Fin, Aries Solar Season

“I’m falling asleep peacefully when I’m feeling so happy I’m too excited to sleep because I just found the answer to an question I’ve wondered about since I was a kid. When I was younger, not sure what age, sometimes before going to sleep at night I could feel myself changing shape and size, like it was all relative and I was just in space, or a giant ocean. Anyway, after changing sizes ten, twenty, thirty times, I would grow so tired of it but then I found it wouldn’t stop… until it did. It would be accompanied by an ineffable feeling I have a codeword for but no real knowing of what it was. Tonight I was thinking about beautiful things until I thought about something that troubled me and then I felt myself condensing almost, and then it was like my thoughts turned into a small child excited to tell someone I just realized that maybe that ineffable feeling was simply spirit becoming encased by matter.”

The last (29th) degree of any planet’s transit through a sign is like a mystical review of that sign/planet combination’s energy (coupled with the other energies and factors of the astro-scape). A Piscean like culmination, a fish diving into the essence of the planet and sign and coming back up to emerge, flash its rainbow tail, and then disappear and dissolve into it’s next transformation.



“AND CURTAIN,” says the Sun in Aries

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