Week of November 23 – 29, 2015 Horoscopes


This is a big week – the Saturn-Neptune square goes exact on the 26th and a Full Moon in Gemini occurs, in which Neptune will square the Full Moon axis and the Sun will be in tight conjunction to Saturn. Our struggles as a globe and as individuals are reaching moments of crisis and emotional flashpoint at the same time that Chiron, the wounded healer/initiatory archetype in the constellation of Pisces, is stationing to go direct. Saturn is often made out to be like a teacher of hard knocks – but this week take heart that whatever hard knocks you feel inevitably meet the force of Neptune – redemption, grace, and love. Meaning, we have to address what is broken to be able to fix it, and if we can’t address the hard stuff, we can’t feel the relief either.

Venus and Mars in Libra will form quincunxes to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces this week – this forms the dialogue of how fairness can include higher values, and compassion. We are seeing this dialogue prominently on the world stage right now against the larger backdrop of the Saturn-Neptune square when it comes to the Syrian refugee crisis and the recent Paris attacks, and how that will or will not affect refugee policy. The debate in multiple countries is whether or not to let them in after the Paris attacks. Libra is naturally inclined to be ethical and fair, and the debate playing out asks if letting in the refugees would be a way to actually save innocent people (Neptune/Chiron in Pisces) or if it would be a source of undoing. Clear Saturn, boundary oriented thinking (actual national borders in this equation), with racism and nationalism coming to the surface in heated debate as well (Sagittarius corresponds to race) versus Neptunian universal love and compassion, we’re all one, is at play here.

Outer planetary transits like this are always very apparent in global politics. The Neptunian side is closer to truth. But Saturn is how we organize and form resource and commodity, how we work. The struggle of this transit is that one side of the square cannot in balance overpower the other. They have to find some way to work together. Love has to work. If we are going to come together in global community, it still has to function. And this is our task to figure out over the coming time period. A system in crisis did not reach crisis overnight. This is a boiling point. Think of how you are reacting to events, globally or personally right now. With Mars in Libra, the planet of war is in the sign of diplomacy. That’s good. Our soldier is in the realm of balance. The question becomes how long are we going to balance with delusions we hold, versus see a new way altogether? Do we give ourselves the illusion of balance by tiptoeing around our fears, or do we face them and make necessary changes?

Even if you do not have a place in world affairs directly, do not underestimate the layers of reality beyond the “five senses” – a model of viewing reality that will seem like kitsch science one day. You do have an energetic role in the affairs of this planet, and a big one right now is not to give into fear consciousness.

On the personal level, these Mars and Venus aspects are playing out in our relationship life. We’re negotiating the space between interaction and give and take, versus the side of ourselves that will overextend or allow someone else to overextend for us. Pisces does not think in terms of equality like Libra does. Whenever we are in equality mindsets, we are tasked with broadening our perspective… is our concept of fairness limited? Versus, if we are on the spectrum of being the type who likes to help, and will do so to our own detriment, this transit can help us gain a firmer sense of self and empowerment in giving only what we wish to give. The adjustment is coming depending on our prior actions and mindset, so depending on what your tendency has been, you feel feel the tension of this transit accordingly.

Venus is inconjunct Chiron on the 23rd, and Mars is quincunx Neptune on the 24. Venus is adjusting its sense of fairness to a higher ideal and is altering some of its past delusions, and Mars is going to need to be careful not to act on delusional ideas but to be acting in alignment with truth. This creates a struggle where our will is determined to act against what is the highest good. This does not have to be conscious to be operating. Take note of where your discomfort is this week and see if it is an opening to expand your consciousness, rather than a call to keep putting a square peg in a round hole.

Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on the 23rd. This immediately brings to mind a picture of a date at a fancy restaurant with roses on the table and the waiter brings by a covered silver platter with an unexpected surprise inside. Maybe something rude… maybe something fantastic. Shocks and surprises in love and what we value can occur this week. This is definitely being triggered by world events and the pressure of the Neptune-Saturn square already. This transit can support parting of ways in relationships that are at breaking point. With Uranus, these shocks do not actually come out of nowhere, but appear to if only because of how FAST Uranus connects the dots, which we find easier to see in retrospect. Uranus is one force of expanding consciousness, but unlike Jupiter who does it in concentric circles moving out, (expanding on what we already know), Uranus does it in lightning strikes, epiphanies, and shocks, taking us far out of what we know. This transit can help us see more vividly because of the nature of interruption – we can tap into revolutionary insight about our love life, relationship dynamics, and our patterns in love up to this point. Uranus is where we experience objectivity – so allow whatever surprises come this week to help you see the world fresh, separate from a layer of conditioning. The curtain is surely lifting and you may really like what you see.


There is pain surfacing this week with the Saturn-Neptune square bringing to our conscious mind the breaking point of our most holding illusions (pops the bubble), and Chiron, the wounded healer, is in retrograde and stationing to a near halt, and will go direct the 28th. This slows down and focuses our consciousness upon this archetype. One bane of this combination of transits, but also a great gift, is that escapism isn’t easy, and might not even be possible, with Saturn square Neptune. It’s more about dealing with illusions head on, and using honesty to elevate the magic in our lives – to think that our honesty would improve our circumstances! This is classic though – how many times has a situation that has been really hard for you gotten better when you opened up about it to your loved ones or /someone/, and received the support you had before isolated yourself off from? Pop-spiritual teachings that tell us to be positive because we are creating our realities can be very limited. Having a positive attitude does not mean we need to be delusional or that we need to “fake it till we make it”. There are tools for realistically dealing with difficulties in life without becoming downtrodden in negativity, tools that actually fortify us by turning our challenges into triumphs.

So what are these tools? First, let us look at the way the ocean works… how an ocean wave is formed. There is a rhythm and a flow to it. The ocean is not fixated on having its waves always rise… the waves also fall. We breathe in, and we breathe out. Needing to be positive to the point that we lie to ourselves about how our life actually is is a spiritual practice that is being taught to people en masse on the planet right now. It’s use is that it does get people to begin to understand that they have agency in the alteration of their reality. It is a method to get people out of victim mindsets and repetitive patterning of bad day after bad day after bad day…

This practice though, reaches a wall (Saturn) when it is not truthful anymore. The wave that goes up must come down. If we can’t be fluid, and we become stuck, we’re not really being positive anymore, we’re just in a rut. The wave cannot be controlled. If we are only going through life as a charade of what we want our life to be, we’re not actually working the vibrational magic that the teaching intends to spread. It has to be real – we are not to be lying to ourselves. Or others. Have you noticed the mass of people sharing how isolated they feel on social media because it’s not a forum where they feel they can be real? People are noticing that it is a land of social performance… Saturn in Sagittarius is bringing an element of truth talking to match the level of accumulated bullshit… see SOCIAL MEDIA BARBIE for what I’m talking about. And then the level of despair that this bullshit is met with, look no further than Essena O’Neill, crying on camera that her social media life has been a perfectly constructed lie.

So why have we repressed and denied our struggles? Because we believe they are inherently bad. We jumped out of the frying pan of original sin guilt and into the fire of guilt of our own actual soul and psyche. The shame’s gotta be burned through some way or another. Instead of trying to escape it or suppress it (which the square is just going to bring all up to the surface anyway), we have to move through it and discover what it is here to teach us.

A good friend once told me, “Honesty lets the love in.” See how this may apply to your own life not just this week, but all through the Saturn-Neptune square that continues into September of 2016, hitting exact 90 degree angles on November 26 this week, June 17, 2016 and September 10, 2016.

