Monarch Forecast: February 22-28, 2016


Monarch Forecast for February 22-28, 2016

Mercury is in positive conversation (sextile) with both Saturn and Uranus, while at the same time Saturn and Uranus are forming a trine. If you remember from the February forecast, Saturn and Uranus working together in this way are building the new paradigm on Earth. This is not even to be woo, it’s inevitable that dynamics are shifting on this planet because of changing societal values as well as the necessary clearing of old ways that are not sustainable. It is very important to show up right now. Not everyone has the same task or job; some people are going to need to be working on protecting themselves or building up their talents or skill sets while others are more on the front line of change. With both Saturn in freedom loving Sagittarius, and freedom loving Uranus in do-what-it-wants Aries, chances are you know exactly what you feel like doing, either because you’re having such an adventure doing it, or whatever is standing in your way is feeling like a prison. Mercury in Aquarius simply amps the personal download: it is incredible what insights are coming in right now. Mercury spent so much time in Capricorn and hit Pluto 3 times, that of course we all have gone to some deep places recently. In Aquarius, it’s as though we’ve surfaced/are surfacing from a swamp. Things are becoming very clear. We know who we are and what we need to do. The revolution is made up of individuals doing their work, the work they were called to do. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone was self-actualized.

Jupiter in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces


Really BIG healing energy obviously. So how do you harness it? The balance is between higher knowledge and seeking of truths of the body; and how it relates to heaven. Heaven on earth. How many people don’t see this as an actual possibility? When nature and Spirit are clearly connected for an individual and one finds themselves in the flow of both Spirit and Nature, one is experiencing Heaven on Earth. This is a time to take seriously the ways in which we are treating the body, our health, as well as how we are organizing our environments. It is so quickly elevating to light a candle or light some incense, to bring fresh cut flowers in the house, to sweep the floor and clear stagnant energy, etc. While there is a heightened ability to no longer discriminate, to see past old boundaries; there is at the same time an ethic in creating a clean vessel.

There will be no need to fret or worry about imperfections. It will be easy to see light shining through any cracks. It’s simply when you find yourself stuck that you may make an adjustment and open the flow again. Some of the disorder and chaos can only be addressed at a later time. This is not about perfection. It’s about putting one foot forward and taking those steps. And remembering that each positive/ethical step you take according to what is naturally right for you will be a bridge into greater Spiritual connection. Though religion clearly has this concept of morality covered, it is overtly interpreted by man. As a system, it benefits or speaks to some but not everyone. Yet a spiritual connection, however it specifically manifests, is available for everyone. If you listen to the wild, to nature, there are laws of the Universe too… you discern them via your sensitivity, your understanding cause and effect, seeing karma in action.

Jupiter is retrograde, and last opposed Chiron on November 3, 2015. If you can think to what was going on then, what themes are developing, see how they relate now.

Sun in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Being the dream, being the fantasy. Remembering that “is is as is does”, therefore if you wish to live the dream you must play the part of the dream. Need this be delusional? No. Artists are playing this game all of the time. If part of your creative process involves playing a character, you’ve done this. Have you ever stepped into a role that didn’t feel like you yet, so you had to fake it till you made it?

The fake it till you make it technology has mixed connotation. Sometimes we need to invert it. What if not stepping into your dream or fantasy was really the big fake out? The ego can put on any hat it wants: it can be grand or it can be deprave and base. The ego is supposed to be a tool for the Soul consciousness; a focusing agent. It allows us to be particular beings and particular personalities. Let your ego work for your Spirit and amazing things happen.

Some spiritual paths prescribe being very stoic, dedicating a life to God in a monk-like way. But I want you to think about the stars. Like the stars on Earth, celebrities – and how at moments of great achievement they thank God for taking them there. They are not living what all would call holy lives. Yet they also are – because they have allowed themselves to be conduits and channels for something much larger than themselves.


(Art: Mandy Tsung, Tiffany Bozic)


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