Astrology of 11/15 – 11/21: Metamorphosis of Tragedy and Comedy

I’ll start with a general PSA that yes, many things feel broken and messed up right now and emotions are running hot. Scorpio works in taking us to the edge; the places we are ready to transform.

Jupiter in Scorpio can be magnifying our feelings so that we can’t help but to deal with things that were otherwise quiet below the surface. The stewing of Scorpio can help us know what the problem is. Scorpio’s depression can be catatonic, a psychic hibernation. But after that when one is ready to move the energy – here are some thoughts on how to thrive.

Engage the imagination to manifest new reality. When everything seems messed up, imagine something that doesn’t exist yet. Something that feels missing. Imagine the best possible outcome and download, in your imagination, the details of how this new exciting creation can come into being. Create it. Get so excited about it that your excitement is contagious. (My favorite manifestation teachings are from Abraham Hicks and from Bentinho Massaro’s free Trinfinity Academy.)

The imagination that comes from trauma is different than the imagination that comes from play.

When planets in Scorpio square the nodal axis in Leo and Aquarius (as we currently have), a pattern sets off of moving between drama and trauma. The drama however, is flexible to be a comedy or a tragedy, and it often depends on the focus of the creator. There comes a time when examining trauma is like digging at the bottom of an empty barrel. We already know that things are messed up and we have spreadsheets, reports, and annotated bibliographies of how messed up the situation at hand is. We need a little Leo.

Leo, at its best, is becoming a co-creator. It’s playing. It’s making something fun. It’s becoming a fire that radiates warmth out around it. Currently, as sensitive as we are to feeling how the field, or the ecosystem responds (South Node in Aquarius), we might trust ourselves to build some fires that nourish our communities – to shine in the best possible way, in a way that honors our gifts and is socially relevant.

If your idea of how to save yourself or the world makes you miserable and doesn’t seem like fun to anyone else, no matter how virtuous it is, it’s one) still connected to this kind of masochism that to be noble means we can’t have any fun and two) not so likely to pick up traction in a group of people unless they’re somehow scared or shamed into it. Leo asks us to stoke our fires – to develop some warmth. South Node in Aquarius is used to being detached, icy, watching things from afar, intellectually. This vantage point is great for gathering intelligence, until the intelligence itself becomes skewed by the lack of connection to the data it is observing. It just gets out of touch.

We commonly know that children can be motivated to engage with things that seem fun – adults each have an inner-child too. We may be contemplating more complex dramas and tragedies as we’ve matured, but if we do still care about finding enjoyment in life as naturally as many children can, we have to remember the child mind. We cannot create our comedies without knowing how to have fun at the times our reality is not giving us permission to do so. Imagination is an actual tool in the game of life. We can hold the complexities of our tragedies and still access fun and inspiring ways to develop them into comedies. At this place, the light that we shine has depth and paves a path of freedom for anyone else who struggles with the same things we’ve overcome.

Here’s our week:

November 16

Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces: 7:21 AM PDT

(Image: Nanette Cherry)

  • This can be a time where our shadows in relationship lack boundary – meaning we actually feel the shadows of other people and others may feel ours. Based on the spectrum of potentialities within these archetypes, this can be a time of disillusionment (as we see people’s skeletons), or a time of great spiritual clarity (as we see deeper meanings beyond what appears on the surface). This is for many, a time for forgiveness and grace, rather than judging or pointing fingers – which is purely to project the shadow. An edge here though is that forgiveness that happens before addressing the pain is a kind of spiritual bypass and can lead the routine acceptance of maltreatment (seeing the best in people despite reasons not to). This is not about forgiveness that sweeps things under the rug so that the status quo can continue uninterrupted. This can be about a forgiveness that transforms consciousness.