On the 24th, Mars in Libra forms a sextile to Saturn. So while Mars is in a challenging aspect to Neptune, Mars is working in harmony with Saturn if we should choose to utilize the opportunity (sextiles require conscious effort). For this one, there is going to be support this week to spend our energy on what is realistic. We can have in mind what we hope or yearn for, but if we act on the conclusions of our reality check versus our wishful thinking, we may find more luck with getting what we wish for anyway. We are going to be methodical with our TIME as a resource (Saturn).

Also on this day, Mercury in Sagittarius is conjunct Saturn. See the theme emerging that Saturn has got more allies in his court so to say than Neptune, yet Neptune is a more powerful planet in the sense that the ocean is going to be able to consume entire cities if it wants. Bless Saturn for having all the allies it could need. It’s not to say it’s a competition, but this is a confrontation. We need support and focus for structuring our lives when the overwhelm of the ocean threatens to take us in, daunts us. Save your complete abandon and dissolving this week for things like sleep – obviously – but also any practice like yoga or meditation that helps you to actually let go. We do want to dissolve layers of our conditioned consciousness. And we want the clarity, in turn, to build a structure that is more resonant with Neptune, with that oceanic layer of magical, mystical reality. Saturn is like the dome of human structure that has us think for a minute that we’re contained in these materials that keep the elements away from us. That is changing. The elements are closer. The suffering of people across the world is closer, filling up our newsfeeds. This is dramatically changing the way we think and the way we perceive life. While we are receiving messages about the world’s affairs as they currently are we are also in tune with a vibration that is helping us envision new options. Sagittarius is a visionary. Use it.

On the 25th, the quickly traveling Mercury bridges the small gap between the building square of Neptune and Saturn, and leaves its exact conjunction to Saturn to form an exact square to Neptune. Mercury squares are stressful aspects on the nervous system but they do not have to be. This is a time where our mental energies are in confrontation with vaster forces. If we are focusing the mind too hard in any one area, it’s going to meet Neptune, which dissolves what it touches. If you want to make a spiritual breakthrough, this is great. If you were hoping to keep your mind on this plane, best of luck. If you want clarity, meditation and sleep are going to help a lot with that. This is a transit to watch your ideas. A lot of visionary impulses are going to come through, and also some wacky/delusional stuff too. Have the presence of mind to not jump to conclusions right now – this takes us to the next exact Mercury aspect of this day, the sextile to Mars in Libra. This is a supportive influence to help us take balanced action upon our ideas – to be able to weigh which ones to carry out versus which ones to leave up to time or further clarity.


The Full Moon in Gemini is on this day as well, with the Sun in Sagittarius in tight orb to Saturn, which follows that the Moon in Gemini is in tight opposition to Saturn. Neptune squares the Full Moon axis… and its the day before Thanksgiving for Americans, as though this were not an emotional enough holiday. There will be plenty of talk around the meaning versus the dissolving meaning of Thanksgiving as a holiday, especially when we are dealing with a refugee crisis and essentially the global criss that characterizes our time of a broken system continuing to break. We ARE part of whether a more evolved system comes out of this, though. On the personal level, arguments flaring up about beliefs come up, and the HOME life (Moon) is fully lit up by the Sun. Including the past traumas, etc- while families are gathered and Chiron is stationing Neptune. It’s officially intense astrology. You navigate this by taking accountability for your feelings and NOT making it someone else’s problem who is not capable of meeting you as an equal. Likewise, you have strong emotional boundaries when accusations of wrong-doing are hurled at you. Generally stay away from people who don’t ‘get it’ at this time, and employ epic Libran tact otherwise. See where communication can be bridged, what words can be nourishing rather than callous. Families with similar belief systems or who are far along with relating to one another may have an easier, fruitive time this Full Moon. If this is not your case, just keep in mind that this is a pressure point.

The 26th is Thanksgiving and the Saturn-Neptune square exact. This calendar point could be an effective enough map to get masses of people to think about more and more transcendent values. Saturn square Neptune is the bubble popping. If we are too hardened to see one truth, another one will find its way in. This is not something I am saying to scare anyone – we really need to look at this as an adventure and an expansion, and take the reality checks as benevolent teachers that are really actually here to help us. We struggle harder and harder if we try to escape these reality checks, yet when we accept them with radical honesty and accountability, actual magic opens up.

