Week of June 14 – 20 Horoscopes – Saturn Rx into Scorpio Info!

Week of June 14 – 20 2015

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Aries/Aries Rising: Things are aligning so that you have the motivation and energy you need to move forward in the face of limiting attachments – and of course attachments are tricky because they can feel so entrenched in the very set up of our lives. The heat is rising now though, such that your passion for freedom and discovery cannot be stifled. You are evolving out of drudgery because you can’t help but to see the other options, and see that they are just in your reach – the path is set out and everything. All you need is courage to take the first step, which was never a problem of yours anyway. You are encouraged to take accountability for your own experience, with Saturn entering your Solar 8th house – knowing that nothing that you see around you is really separate from you.


Taurus/Taurus Rising: Some of the things you have been working on take time to grow fruit. As a necessity of your process, space has been necessary. If this space has not been respected within relevant relationships, you’re needing to do something about it. Saturn in Scorpio comes back to your house of relationships, so defunct relationships can evolve or fade away. You may be confronting is whether or not the relationship can stand the test of the truth of what people’s needs are, and whether or not they are being met or are able to be met. Honesty is key this week; also you just want to be treated well. It’s not worth settling for less if appropriate changes cannot be made. Never forget about your own magic, the way in which when you tend to the inner the outer flowers as well!


Gemini/Gemini Rising: There is absolutely so much energy for new beginnings and new possibilities. What is happening this week along with that is a slowed attention focus on some smaller processes that are sticking out as needing to be attended to with Saturn back into Scorpio in your solar Virgo house. However this is a lesson you’ve learned before, just in a new time and place, but the same thing you learned in the last few years about health and staying organized. So use the New Moon’s boost for self-improvement projects and know you are powering UP as you slough off the unnecessary baggage. Also, while there is SO MUCH you want to do, Saturn in Scorpio is helping you pick the most important or relevant one(s), which you can apply all your energy to with commitment.


Cancer/Cancer Rising: This week calls into consideration vision for your plans and ideas re: life, creativity, and romance. We’re looking at forms of deeply satisfying vision versus that which is not. It’s Saturn in Scorpio in your house of romance. You are at a moment where new possibilities can be very clear and inviting – but they will show you where you have become attached to other possibilities that are linked to the past, and these may not be ready to materialize like the ones that presenting themselves now. If it feels sad, stuck, and elusive… it probably is. If it’s real, it will come back. The flow will not lie. You can think of it in terms of the inner-child too, who is more likely to follow where joy lives than to get obsessed with something else.


Leo/Leo Rising: Saturn’s return into Scorpio brings up some things for you that you have learned about yourself in the most sensitive of ways starting from 2012… and you made it, despite it’s feelings of confrontational limitation and blockage from what you really wanted to do. You had to make it out by strengthening yourself in some way.  The retrograde implies there are a few more things to review, and I want you to keep in mind how far you’ve come. The New Moon in Gemini occurs in your house of innovation (solar Aquarius house), and so you have a power-charged window to both review your past, take from it what serves you moving forward and let go what is not yours any longer, and create your future based on actual future-mindedness, in the truest sense of the word. Detaching from hang-ups. It’s a new day.


Virgo/Virgo Rising: A really focused intention of this week including the New Moon is examining your premises as they relate to the overall structures that you are operating within or creating. Saturn in Scorpio enters another Solar Mercury house, this one Gemini’s. What are your facts, and are they true? It’s going to be easy to let go of the things that are not true if you keep faith that something deeper will take its place (it will). But you don’t want to be attached to facts even when they are starting to feel not it. You’re cleaning out the computer so it can store more space and data, so you want to be around what is relevant and meaningful for you from a place of honesty, which invites you to ask questions and get more information too.


