One Manifestation of Saturn in Scorpio Square Sun in Leo

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This New York Times article titled “On Instagram, the Summer You’re Not Having” is talking about social media envy… the envy that arises when people’s images of them living a highly actualized lifestyle create bad feelings in the viewer, who feels unable to have that kind of lifestyle.

Can’t help but see the Saturn in Scorpio square Sun in Leo going on with this. It is one kind of modern status symbol (Saturn): the well-curated or cultivated social media profile that shows how actualized (Leo) a life one has.

What really interests me about it at the next level is the way these images create a feeling of inspiring people to actualize themselves or making people feel envious and disempowered (Saturn in Scorpio). The latter, of how to interpret the internalization of these external images, seems like a personal choice, and that is something I want to emphasize. The dazzling nature of the actualized Leo imagery can create desire (Scorpio) to merge with that quality in oneself.

The ability to consistently update instagram or the like with pictures of oneself doing extraordinary or luxurious things speaks to a structure (Saturn) that can support that, which is also why it is seemingly unattainable or a thing to be aspired for for some. But anyone can create a supportive structure for themselves and their actualization… it’s just a matter of choosing the standard. Is it a standard that speaks to one’s soul in truth, or is it adopted from the culture? Is there personal evolution to be had in social/cultural success? Of course. But the Scorpio aspect has us inquire whether that is a goal we need to push for or to let go of, or what that goal really looks like to us in truth. How can a person respond to this kind of pressure (if they are to internalize it) in the most personally empowering way?

This concept has been fascinating me for a bit. Also just in the way too that for those who do not have the economic resource to present themselves in a certain way, but still the desire to create art or aesthetic, they will do so anyway but in a way that is naturally inventive. Then at a certain level, having additional resources can help a person manifest more creative power over their work. Artists are always playing with and around constraints. Same could go for lifestyle enthusiasts.

What do you think?

(Art: Romain Verger / Sculpture de Igor Mitoraj)



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