death and transformation force. There is a special evolutionary story for some people who are born into a situation where say they are primed for a high profile career but are secretly gay or have some secret fetish and can’t come out about it without compromising that power… the point being that their sexuality (Pluto) is triggering them to see outside of a given societal constraint (Saturn) that they have been accustomed to in past lives and are at a flashpoint/crisis with in this life. (This is so variable – another evolutionary story exists for people who liberate taboos or go against social norms in a way that empowers other people.)

Are you a Capricorn/Scorpio influenced person and are you regularly under pressure? Or not? What do you do about it?


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