Astrology of 11/22 – 11/28: Checkpoints for Reimagination

This week Neptune stations direct in its home sign Pisces, and we have a First Quarter Moon also in Pisces. Mercury in Sagittarius will form a conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius and trine Uranus in Aries, triggering the still active Saturn-Uranus trine into more layers of awareness. Put together, these are favorable elements for imagining smarter ways to live – especially anywhere in life we perceive overwhelm and systemic dysfunction. Pisces and Neptune both have a quality of seeking the path of least resistance – they both relate to surrender. A lot of our current ability to accomplish or to succeed (in the realm of Saturn-Uranus) has to do with employing or bonding to structures which make the path of least resistance an elevated channel. Structural life hacks.

A risk to highlight here is the one in which, overwhelmed by the quality of dysfunction in our lives or of the planet as a whole (which seems to grow larger as we focus on it), we are too quick to come up with an explanation that allows it to be fine as it is, or we accept that there is no redemption (a kind of Neptunian disillusionment). The former quality of forgiveness has a time and place, but its not at our best service as a kind of bypass. Our forgiveness might better be employed in holding the scale of overwhelm we feel and patiently thinking, praying, and asking our ways into better ways of living. (Keep the answer-to-be cooking, and go seek inspiration, live.) As far as losing hope entirely, this is often also when our resistance drops and inspiration is free to arrive anyway.

Keep in mind a sacred humility – which is to recognize what doesn’t serve us or the planet and to begin to open ourselves up to be channels for the revelations and epiphanies that would improve our quality of life. The transits of the week have a gentle enough quality to be able to bring forth some of these illuminations. If you find yourself coming up against edges of dysfunction in your life, these are checkpoints for reimagination of the status quo.

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Here’s our week:

November 22

Neptune in 11 Pisces stations direct: 7:20 AM PDT

Neptune stationed retrograde on June 16th and now moves direct.

  • Neptune stations often speak in our dreams, sometimes by amplifying the vividness and lucidity of our dream life.
  • For the last five months Neptune retrograde has correlated with our reviewing/revisiting themes around longing, forgiveness, redemption, and dreams, in the way that these themes show up for us personally. Take a moment to think about your longing – like the soul’s urge to unite with something seemingly distant, something promising. Does anything stand out in terms of unresolved or poignant themes? A Neptune station direct can bring some shift and momentum to these categories.
  • Conversely, do we actually hold space for longing, or do we dull it out with pacification/escapism? Longing is a poetic emotion, sometimes painful, but sharp enough to help the Soul draw closer to its purpose.
  • Neptune is in orb of trining Jupiter in Scorpio. This transit can signify that our dreams and the redemption that we seek from having our dreams come true is assisted by our willingness, and perhaps even enthusiasm, to go into the depths. It does not mean that we have to suffer in the depths delusionally – to open up our wounds as though they are oracles. But it can mean that the very places we find the most contentious are the places that once resolved, open up the flow in our lives that much more.
  • Neptune often teaches us the art of letting go, of surrender. Yet now it’s working in harmony with Jupiter in Scorpio, a signature that lends itself to wish-power (even rather than willpower). A simple art between these two planets to master is the art of making wishes and then surrendering the wishes to the Universe. They tend to come true as they are in our highest alignment. What stops the wishes from coming true is often our fixation that they are not coming true (and so the Universe mirrors that). Learn how to codeswitch between the intensity of desire and the ultimate trust in the Universe until you’re really that comfortable that the Universe seems to care about providing for you, that perhaps your desires are relevant because you are part of the Universe. This can be amplified by spiritual practices that merge a person with the Earth and with the Cosmos, where the interior (yearning, desire, etc.) is seen as an interaction with all that is, a conversation that can reach harmony for all parties involved.
  • Another way to think of wishing and then surrendering is to imagine wishes as seeds you are planting that will eventually sprout and grow into something (if conditions are supportive enough). You can apply yourself toward supplying supportive conditions. But most people who plant literal seeds do not sit and wait to see them sprout. They go on with their lives and one day, their seeds have sprouted.
  • It can be useful to discover where we are projecting our shadows onto the Universe itself – such as thinking the Universe is blocking us when we are also in fact, blocking ourselves. When in doubt, pose questions and make space to hear the answer, rather than making assumptions.

November 25

Mercury in 25 Sagittarius trine Uranus in 25 Aries: 3:56 AM PDT

As this occurs, Mercury is closing in on a conjunction to Saturn, which goes exact on the 27th. Mercury will effectively trigger into more conscious awareness some of the Saturn-Uranus trine themes.

