Embodied Transformation: Astrology of 5/2 – 5/8

This week’s transits have a lot to do with love, and self-love at that! The Sun in (Venus-ruled) Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces and opposes Jupiter in Scorpio, and Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. These juxtapositions can heighten the aura and mystique that we place around pleasure and beauty; leading just as likely to longing as to deep satisfaction, depending on the beholder. Mercury in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, bringing us into mental confrontations with the depths. We may experience dramatic changes in thinking and crossroads around how we communicate, especially when related to hot, contested or just challenging places in our heart-minds.

A simple practice we can call embodied transformation could be useful to think about this week as we participate with the Sun in Taurus opposite Jupiter in Scorpio transit. This practice is identifying a deep essence or vibration that you desire to cultivate into your life (like sensuality, confidence, happiness, etc.) and then actually doing things that align with that essence. (How you talk to yourself, what you wear, how you decorate your living space, what your habits are, how you carry yourself, what life decisions you make, etc.) It’s super simple, and you get sharper about recognizing vibration and essence, and about how you calibrate your walk with your intention. The real things you do in this process add up and become anchors to orient your transformation. With consistency, cultivating your embodied affinity to various essences brings real change into your life.

Read on about this week’s transits below after a quick announcement!

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May 2 – 8, 2018

(No exact aspects until May 6)

May 6

Sun in 15 Taurus sextile Neptune in 15 Pisces: 6:56 AM PDT

The Sun and Neptune are both at the mid-degrees (15) of signs. The 15 degree characterizes the height and fullness of a sign. Here are some themes to look for:

  • Taurus teaches us about the love of the body and of material life; the sensual pleasures of food and clothes and the enjoyment of touch. It is about the relationship we have to “things” which we “possess”, and the karmas we have around lack or abundance. As the Sun in Taurus harmonizes with Neptune, the planet of dream, fantasy, delusion and spiritual realization, our relationship to the physical plane can just as well take on a vibration of longing (for more, for better) or of deep spiritual bliss and appreciation of the vast pleasures that life affords. While there are a vast array of techniques both tangible and metaphysical to accrue more wealth of any kind on this plane of existence, a question remains of how we recognize and internalize the wealth that we experience. If we cannot feel what we have, it doesn’t matter how much we have.

  • The deep work of Taurus is to become more sensitive and receptive (and Neptune certainly supports this as well) so that experience becomes deeper and larger in our perception. You might recognize the difference between times you’ve eaten fruit like it was nothing special or times where fruit has had an aura; where you’ve had a spiritual experience with it. External conditions do not entirely dictate whether our experience of simple pleasures are mundane or portals to spiritual expansion – our consciousness and openness to receive can, however.

  • The longing for what has become routine to become re-enchanted, the possibility of finding the numinous in the simple once again.

  • A permeable experience of life; having different kinds of inner-experiences based on different environments one finds themselves in. In creating a beautiful external atmosphere or connecting to beauty, creating inner temple space.

  • The dynamic of our circumstances mirroring our internal reality; and that a shift in the external circumstances or the inner reality creates waves in the other. If we have become overly attached to one side of this, we may experience opening if we engage the side we have been overlooking. (Being too lost in the world and needing to connect within and to spirit, or being so internal and transcendence-oriented and devaluing material things)

  • Vague unhappiness and discontent; no clear reason; or over-attachment to sources of unhappiness.

  • Finding new ways to experience happiness and enjoyment unconditionally (regardless of external factors) as a way of creating solar-like energy in our lives. Happiness as a form of energy. Finding new value in this type of energy, and the capacity to integrate it into our routine lives. The normal amount of light in life getting brighter and more vivid.

  • Spiritual discernment arising in the form of questioning, and maybe (or maybe not) gaining answers to whether or not we actually value and enjoy the things in our lives which we have an ideal that we are supposed to enjoy. Wondering if there is more to something; confusion. The need to internalize and look within.

May 7

Mercury in 21 Aries square Pluto in 21 Capricorn: 1:52 AM PDT

(Image: Ji Seon Kim)

Some themes:

  • Situations arising in which the courage to think and/or voice aloud something that we have never yet realized or expressed is transformative.

  • A phenomenon in which the first one to speak something yet unsaid is speaking for more than just themselves. The act of speaking out and its deeper ripples in the web.

  • A challenge as it relates to how much our ideas/perceptions are conditioned by our blindspots and deep unconscious biases.

  • The transformation that occurs (or we feel called to move into) when an intention that we have is not met with results in practice; such as thinking that we are helping but realizing we are not – having to look deeper or search for yet-hidden information on how means and ends can better match.

  • Acts of catharsis that are moving and healing for the nervous system.

  • Mental courage that occurs when we consider and move into our edges. In this dynamic particularly between Capricorn and Aries, it can involve thinking or speaking differently than we feel we are “allowed” to, such as by external conditioning or our own habits. Rules and boundaries keep us within bounds that are at least safe and generally allowed. When moving outside of this, and into territories that are less charted, we have to discover deeper reserves of knowing how to walk the path. When in this kind of descent; or like walking through a forest at night barely even lit by the moon and without a light, we contact forces of the unseen, the night world. Mercury in Aries here is like the passage of the Fool, who jumps off into the Underworld (Pluto) without knowing what or where the bottom is. The discovery is a deeper layer of reality, one that involves its own dangers and treasures of initiation.

