Mercury in Virgo – Demystify Your Dreams


We had an opposition between Mercury in Virgo and Neptune recently, and we’re still in orb of it now.  Next week Mercury in Virgo will oppose Chiron in Pisces. Soon too it will be a Sun opposition and later on a Jupiter opposition to both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Given that it’s polarity is Pisces anyway, there are a few points of balance we can think about here. One way to play with Mercury’s transit through Virgo would be to DEMYSTIFY something for yourself that you want but have perhaps put on a pedestal, and built up an image of it as impossible or unattainable. Demystifying something does not mean to remove its magic. It just means to make something that seems (key: illusion) difficult easier by increasing your knowledge of the make-up of it. Demystifying something even enhances the magic because you have more of a nuanced understanding and more pathways of interaction and expression. The Virgo function is going to help you see the process and the details that actually lead up to that finished product that reads like magic to the untrained eye, but here Virgo says the magic is in the details.

To give an example, I’ll draw from personal experience with my progress with my novel. Had I let writing a novel stay in a dream or idealized image of say, I sit at a typewriter in a cabin in the woods by myself for a few months and just “make it happen” (though that was not my actual image, just one I’m pulling from the cliche), I wouldn’t have gotten anything done because that’s not the reality. There was a preparation, habit-forming, synopsis writing and outlining, and a lot of discovery and working things out along the way. I spent just as much time brainstorming, making maps, and writing related information to the book than I did actually writing it. It was through reading and absorbing language (Mercury) of the writing and creative process by other writers and creatives that I had a steady reserve of specialized motivation to complete that step of the project. I needed that. Now, the book is finished in one sense. A person could read through it, but it actually needs to be rewritten in parts and so now, I’ll have to continue gathering resources about what rewriting actually looks and feels like because that concept is still too mysterious for me, and so it is an obstacle in my process that can be demystified.

If you start getting into the details and read books or listen to podcasts by experts in the field you are looking into, you’re going to start getting a working landscape of knowledge that facilitates your more watery Neptunian longings to blossom. Identify what feels out of reach but is calling you, and that’s just the place you can start doing research. Anytime an inner sense of vagueness is causing you to feel like you’re lost at sea, let Virgo tell you to snap out of it, that the information you need is out there! Research like Hermione Granger would. In the finished form, her intelligence seems to provide just the right information at the right time, but it was not without those hours in the library figuring it out. For you it may have nothing to with books, I only mean INFORMATION, however you prefer to distill it.


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