  • A collective shadow, from history and the age of Pisces, is sadomasochism – the return of wrongdoing with more wrongdoing, the extreme punishments, judgements, etc. We can become aware of when our autopilot is set to practically eternally condemn another being, or to beat an apology out of someone to a bloody pulp… where is this coming from? Is it actually the alchemy we are looking for in our relationships, or a kind of beaten path which doesn’t create happiness for anyone?
  • As we contemplate our depths, shadows, our psyche, it is great to have a spiritual life and counterpart to that – whether its angels, guides, divine forgiveness, etc. Some people hang more diligently to either side of the spectrum and miss the alchemy that happens as they combine. When we are too psychologically inclined without spirit, it can be massochistic – we’ll never find happiness, we’re just trying to dig for the origin of our wounds, we are obsessed with what is lacking. When we are only spiritually inclined but lack psychological depth, we gloss over things and “spiritual bypass” – we don’t address root issues and complexes. Truthfully, the purely psychologically inclined among us could use some spiritual bypass. It’s okay to compartmentalize pain until we have the spiritual resources to deal with it – we do that to survive, it’s a kind of psychic maturity. And likewise, as we move into greater horizons of unconditional love and divine grace, we shouldn’t be surprised by ancient wounds rising to the service now that there is the proper amount of love to meet and heal it. The spiritual life gives us energy to heal. At least Earth life isn’t boring. 🙂

  • The potential for disillusionment, the transitioning out of naïveté, and the ways that these experiences may change our value systems. The process can be painful or liberating or both, but ultimately allow in a deeper experience because we have become more complex.

November 18

New Moon in Scorpio: 3:42 AM PDT

  • There comes a time when the only way to become free of a pattern that we don’t like or recognize as a trauma is to imagine something else, not to continue to download more data on what is wrong with the situation at hand. As this New Moon squares the nodal axis in Leo and Aquarius, this becomes especially relevant — not to forget that we are creators (Leo)! Watch the energy and life alchemy of engaging in playful, creative spaces where you imagine-into-being a new reality. This may be informed by your understanding of what causes you pain or what your trauma is – but the solution may itself emerge from a place of play and heart openness, delight. It’s this place of play that opens the heart to receive what it wants – while excessively digging into a wound continues to deepen that channel for it to fill up once more. The exquisite tension is holding both: being aware of more difficult realities, but having the heart to create new ones, and really feel what it would be like if it were real – opening our capacity to receive it. If we again, think about compartmentalization here, finding the capacity to experience joy despite what is grating on us allows us to access more inspired tactics and solutions to our problems, because we have accelerated our vibration.
  • Scorpio themes, on the trauma end, (now looking to our Aquarius South Node, and the ruler Uranus in Aries conjunct war goddesses Eris and Athena) often relate to themes of violation and betrayal. If these themes become habitual, we enter matrices which recreate them, like we’re playing out a storyline we’ve seen on television a thousand times. We personally recreate our traumas and collectively reenact historical traumas because the stories have gravity; grooved familiarity in our psyches. If now, we become more aware of how we have been wronged, betrayed, or violated rather than continuing to stuff it down – we become in touch with anger, and vital life force – which allows us to make new choices that honor our sovereignty. We remember the worth and the value of the aspect of ourselves that has been betrayed, and so we recover its potentials. (Like a seed, frozen in ice, has not sprouted yet but can.) Let this be a time to liberate that part of ourselves from the shadow, to give it the due space to shine and have a life. Let it be a time to feel fierce and creatively empowered in our strengths, even where we have collected strength from historic/ongoing oppression, like a jewel from the Underworld. We may recognize how that buried, traumatized part of self has other gorgeous roles to play in the theater of life, beyond the stifling one it is systematically used to. Think: the switch from enduring to thriving.

November 19

Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn: 4:11 AM PDT

(Image: bell hooks, all about love)

  • Repressed anger breaks through veneers of nicety, tension bubbles up in places where otherwise things were seemingly normal before. Some of this is liberating, and some of it can be problematic due to the nature of repressed energy coming out. Neutrally, there can be awareness that being “nice” or “polite” comes with power games; in which there may be an explicit or implicit authority deciding what constitutes nice. Thematically awareness may arise where it is that emotional labor is a form of injustice; or where oppression causes others to have to work harder to do thankless, taken-for-granted labors.
  • Likewise, emotional labor might find more empowering channels (such as constructing an offering that affects many people at once or even alters the culture, instead of undesired, futile emotional labor with one person at a time).

