Humanitarian Venus in Aquarius

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Happy Venus in Aquarius! (Leaving Capricorn and moving into Aqua tonight at 9:17 PM PST)

There was one week of interviews in which a synchronicity had come up of people talking to me about the power of love and the concept of praying for others/wishing for others was coming up tons. I met two Venus in Aquarius conjunct Athena in Aquarius women in this same week, who both would say things that felt so transpersonal (channeled if you will), and they gave me chills as they delivered their frequency just by being themselves. Aquarius really is an electrifying energy, and I associate Aquarius and Uranus with the nervous system as it connects not just with physical information but all kinds of information – ideas, concepts, feelings, and how our antenna calibrate.

We have a Venus-Athena conjunction in Aquarius coming up, exact on February 27. Signature of the transpersonal love warrior.

I asked Marquita, one of the people I interviewed that week, if I could share some of her writing here. Feel the Venus-Athena Aqua in her words – this is the combination of Venus and the warrior-strategist Goddess in the constellation of Aquarius, Aquarius often associated with humanitarian endeavors and activism. Marquita also has Sun-Lilith-Mercury-Ceres in the late degree of Pisces.

The last seven years has taught me 4 things:

The power of the universe is in me.
When I harness this power, transformation ensues.
This power is love.
When I love, I change the world.

I’m aware enough to realize that the above statements may be easily dismissed as “cheesy” or trite, but these are the most powerful truths I have learned since traveling to Cambodia to work with victims of human trafficking. I didn’t make this journey to stroke my conscience or because it was the right thing to do. I went simply because I needed to. And it was there I found something I wasn’t expecting.
Most talk of love as a sentimental, indistinct, and often fleeting feeling, but I’m talking about love as the actual life force of the universe, a transformational power for change. Love brought me to the realization that it isn’t just my moral obligation to help trafficked children, but their suffering is my own suffering.
It was as though I realized that my own hand had been bleeding, and, understanding what my own hand means to me, it would be insanity to not rush to heal it. Love expels the illusion of separation and reveals the true nature of our unified oneness. It awakens me from my vain existence into a space where I can exchange self preoccupation for an interest in people outside my own skin. I become someone who discovers that another person’s transformation is as important to me as my own. Suddenly I can’t hear enough about a survivor’s dream or a social worker’s favorite television show. Disarmed by our connection, I ask them to repeat their stories as if they are great scenes from an epic fairytale.
After returning to the states, I partnered with organizations to bring greater awareness to child sex trafficking. The most important work I did however was in meditation. In 2012, many people still did not know about child sex trafficking, and I dedicated every day of this year to meditating about the freedom of these children. Symbolically, I placed the freedom of enslaved children in the center of a circle, and then meditating, I would pace the circle with love in my heart. I prayed that people would care, and organizations would help. I started a non profit early that year, and began annual benefit concerts with my dance company, but the practice of meditation on this issue brought me a sense of oneness I can not describe. Not only did I see changes in my own city, but a National Task Force for Human Trafficking was established, as well as other new pieces of legislation in D.C. I witnessed the creation of new organizations all over the world, as well as existing powerful organizations taking on the issue of human trafficking. It was a reminder to me that the question isn’t “Why does a loving God allow suffering to happen?”, but instead “Why do loving people allow suffering to happen?” After this experience, I would say it is because we, the people, do not understand the power of love to transform the world.
“The world around me appears to have an over abundance of great ideas serviced by great organizations made up of people wearing fancy suits with impressive titles. We have enough well written mission statements, strategies, and outlined objectives. But I am growing less convinced that this is the help the world needs. The world is starving for great love. And while many of us give to the hungry orphan, we have forgotten to love her.”

– excerpt from Radically Ordinary by Marquita Burke-De Jesus


Keep at it world! We’re the ones we’re waiting for.


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