Electric Mars And Dissolving Moon


Today can feel strange for us as we are at the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, Saturn is nearing back into Scorpio, the Sun hits Mars and Uranus in Aries is sextiling Mars… electric much? The last quarter moon alone is enough to make us question where we’re headed, and we can feel confused or conflicted. A strong theme of the day has been discovering what we are ready to let go of. We’re finding that if we are trying too hard to hold onto the things we are needing to let go, we have to effort harder than feels right, and this necessitates a questioning of our motives and intentions.
Surrendering to the flow is a challenge as it implies insecurity – though the other path, while more “secure”, is not holding still either. Surely as we let go of what has become unnecessary we develop greater clarity. There is assistance in letting go to develop deeper faith, and to make the necessary small actions that are prompted (from deep within – also as it manifests externally to trigger the inner-awareness). In so doing, the direction that seemed so absent appears once again in a new form.


(Image: She’s Not There by Maria Kapajeva)

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    June 10, 2015 at 5:24 am

    Sabrina, I have been thinking a lot about the Mars synodic cycle with the Sun and how we are now at the close of it- it began in April 2013 at the end of Aries. This cycle has been so pivotal for me, and in these last weeks we have been at the close of the whole cycle with the Sun burning off what of Mars we must now release for good, preparing for a new rebirth of Mars in a few days, leading up to the New Moon in Gemini. Anyway, your writing here is very poignant in these terms- especially this also being a last quarter Moon in Pisces in which the Moon was conjunct Chiron. So much to release, and there will be a lot of vulnerability to nourish on the new path. best, Gray

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    June 10, 2015 at 6:24 am

    I am letting go of a relationship! of a couple of years. I kept feeling that my freedom was no longer a part of it, that I was sacrificing too much… then it was long distance, and I was giving up opportunities to do things with people HERE, pining over something in the distance that isn’t really here. That just became so obvious to me today.

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