Athena as Assistant to the Will


Athena is like a benevolent assistant to the will – she provides the strategy and a sense of determination in the face of adversity. It’s like she doesn’t really see adversity like anyone else does – she simply sees the necessary course of action. She is associated as well with people expressing their gender differently than expected societally for a specific cause, like a female who dresses up as a man to do a ‘man’s job’ without being messed with or harassed. So there is also a sharpness here – a very direct mind and a precise execution. And Courage. For this, it is interesting to see how the rest of the chart or transit influences balance or compliment her, and I don’t even say conflict her – because I don’t think she sees conflict, ever. She is a formidable component to what we would call ‘the indomitable human spirit’.

Look to where Athena is in your chart, what sign she is in/what aspect she makes for information about how this archetype expresses within you.

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