By the 29th, the Sun will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius, and any ‘hard’ truths that we have been needing to face will now be fully in the Sun.

Read on about your Sign and Rising Sign for extra tips.

With Love,
Sabrina Schwartz

November 23 – 29, 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: It can show up this week that matters in your relationship life are pointing you back to your own need for freedom or innovation, and this may be a collaborative process as well, getting opinions and point of view from others that you can objectively sort through. The Saturn-Neptune square lights up the vision and spirit sectors of your chart. The dynamic is such that you are able to really pointedly move your attention and action toward a goal, but every now and then you will have to surrender. This surrender helps you recharge and also adjust your direction – you are finding the balance between your staunch vision and the universe’s desire for you. There is a meeting point – but going too far in either will not be the point. The Universe’s desire trumps… but a delusion of giving into “whatever will be” when there really is a step for you to take, is also a possibility to avoid.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: In the midst of the Sun passing through your Soul sector, you can anticipate that this Full Moon will illuminate your resources – the Moon is in your house of resources in Gemini, so think in terms of symbol and information that unlocks material. Saturn is also in your soul sector, meaning you are getting super real about your psyche and whatever your fixations are, and also how these things can block your flow. A good help for this is to be clear about your intentions, what you desire, and aim, but not to be attached to any actual outcome, of which may be a lot different than you planned (but only possible from the planning and effort, anyway). Neptune is in your 11th house – you are, as you move through layers of conditioning, reaching a truer state of being.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This Full Moon is in your sign, meaning the source of the illumination (Sun) is coming through the world of relationships and the world of mirrors – so there is an inextricable link between your inner world right now and the people you find yourself in contact with. This is a great harvest moment OR reality check depending on what your circle is looking like. Either way, there can be some new impetus and charge for individuation and becoming a newer, fresher you. Some constructs of what this HAS to look like is dissolving, and you are working instead with what is harmonious to you – what actually sustains you and works for your vitality versus working against it. Your creativity lends itself to this harmony vibration easily.  The challenge, and noble it is, is how to make it “work” in a sense of worldliness.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: A big theme coming up for you this week is perfection versus imperfection, and where this line (if at all) is drawn. Your values and beliefs come up against reality checks if an ideal of perfection is not attainable (or at least not in this space-time moment. You could be wrapped up in a future vision). This can be unsettling, but the purpose is not to feel bad or feel hopeless, but to simply realize that the ideal or the belief was not serving you, and that you will be much freer without it and with, in your own time, a NEW vision. You can find it helpful to organize and make plans and dream things up, but when it comes to the next step, watch how the path is actually unfolding. It is offering you an adventure, so recognize it when it appears, and know it may very well appear more mysterious than your organizing-mind had set out.


Leo/Leo Rising: A Saturn-Sun conjunction is building this week, exact on the 29th. This could be a fire crusher except it is in a fire sign and is in your naturally Leo-ruled part of the sky, the house of creation/creativity. This is a big energetic support from the Universe to actualize in a very real sense your dreams. The support of Neptune in this equation, via the square, is that Neptune is in your soul sector in Pisces, and the point is very much of doing depth work, and getting out of the way. Of using your gifts and therefore your power for a collective, universal good. On the lower levels, watch for and transmute jealousy. If it is coming toward you, the ability to not engage or dramatize it further. But if you are feeling it, the awareness that you are really just glimpsing into a part of yourself you view as separate. It is yours, for the realization.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: Getting real about your feelings is changing your relationship landscape right now – truly letting more love in, into the places that you had before had walls up around. This same energy also applies to putting up emotional boundary where it has been too lose. You will know how to make the adjustment depending on feelings of isolation versus feelings of not having space. The Full Moon brings messages and insights around career or how to make your life function in new ways that are more supportive of your actual emotional needs. There is a lot of activity in your house of self-values, self-relationship and self-love, in the sign of Libra. In one sense you cannot help but to relate your sense of self to that of other, and how others are feeling, so it is boundary all the same that helps you figure out how to navigate this in balance, in a channeled way.