  • When we become aware of how our energy is siphoned off to complete thankless tasks, we are at a turning point. Perhaps we have ideals or visions which want to come through in more enlightened ways – and through this impasse we can find how to do that. Like, we may sincerely value peace and respect, but we’re finding new ways to do it that are more authentic.
  • Relative to this turning point — we might note that we do still have the energy we were misusing before (now we are aware of the misuse), and we can channel this into more inventive ways of moving through our realities. Personal or social change doesn’t just involve the awareness of what’s wrong – it also involves the imagination of alternatives. Squares of this kind (in last quarter phase) speak to a turning point where we may start to do something differently than we ever have before, after becoming so aware of all of the flaws of the last part of the cycle that leads us to our current crisis. Mars and Pluto squaring here speak to a conflict between the Soul and the will – do our actions support our Soul’s journey or take us farther away from ourselves? To bring them back together, we might narrow in on what activities or directions really light us up, what authentically gives us willpower. Though a new route of energy use may be unfamiliar, it is more promising than a historic alternative which we are thoroughly disillusioned by.

(Image: Rene Magritte)

  • Mars-Pluto in hard aspect can be pressure cooker vibe. On a pragmatic layer, having some way to blow off some steam can be helpful! Mars in Libra might channel itself through art, the creation of beauty – here maybe art that is more primordially charged.
  • Appropriately removing ourselves from injustices where possible – restoring balance by reengaging necessary autonomy.

November 21

Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn: 3:26 AM PDT

(Image: The Metamorphosis of the Lovers, 1938, Andre Masson)

  • Venus in Scorpio is square the nodal axis in Aquarius and Leo and at karmic impasse. This impasse is resolved through both nodes but primarily Leo. Where it counts, don’t forget the field of romance – like the way people are nicer to everyone because they’re in love. Romance is a way of life.
  • When becoming so aware of shadows, we don’t need to be cruel. How does our heart meet the darker realities of our lives and interpersonal lives?
  • Consider the inner and outer transformations when regality (North Node in Leo) are something that we are loyal to – but in the most honest of ways (Venus in Scorpio).
  • The opportunity to note how people tend to treat us how we vibrate with ourselves – whenever there is a disparity (between inner and outer life) it can signal that a change is occurring, something from the deep is emerging into consciousness. Someone might notice that they are beginning to value themselves more than people around them value them, and so they stop accepting their “love” (the removal from toxic situations). Or, we may notice that as we give ourselves true, deep love and hold space for what we don’t think is lovable within ourselves, the world soften up to us also. These adjustments on inner reality are very soulful and magnetic – we change what we’re attracting. When we attract relationship from deep places we are unconscious of, we don’t attract mirror images of things we already know about ourselves. We attract things that make us think about ourselves more deeply — why is this my reality?
  • No one deserves suffering become they “attracted” it – but recognizing our complicity in what we attract, and our capacity to attract something else, is a route to empowerment. Done on a collective scale, if society itself becomes more enlightened, less people incur trauma which predisposes them to additional cycles of trauma and suffering. No matter the state of the world, the individual – if resourced with knowledge of Psyche and Soul – can transform themselves and the outer world just by the nature of playing with core psychic magnetism.

Sun enters Sagittarius: 7:05 PM PDT

  • And now we come up for air after Scorpio Season! (Technically fire, Sagittarius). While Scorpio brings us to our depths; Sagittarius is the next phase of the journey – accessing philosophy and levity about it all – grasping a bigger picture. The payoff of Sagittarius is often proportionate to our courage in our descent into the Underworld. How might our philosophies honor possibility and honor the mystery, rather than reduce it?

Have a blessed week, I love you, thank you for reading! Thank you for meditating on the planets with me.

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~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.


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    Thank goodness for Sagittarius season! Lots of these points resonated with me. Hopefully we will see more schools of love in the future! xo

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    Are you in 5D? My reality feels spacey and it feels like people have been speaking in a hidden language I’m just recognizing.

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