Full Moon in Sagittarius: Astrology of 5/23 – 5/29

As we build toward a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter in Scorpio forms an exact trine to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune squares the Full Moon axis, as well. These transits characterize a week where we can be having expansive experiences that mystify us. When we are expanded by life – whether that is by confronting difficulties we don’t know how to comprehend or through blessings that change our vision of the Universe, there is an impulse to make sense of it logically and philosophically. In the natural zodiac, the signs that rule logic (Gemini) and philosophy (Sagittarius) are of mutable quality, meaning they possess fluidity, or ability to change and shift. This week is pretty mutable – and heralds shifts in our philosophies and our meaning-making.

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Read on about this week’s transits in more depth:

May 23

Sun in 2 Gemini trine Mars in 2 Aquarius: 7:39 PM PDT

This is a light and quickly moving influence, but the Sun is shining some light on a theme that we will be spending time with during the approaching Mars retrograde – which is Mars on the South Node of the Moon. The South Node of the Moon reflects a karmic past (of an individual in a natal chart, or a theme the collective is working with under transit). In Vedic astrology, the South Node is also known as Ketu, or the tail of the dragon. This dragon tail works to sweep up karmic debris, bringing them up into our experience. However, how we interact with these debris alters if we renew these karmas or transmute them. Some of these ‘debris’ might be things we’d like to restore and renew, and others are ancient patterns we are ready to let go (like our fears associated with old conditioning and traumas). Pragmatically, you might keep an eye on how things affect you and give yourself some mental space and freedom to analyze these triggers — rather than accepting the story at face value. In so doing, novel and emancipating ways of interacting with reality may emerge.

  • Alone, the Sun in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius harmoniously activating one another can energize our curiosity. We may access more detachment than normal as well, from which to analyze what we would normally just feel.

  • With Mars in Aquarius approaching the South Node, (and soon to go retrograde and hover by the South Node the whole retrograde!), there can be a more actively-felt correlation between our current triggers and past life karmas/traumas. This doesn’t mean you know what past life stuff is coming up – it might just mean that when you feel threatened or up in arms (Mars), it’s a little more loaded than you are accustomed to – because it’s tapping into a big memory stream (the South Node).

  • Trauma often re-constellates similar scenarios – one theory on why being that we are trying to heal or change the storyline, though all the while it can be difficult to not repeat the old storyline because it has more gravity and familiarity. One way around this is play, the imagination, fantasy — these are all portals that offer us different perspectives on how a repeating situation might play out differently. If you feel yourself getting warped into a complex this week – arranging information into a story of fear, anxiety, etc… – take a moment to stop and get a higher view. Can you reimagine the situation through a different lens? Can you tune into a different frame of mind?

  • The above point can apply to memory as well – if you should find yourself ruminating on memories that are surfacing at this time, you are always free to imagine those same scenes playing out differently (in a more peaceful, loving, needed way). Doing so gives you the freedom to have neural pathways that remember things going well – so that if a similar situation constellates again (as a major personal themes tend to), you can access other options. On an esoteric level, changing the past alters the future, too.

May 25

Jupiter in 16 Scorpio trine Neptune in 16 Pisces: 2:52 AM PDT

(Image: Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis)

Before getting into some possibilities of this Jupiter-Neptune trine, here are some energies that correspond to each planet individually to tune into for a moment.

Jupiter in Scorpio relates to an increased pressure to transform, a sense of finding treasure in the Underworld, finding a levity in letting go, deepening one’s philosophies around death, discovering the blessings that come in the changing of forms (one thing leaving and another entering), an increase in desire or resistance/push and pull around desire, luck and expansion that comes from deep focus, exploring the shadow, energetic attachments/merging, complexity due to involvement.

Neptune in Pisces relates to mystical union, illusion and truth beyond illusions, dreams and fantasies of all kinds, compassion, unconditional love, disillusionment, dissolving, healing, hope and despair, faith, surrender, the aspect of reality that supports the appearance of illusions for a time (until like a wave in the ocean, they return to the whole and dissolve).

This is a special transit! Here are some potential themes:

  • An expanded sense of mystical experience – ongoing mystical journeying, a general field of spiritual growth.

  • The realization that we can be deluded by our fears. Ambivalently, depending on where we are at or how we interact with this transit, we might be more delusional about believing certain fears and shadow-elements of ourselves or reality and helping to enhance/enlarge them because of our focus and interaction with them — or alternately, we may experience the quality of paper tigers: seeing our fears dissolve before our eyes.

  • Cutting through illusions.

  • Though not limited to this transit and as a principle that generally applies, the following dynamic may be heightened: which is that, the shadow (personally or collectively) and spirit are in a reflexive relationship. When we grow spiritually, we gain more ability to see our shadow – which is why reaching up for the light and for peak experience does not always mean it comes without baggage – we just gain so much more energy and perspective in meeting it. Also, when we deal with our blindspots and unpack our psychology, our capacity to know Spirit grows, too – the quality of our projections changes. Lucidity is a process of heights and depths, both.

