The Martian Memories – Mars Uranus Transit

This trailer for the upcoming film The Martian was released today, and astrologically it correlates to the Mars sextile Uranus transit that went exact today. The movie is about an astronaut who is stuck on Mars and has no other choice but to innovate (Uranus) his way through. He cannot make contact with others so he has to rely on his own individualized consciousness – also a Uranian phenomenon! He has to design a way to grow food while he waits for contact/rescue. Films have a pretty good way of being on the pulse of things, they are Neptunian like that.

As with most Uranus stories, the moral of the story is that when you figure it out for yourself you make contact.

Another way this transit could have manifested or be manifesting in less literal senses is around memories surfacing (Uranus relates to the memory of the Soul, into past lives as well). In relation to Mars, these memories could be of a visceral nature – aggression/defense/sex. Not that Mars is limited to those things – other memories could have to do with actions that were taken that opened up new experiences and new realities (Uranus). I was remembering the time as a kid that I changed schools, but not just the memory, the feeling of it too. I had felt so excited about it. I had learned everyone’s first and last names really quickly and was fascinated by being a room with 30 new people, in a new classroom environment, with different books, a different teacher – a whole different life for 8 year old me. Mars has a correlation with moving outward (and so from something), and Uranus is correlated with separating from a previous reality by detaching or seeing things from a radicalized perspective.

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