Inner-Security and Meetings with the Deep Self


Security was a major theme of this Full Moon we just had. Now that it has passed there are a few extra things to share that may be of help as far as dealing with insecurity goes.

Sometimes with Scorpio Moon times fears arise coming from a root form of fear of loss, betrayal, or abandonment. As soon as we stop believing that we need something or someone to stay satisfied, happy, or even sane Рfunctional at best Рwe open ourselves up to increasingly transcendent sources of security. But in letting go, the vessel is emptied before it can be refilled. We are in a continuous state of emptying and refilling in small ways throughout life, and every now and then we face big episodes of loss or change that can feel like a threat to the current stasis. Sometimes we are only facing the fear of future loss, not an actual loss, and this one is interesting to consider because of how mutable the outcome, depending on how we meet the fear.

When fears are arising, this is a juncture to consider what is at the root (a motivation) of our behavior, our way of being. If we believe in the fear, we can create a self-fulfilling prophesy of it, just the way we can create a self-fulfilling prophesy out of our dreams and things we actually want to occur. It’s about our mindsets. The easiest way to address it is simply to release the fear to Source and make a conscious choice in a favorable direction. Sometime it’s easy, fun even, like breeze through the hair fearlessness. And other times it is like a rupture. We’re shaken up by the sudden necessity of addressing the deep inner self. But here – we are touching root with a very influential part of our lives, our own inner well-spring. What does it feel like? That deep, immeasurable space within, distinct yet in connectivity and relationship to all?

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