Week of July 27 – August 2 Horoscopes


July 27 – August 2 2015


Aries/Aries Rising: Mid-week the Full Moon brings a refreshing – perhaps electrifying – wake-up call about how to look at a situation objectively that you had before been too personally wrapped up in. The matter is important still, but to fulfill the purpose involved you need more of a removed scope of vision… this week affords you that. Stay on track with your evolution – for serious matters, this is a time to go forward with Saturn going direct.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Consider that your innermost insights, desires, preferences, values – mirror a large portion of the collective’s. This week offers you just that – a moment for your personal world to illuminate the transpersonal. What’s next is applying it to something that can sustain you career wise, that you CAN and ought to make money doing what you love doing when you’re right on the pulse of what is needed and desired collectively.


Gemini/Gemini Rising: This is a week for radically awesome downloads into your consciousness – the easefulness of connecting information into higher forms of knowing is staggering. Write, be creative, make a map for what unfolds this week by recording it. Breakthroughs are likely. More wisdom comes to you as you are having fun, engaging the inner-child. At times if this feels taxing or inaccessible, there will yet be something to loosen that and return you to yourself.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: It’s key this week to be conscious of what compels and drives you, and to note where you are motivated by fear or fixation. This week is about evolving – what is time to let go of, this is the week to let it go. While on the one hand you can be very literally building your dream, creating your dream — you want to be free to let change shape and heal you, as it needs to and as you need it. Treat insecurity as a temporary test that helps you see what you could not otherwise see.


Leo/Leo Rising: After the Full Moon lights up your house of relationships, Venus goes back into your sign as well. This week you are set to foster a new perspective and deeper insight into what truthful dynamics are playing out in your relationships… and if you don’t like what you see, the support is to go within and follow your heart, your calling, not the ideal of the relationship or simply chasing someone else. If partnered, this is time to talk things out after some soul-searching.


Virgo/Virgo RisingOne theme for this week is considering what kinds of needs you have that you have given a relationship or relationships the role of fulfilling, but where these needs have not been fulfilled is a moment to key into your spiritual life – where these needs are taken care of in abundance. The self awareness and attunement to receive what you need from any source that naturally provides it.


Libra/Libra Rising: This week is fun – challenging in all the creatively moving ways – it’s time to get more realistic (as in, to YOU) about how you are going to move forward with creative endeavors. This means getting into the very soul of it – no one, no thing able to tell you what your work needs but you. And higher mind – Promethean style. Vision is yours for the pulling down and manifesting.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Creative success, public sector, career sector success and notoriety – all has the effect of getting you into taking a more objective look at yourself. What has motivated you? How are your resonating with external success? Is it time to take it deeper or turn in a different direction? You’ll be asking yourself the hard questions – but with momentum on your side to pave the route you need and want most.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: Prepare yourself for a download of nuts and bolts DATA regarding greater visions and creative endeavors. It may or may not challenge what you have already believed to be in play. It may positively augment it. Either way, the point will be to make more clear and outlined the details of that which is not yet formulated, but *known* in the heart. Accept the challenge, enjoy the ride and create.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: The Solar transits, now joined with Venus back into Leo, are bringing you in contact with your evolutionary cutting edge. Saturn goes direct this week, in your house of innovation. And the Full Moon offers a window into a place to ROOT your innovative energies in as you are continually illuminated with what needs to change, what is in your power, and how your power is coming into its own.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: The mirror within other people pointing you to yourself is especially strong and message laden this week. Key moments of realization of what you want – and maybe where you feel you need to separate or forge you own path to do so. Venus rx in your house of relationships is also likely to make you rethink key relationships. Communication is next to godliness this week. The bottom line is mutual respect.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: Anxieties/feelings of lack that have arisen of late are now, with this week’s Full Moon, pointing you toward resolutions of wholeness. Exactly what you feel you are missing is something that already belongs to you. You can utilize new awarenesses for path-forging, rooting into your life the things you value most via innovation. Alternately – true and real humility is like water for the soul… and with it you won’t feel wanting, everything will simply feel abundant and divine.

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