The Astrological Week Ahead: November 23 – 29, 2015


This is a big week – the Saturn-Neptune square goes exact on the 26th and a Full Moon in Gemini occurs, in which Neptune will square the Full Moon axis as the Sun will be in tight conjunction to Saturn. Our struggles as a globe and as individuals are reaching moments of crisis and emotional flashpoint at the same time that Chiron, the wounded healer/initiatory archetype in the constellation of Pisces, is stationing to go direct. Saturn is often made out to be like a teacher of hard knocks – but this week take heart that whatever hard knocks you feel inevitably meet the force of Neptune – redemption, grace, and love. Meaning, we have to address what is broken to be able to fix it, and if we can’t address the hard stuff, we can’t feel the relief or begin to heal either. …Keep reading this week’s full forecast.



(Image: Tim Walker)


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    Harmonie Smith
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    I felt like this was written for me!!! Wow. U are good!!! <3

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