Mars in Gemini Conjunct the Sun


Every now and then we express or hear sentiments about words not having much power or effect – all talk, no action, etc, yet Mars in Gemini combines both talk and action – and is not always so innocuous. It isn’t just about what we say; it’s about the duplicitous appearances that preceded the moment of reveal, and it’s about the reactions to what is said. What happens when information that was before secret sees the light of day?

The Edward Snowden NSA leak was in June of 2013 when Mars was in Gemini. Mars was also conjunct Athena (goddess of war strategy), relating to how the leak was not just an act of impulse but was premeditated in a strategic way.

We have a little longer of Mars in Gemini, until June 24. Mars in Gemini can be defensive about how information is shared, or impulsive/brazen about sharing it. With Mars conjunct the Sun this cycle, the transit takes on an added intensity, the way that TOO much light can burn. But at the same time, with the square to Chiron in Pisces, there is a feeling of extra aggression being exposed and burned away to allow for healing.

Naturally we select information that we share with different people depending on the relationship and what values or level of trust is shared. Something to reflect on with the Sun conjunct Mars in Gemini is being selective about information based on the heart (Leo). We have an understanding that what we know we could say is not necessarily the thing that we should say. We can apply ourselves to communicate with warmth and compassion. This transit will also support (if not demand) new levels of honesty with oneself. Important communications will happen. And don’t be surprised if there seems to be a lot of different ways of looking at the same thing, or of opinions seem to change more than they stay the same. Sometimes we act on something we think before realizing, via that experience, that we really think something else… and so it goes!


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