  • It can be valuable to compartmentalize insight about systemic, historical problems as data to inspire curiosity for how things might be different. Check your reactiveness. While there is a place for direct action meant to stop injustice (such as frontline, body protesting the construction of a pipeline), the forces of justice need not always be on the defensive. We do as well, need minds to innovate solutions which can become institutionalized. Institution and authority isn’t the enemy – it is a neutral archetype capable of building shelter and prison alike, but an archetype that contains gravity, longevity, and the potential to be of consequence. How can we work with gravity to construct a better world? For those who feel a strong connection to their moral compass, it is time to be smart about the long haul. We may be thinking about impact across space and time, or our capacity to step into a heightened version of self who might midwife this impact into reality.
  • Though I stress not being reactive, still I would consider what issues trigger a sense of urgency for you. This urgency is timely enough. If the urgency motivates a person to quest, or to action, they may find after a few years of sustained effort that they have accomplished something that seems like the fruits of a decade or more of labor.
  • Read the biographies/autobiographies of people who have succeeded in the fields relevant to you (or who possess knowledge that transfers to your field, or possess knowledge that for whatever reason inspires you). Their stories are holograms which can be transposed onto your own endeavors.

  • Consider what structures, containers, disciplines or parameters might support your path. People like to hate on Saturn, but Saturn forges and we may as well participate in choosing what we are fortifying. Conditioning ourselves say through self-study, or self-led commitment to an exercise routine, or by joining a class that helps us commit, adds rings of structure onto our energetic field, like a tree gaining tree rings. Energetic upgrades are often born from sweat and labor. Saturn relates to what we earn. Combined with Uranus though, we discover smarter and cleaner ways to earn – we aren’t bound to trudge in the same ways people (ourselves included) have long been trudging. We have new technologies on every layer – emotional, physical, biological, spiritual, etc. we have superfoods, energy specialists, tantra, spirit guides, lucid dreams, acupuncture, crystals, manifestation techniques, etc – a whole pantheon of epic technology. Many of us live in communities with specialist healers who have a specific gift they are bringing into the world. There is so much abundance here to structurally change reality and receive otherworldly boosts to do so. Have big ambitions/dreams and find your high-tech help. The more expansive the vision, the greater chances it has to alter your work and self-care routines alike.

November 26

First Quarter Moon in 4 Pisces: 9:03 AM PDT

(Image: Spiritual Growth: Being your Higher Self by Sanaya Roman)

  • People with long-standing relationships to God/Source/the Universe often express different phases they have of regarding Source – sometimes a parent, sometimes a lover, sometimes so part of oneself the one is a co-creator. We relate how we need to. The Sun in Sagittarius can highlight our direct link (so the relationship) to Source, where Pisces is itself the Ocean, Source. Our specific ways of relating to the Universe can be like waves that bring us back to the whole ocean.
  • The Moon in Pisces can make our emotional space permeable to all kinds of bliss and ecstasy on one end, but also suffering, and the sense of having lost paradise. It is not a stretch to say that many humans on this planet are deeply suffering. There is a sense of basic betrayal of not being held within a perfect reality, free from suffering and calamity. Liberate yourself from this. Cocoon into a space of union with perfect love. Pray, commune with it. The more people who enter this realization that the Universe is ultimately loving, the more candles there are to light the way for humanity to recognize the potentials of an embodied Heaven that happens right here. You are connected to all things with Moon in Pisces. So if the spaces you find yourself intersecting with are hurting, nurture it. Be an energy that calms the world (for the other aware and non-aware empaths alike!). Beam forgiveness. See the beauty it creates.

November 27

Mercury in 27 Sagittarius conjunct Saturn in 27 Sagittarius: 10:59 AM PDT

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Same applies from earlier in the week – Mercury triggers into our awareness the themes of the Saturn-Uranus trine. Only now it has caught up with Saturn and enters a new phase relationship with Saturn.

  • It may be time to gain some maturity in deciphering how it is that our opinions are enforced by ideology rather than direct experience – do we too easily explain away paradox? As well as – where do we jump to conclusions that define our reality more easily, but are too simple, and not quite ripe enough to be called truth? In this case, we could be better served by having open-ended questions rather than premature answers.
  • We may access new premises, new morals, new ideas, to which we do not yet know their consequences and can only find out by doing. There can be a sense of moral heaviness, or likewise a sense of abundant opportunity. Since “good intentions” are not enough to ensure good results, it is important to stay sensitive to the sources of feedback we receive so that we can make adjustments to ensure our good intentions are concrete. We may be open to failure as an opportunity to refine the vision.
  • While we may be full of opinions, we may also become more sparing about our voicing of them (if not more obtuse, even domineering about expressing them – another route of these archetypes). The tension here may be around feeling whether we have enough support or authority in our ideas. And we might be aware as well of the consequences of speaking, for better or for worse. Some ideas, however gravitational they feel to us and that we wish to verbalize, may not yet be fully developed and may need to be protected/kept to the chest/shared with trusted community, before seeking larger venues of expression.
  • This transit vibrates well with ceremony or otherwise strong containers that experientially open us up to receive information.

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I love you, thank you for reading!

~Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She also enjoys kundalini and ashtanga yoga, hiking and creative writing.


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