  • When Aries and Capricorn interact together; we can feel called to take risks that are actually pretty informed and prepared for. The strength of the container, the quality of our gear/tools, determines in some way how far we will travel or if we will travel at all.

Venus in 16 Gemini square Neptune in 16 Pisces: 2:58 PM PDT

(Image: Alexandra Levasseur)

  • It’s often nice to know that Venus-Neptune contact is happening, because while the potential for unifying experience and spiritual heights in love opens, so does our longing and confusion unfurl as well in matters of love, beauty and self-esteem. If you start thinking a lot about an ex, or feeling like you want to attain some distant dream and then you’ll be beautiful and worthy of love, you may be in the Venus-Neptune gestalt.

  • Some tendencies that can emerge with this transit are: using shapeshifting to hide and fit in as a way to protect oneself from experiencing reality (and then, feeling unseen or unmet by reality or by other beings), dreams and fantasies around deception (as a way to earn love or to hide), being connected to a sense of absurdity but feeling lost in connection to meaning or purpose, feeling lost in the busy-ness and hustle of life and feeling disconnected from one’s spirituality, feeling like one doesn’t know who they are, not knowing where to go amidst so many possibilities.

  • Alongside those, some elevated tendencies also emerge: randomness/diversion/new experience which illuminates and enchants, playful rabbit holes, experiencing numinous new facets of oneself/life/other beings, recognizing the absurdity of life and of various illusions which allows one to take less seriously something that had been negatively gripping their consciousness, mental and spiritual travel, random experiences of divinity in the busy-ness and hustle of life, experiencing or re-experiencing the magic and power of the word/language and how different perspectives and ideas actually open up portals for new experiences, the enchanted feeling that possibility is infinite.

May 8

Sun in 18 Taurus opposite Jupiter in 18 Scorpio: 5:39 PDT

(Image: Franz Xaver Petter)

  • A potential for deep, profound happiness – a magnification of the solar principle. The experience of happiness/unhappiness here can have a relationship to our attachments and our deep vibrational relationships (Scorpio), and whether we are in relationship to things that enhance us or if we are attached to the comfort of outworn psychic structures and vibrational relationships (like being used to scanning the environment for fault/complaint, yet unaware that this is a subjective orientation that could shift).

  • While an inclination may be to locate external factors as the reason for our internal state of being, at a deeper layer this is a kind of bondage which obstructs the esoteric power of psyche to participate in calibrating its own magnetic field. The real power of the Taurus/Scorpio axis is internalization — and to alter reality from there. Loving the self and having a healthy sense of self-esteem is crucial for Taurean process, as this becomes the center from which we interpret, digest, and influence our reality. With both Taurus and Scorpio, we enter into relationship with value, moving toward that which gives us life and learning how to let go when it is time to let go. With the integration of Taurus, we don’t have to throw our whole life into flames when we want change, but rather we can be deeply resourceful. We can make gentle yet sturdy adjustments which re-constitute the environment we are immersed in and by which we are psychically influenced.

  • As Jupiter relates to our direct experience of reality and Scorpio is our deepest orientation, our roots, our unconscious, we are pressed to transform those roots either by inner un-ease or by outer confrontations which force us to transform. Endless drilling into the “why” of things without any focus directed upward or to possibility can lead to self-sabotage and self-criticism. A need for balance exists with the Taurus archetype – which is cultivating a sense of value and enjoyment. Do we transform and self-analyze with the intention to increase our enjoyment, or is it due to a fundamental sense of lack and unworthiness? The former option is probably going to yield more fruit due to the nature of its focus and the emotional replenishment it can offer during deep processing. So, for those of us who like the depth-probing or are currently there; such a process can be supported by tuning into value and enjoyment as well – to know what kind of vibe we are moving toward and thus which parts of ourselves we are letting die to make space for greater self-esteem and a more resonant life.

  • Or in other words, the intensity at which one’s self-esteem and connection to enjoyment or lack thereof alters one’s lived experience of reality. A transformation that occurs by moving toward sources of happiness and self-worth and letting go of obstructions and attachments which create suffering.

  • Experientially, a tip – you do not have to let go of your deepest baggage by yourself, or even identify with your inability to let go. You can pray to your guides, the Universe, etc. for help. You can proclaim with the magic of the word, “I let go of _________” and condition that vibration into your reality. You can engage in ceremony with community. You can play around with the conditions of your life and your environment in the ways you have agency to do so, to support your transition. You can also be gentle in your letting-go process, by letting go incrementally and not forcing yourself to go too far when you’re not ready.

  • As the Sun in Taurus enters into this storyline (of deep letting go, of deep transformation) and is infused with Jupiter in Scorpio, we access magnitudes of gentleness and beauty. Hold that semi-paradox for a moment: what kinds of gentleness are powerful, are forces? And, think about how experiences of great beauty at various times in your life have changed you to your core. Look for, or magnify, the symbols of beauty and grace in your life that give you reason and inspiration to evolve. Consider as well how walking in grace and beauty has the power to transform the reality around you as you become an example; change and evolution of groups can be gentle in this way.

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch

Sabrina Monarch is a soul-centered Evolutionary Astrologer who publishes weekly astrological forecasts and teaches. She has been collecting astrological experience for over a decade. She is a novelist and is currently pursuing her masters in Philosophy. She also enjoys kundalini yoga, meditation and ashtanga yoga.

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