Libra/Libra Rising: Okay – the week’s vibe favors intellectualism that is in harmony with the body — and more generally, a worldview in harmony with your sense of self-worth, which in turn affects how you move outwardly in the world as a participant of it. Saturn in Scorpio moves into your house of the relationship with the self, though as we know of Scorpio it is deeply involved with ‘the other’. What are you merging with? (We can ‘merge’ with anything we attune our consciousness to, like ideas or books, just as we can merge with people through intimacy). This is time to merge with things that bring you greater happiness and self value. Nothing else. If anything you are relating to brings you down, you can just as easily let it go now. And as flexible as you are at the top of your tree of life manifestations, able to flower this way or that — what is at the root counts. If the root is true, all the flowers will be too. Let your reality expand out from a center of self-love.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising: Saturn moving back into your sign encourages you most of all to take some responsibility. Not to feel Saturn blues. It’s more about being accountable for your “fixations”, and adding a dose of reality to the mix. What do you really need or what are some more reliable sources to get those needs? (i.e. the Universe supplies) Saturn back into Scorpio can be a good transit for fitness/exercise, conscious constructive active activity. The New Moon happens in your Soul sector (Solar Scorpio house) so additionally there is some ‘trimming’ occurring here. You are emerging a better version of yourself, to be sure, if you can see past the Saturn blues and use that planet’s epic discipline to forge your health and $$$ enhancing habits. Life hacks that allow for more freedom to move about in life…


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising: With Saturn having been in your sign since December, I want you to think both about what in your life has been fortified and made more awesome from discipline or effort… as well as what aspects of your life been left lagging, not quite up to what you want. With  Saturn moving back into Scorpio and into your Solar Source (Pisces) House, your mission is quite simply dissolving the artificial barriers and illusions that are self-imposed (society imposed counts). Use the New Moon to seek and intention some more information to enter your sphere around how the Universe *actually* works, not just what we think. Most things that you don’t like are illusions, because love and happiness is the truth. Do your work now about empowering yourself spiritually by dissolving illusions and connecting deeper to Universal Love and when Saturn comes back around to your sign you will be a force. of. nature.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising: This New Moon helps you move forward in things you have already been working on regarding organization (in all senses of it), health and wellness. Aspected by Saturn in Scorpio moving into your House of Innovation (Solar Aquarius house) helps you approach complex issues from a further removed lens… you won’t have to try very hard to see; it may be more of an ‘aha’ kind of thing, but you can assist yourself in getting there by being open to new perspectives and not attached only to what has worked in the past. This is a time to mix work with freedom, how would you do the small things in your life and otherwise go about your daily responsibilities if it were designed specially for your needs and desires? Not anyone else’s per se? You are on a path of liberation, giving yourself permission to create the kind of life you wish for. It is just as much about what you do externally as what you agree to internally.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising: Your week is characterized by a pull for absolute creative freedom versus externalized limitations of the structure of life and how things are timed (such as having a job that doesn’t allow as much time as you would like for other things). This is the frustration, however, it is only here to herald changes to come in the way that your life is structured. You are getting a reality check regarding what actually works for you, what you actually desire, and you are in luck then, that your creative mind is firing so rapidly because that’s who’s going to be put to work on this project toward greater creative freedom. You know that the better you can structure your life, the more resources you actually have to work AND play with. So it will be a matter of figuring out how to have fun while you work. Time is a factor in the construction of this, but shortcuts come from inner-transformation of letting go of imaginary limitations.


Pisces/Pisces Rising: A new you emerges this week because the New Moon is happening in the house of ‘ego’ and by ego we really only mean the boundary of consciousness. But your boundaries have always been a little permeable more or less, so you know very well that your reality can shift depending on what it is you decide to attach to your self-identity. Saturn in Scorpio in your solar house of Philosophy can help you dig deep into what it is you find to be true; and you may find that things that you don’t really think are true may still be operating in your consciousness anyway… so this is a time to let them go in favor of more empowering and loving philosophies. What are the greater ideas you want to identify with? “You become what you think” applies very much here. Love above all else.

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