  • Forgiveness can be a huge boon of this transit. Forgiveness does not mean staying in toxic dynamics because you forgive them – aligned action is not inhibited because of forgiveness. However, forgiveness detoxifies the spirit, as the grudges we hold onto affect our auric field as well. To expand, this is not just forgiveness about being wronged or betrayed or any of that – but general forgiveness of imperfection, or whatever it is we judge.

  • Our morals, spiritual compasses, etc. may be undergoing supportive, gentle change at this time – perhaps through ordinary or non-ordinary events which appear to us as more vivid and meaningful; inspiring our questioning of what really exists beyond our beliefs.

Mercury in 21 Taurus trine Pluto in 21 Capricorn: 6:37 AM PDT

  • A quality in the air (and our own mental chatter and communications) of chewing thoroughly on an idea, grinding it to digest and integrate it. In this way, certain larger/weightier concepts might be raw material we are plodding through right now, and our patience and our intimacy with them is what transforms them. Given Mercury-Pluto dynamics in general, this might be around topics we are particularly intrigued to investigate; things that compel us to think about.

  • Though Mercury is all about communication, Taurus is not always that into words such as the air signs may be. Taurean process is very sensual and sometimes the ‘language’ Taurus speaks is direct contact and direct embodiment with the earth plane. Some of these experiences do not register as verbal language for us, which makes our entrance into them preverbal and primordial. When a sensory experience is louder, lusher, or more deeply capturing than our capacity to map it in language, there is a certain deep and basic intimacy there that we get to have with reality through the body’s intelligence.

Venus in 8 Cancer opposite Saturn in 8 Capricorn: 11:40 PM PDT

Venus and Saturn form a t-square with Chiron in 1 Aries in the middle.

  • In relationship, getting a sense for where vulnerability and defenses are present in a way that may propose some tension on these relationships – a barring of intimacy in some way. Alternately, where more integration of these tensions is already present, this transit may bring deep pools of feeling (which we feel supported to fully feel) and milestones in love or in relationship to one’s self or one’s work.

  • Feeling more sober or clear around matters of love and what you value this week – which can range from things feeling tight and orderly to feeling pessimistic around relationships and self-esteem.

  • Saturn often works to scan for dysfunction and to focus in on that as to fix, shape up, or condition those spots. If your lens is narrowing in on criticism this week (of yourself and others), this may be the transit you’re resonating with. There is a time and place for improvement and sculpting – but don’t forget the bigger picture, the bigger love.

May 29

Full Moon in 8 Sagittarius: 7:19 AM PDT

(Image: detail, Matt Rockefeller)

The dispositer of our Moon in Sagittarius is Jupiter – who is in Scorpio, trining Neptune in Pisces (more on that was above for May 25). Neptune in Pisces squares the Full Moon axis. Mercury, dispositer of the Sun in Gemini, is in 29th degree of Taurus. Uranus is getting closer to squaring the nodes of the Moon. Here are some themes:

  • Moods leading toward excess.

  • A ripening occurring where we are beginning to receive intuitions of what the “bigger picture” is, relative to a place in our experience where we have been more chaotic, disorganized, curious and open to experience but not clear on what it all means.

  • Experientially, moving into the felt sense that acquiring more knowledge means sacrificing the ego structures one had around already having answers or already having something figured out — that sometimes new knowledge is ungrounding, or like opening Pandora’s Box. Still, this leads to a richer life.

  • A gift of acquiring new information (intellectually or through experience alike) is that it allows us to outgrow the constraints that have become too small for us, however comfortable we were with them. There could be movement on this front this week.

  • It would be pretty normal to feel confused around this lunation (Neptune squares both the Sun and Moon), feeling like you don’t have a clear sense of what is what. This leaves room for an expansion of perspective, and for feeling inspired – though it doesn’t always lend itself to reaching solid conclusions. It’s worth feeling into the difference of not knowing (and being okay with that) and learning when to trust that your intuitions are insightful. The mutable signs (which the Sun, Moon and Neptune are in) are each able to have a lightness of touch – to enter into experiences, but to have the ability to change forms. So we can have powerful visions and feelings one day, and have them change soon after – and that is ok. We find similar behavior in weather patterns after all. Sagittarius and Pisces both like to know what is beyond what we already know or think we know – what truths are beyond the constant shapeshifting of the clouds.

Mercury enters Gemini: 4:48 PM PDT

  • If you had been feeling a little tongue-tied or submerged in being able to express yourself (you were more inward, or just experiencing more than you were thinking), Mercury’s movement into Gemini does bring more air and chattiness into the field. 

  • During this transit, following our curiosity can lead to novel experiences, as we open ourselves to them by engaging with our curiosity. Sagittarius is the one who has (or thinks it has) the bigger picture view, but Gemini is where we collect information and hop from one intriguing curiosity to the next. So you might not know why what is calling your attention is doing so. You only know what your curiosities are. How do you engage them?

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With love,

Sabrina Monarch


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