Monday November 10, 2015


November 10, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: However athletic you are used to being (as an attitude toward life if not literally), this is the dark moon in Scorpio. You benefit from taking a break – realize that you need this empty, receptive space to receive and to process and integrate. Chill. To the extreme.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: You are likely to enjoy the company today of people where you feel things are above water. Mysterious intrigues require more attention and this is the dark moon. If you must – make sure that you are armed with plenty of self-care: well-nourished and comfortable.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This is a health moon and a treat yourself Moon – pushing yourself to work super hard at something you don’t want to do is going to feel especially taxing during a low ebb Moon. Get absorbed in something you enjoy – insights click, tangible rewards crop up later.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: Over delusive fantasies – too hard a truth pops the bubble. The same fantasy-making drive is simply channeled toward what you are creating and then it mirrors back to you. The energy becomes one of overpowering desire/attraction to sustainable fantasy: you hold your own.


Leo/Leo Rising: Something is brewing re empowerment around what you feel – that there is an inner validation process around something that feels stickier or unpleasant but is really in actuality OK but is just needing to be felt so it can be dealt with. Nostalgia, glancing into the past, part of this.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: The same way that your mind goes to strange places when you are tired – so is the Dark Moon in Scorpio in your house of communications. Use this for accessing compelling alternate points of view, and wait for the New Moon to assess and go decisively forward on your findings.


Libra/Libra Rising: This Moon is good for relaxing a lot of things except your standards. We’re not talking surface but deep. If self-love or self-respect is a threat to anyone in your sphere right now, take note. They may come around. If not though, you will have not compromised past the point of worth.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Normally the Moon entering your sign means starting something is favorable – but this being the Dark Moon, let this be a gestation time and work your impulses that are more around self-care and creativity. Save your big moves for the New Moon on the 11th.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Hopefully you are getting enough rest right now to be able to dissolve a little bit – this is part of a necessary cycle, being able to let the smoke clear. Hyper-intuition without logic or reason taking much of a priority, let matters click into understanding by not tampering with them.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: Whistleblowing is a Promethean act is it not – a secret is brought from up high down to the masses where it is going to change events (and it angers the metaphorical Gods in the situation). Somewhere in your life you have this move at your fingertips. It need not necessarily cause scandal, but it can be a force of liberation. What empowering information do you possess? Think re New Moon on the 11th.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Tired constricting energies – think regarding a gameplay that has been “tried and true” but is no longer yielding satisfaction. Innovate alternatives that are still empowering (not just throwing it all away unless that IS the ticket) and go forward with it on the New Moon the 11th.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Much expansion in your well to dip into and draw out from. Two keys with this are that you let go of what limits you (even if you are attached to it… does not need to be out of place huge change, start with what you know) & that your forward actions resonate with healing.

(Image: Liv & Ingmar)

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