Libra/Libra Rising: The Full Moon on the 25th illuminates your house of vision, and because of its strong connection to Mercury and Mercury-ruled places of your sky, you may find that your vision is enhanced and more practical, rooted, if you are nourishing your physical body and eating good brain food. Just expect – more or less – that your mind will be very active that day and it would be a kindness to self to nourish and prepare for that. The Saturn-Neptune square is also activating both Mercury ruled parts of the sky, and you are negotiating options and the organization or fluidity of those options. It has a vibe of shooting your arrow, but being open to the surprises. Venus is opposing Uranus this week and you tend to feel the effects of that stronger – see ways in which unexpected surprises may be blessings.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Big life changes are in your court around creativity and career, and how you can feel more personally satisfied and expansive with whatever it is that you are doing to ‘make a living’. Something more in your natural value set – so what this also does preceding any gifts dropping, is the necessity to have to work through any BS in your court as well. There is a sense of not looking back, of not trying or needing to fix what has been attempted to work several times but keeps… not working. This is where a sense of creative block and even creative despair can set in – like you KNOW this isn’t what you are meant to be doing. So stop. Tie up loose ends, and make clean breaks that allow you to receive the next stage and evolution of your life.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Extra activated intellectual and creative energy this week, with Sun, Mercury and Saturn in your sign and forming conjunctions to one another. This is *brilliant* and also requiring some care when it comes to rushing into anything (unless the time has COME, and this is a fruition moment). Use this mental acuity for making smart, wise decisions, not just acting because of the impulse to act. (Remember… Saturn) Take pause when necessary to recenter & seek positive outlets for excess energy. There are several new tracks beginning, and this is going to feel like a time of separating from one story to enter into another one. So make the beginning count for what it is. And most importantly, remember who you really are.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: As long as you are letting go of what needs to be let go of right now, as confusing or unsettling as this can be, you will find the tides of Neptune coming in to both take away the baggage and present a new vision (if not for a time of unknown in between… the tide needing to go out to come back in). On the Full Moon especially and after, there can be some more fruition in terms of the Universe showing you were the path is, and what individual steps need to be taken. What it will not be? The continuation of forcing will on the Universe that is not meant to happen. The Saturn-Neptune square makes that nearly impossible. But the good part is that this transit, however stressful in a myopic sense, is highly benevolent. It’s helping both you and the collective align with a more transcendent form of reality.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Venus opposes your ruling planet Uranus, and she does enjoy this kind of partner dance. This week heightens the relationship between sense of self and sense of connection. Venus will be in your house of philosophy, expansion and adventure, so if you are wishing to meet her you may find her along those lines. This is a good time for field testing, putting your ideas and wishes that are in theory onto the plane of action (in balance, as it is Venus in Libra). This might play out in terms of extra candor and honesty. For you, the Saturn-Neptune square activates your houses of innovation and house of values and resources. This is another sign in the career saga you’ve been experiencing that it is your innate individuality that is going to bring in the cash ultimately. You just have to figure out the plan.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Career exhaustion is a possibility right now – if not career in a literal sense, what you have been putting your time and attention to in the hopes of it paying off. You may need a little more breathing room for adventure and for discovery, for a sense of newness. But you don’t want to give it all up, in a reckless sense. This is just another call along the Pisces path of surrender, of merging yourself to the Oneness, and to the All. There are a lot of emotions coming through this week, with the Full Moon illuminating your lunar ruled house. This is a time to figure out how to practically be kind to yourself. How to constructively live a better life. Rest is part of it, and also understanding how much you truly want to exert yourself, versus how you have over or under extended your abilities this last stretch of time.

(Image: Tim Walker)

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