Aries New Moon: Leaping From The Threshold


The New Moon, though just about to initiate the Taurus Sun cycle, occurred in Aries this morning, with its ruler, Mars, currently in Taurus squaring Jupiter in Leo. With the New Moon is also a Venus in Gemini -Saturn in Sagittarius opposition making a T-square to Neptune and Vesta in Pisces.

As we are beginning to itch toward a new decision or a new way of going forward in life, messages will appear in the environment through the language of synchronicity. You’re thinking of trying a new herb for your health and suddenly that herb is everywhere, being spoken about or even offered up to you out of the blue. Maybe you haven’t finished your research to make a balanced, complete decision. But maybe that’s not the complete point – maybe part of getting to where you need to go involves taking a first step in which the end result is not immediately clear, but you do know you are embarking.

What blocks the path is fear, fear that perhaps if I overextend myself I will get hurt, maybe I’m not ready yet to exert that kind of energy – and YET, here I am at the threshold with a choice to make. The thing is, a lot of this is mental story that we tell ourselves about our capabilities. We learn through experience where our boundaries are, and without taking risks or going into the unknown EVER, we don’t find those boundaries, we stay too closed up and also close ourselves off to the magic of what awaits us when we are in the discovery state, that place of newness where we are tested in some way, invigorated by the challenge and awakened to new reserves of energy or skill we didn’t know we possessed. Though a word of love – expand your boundaries and it will naturally inspire others. Don’t go seeking to expand the boundaries of others who are resistant to it, it’s not doing anyone any favors. (It just hurts.)

Pluto just went retrograde too. Things from deep within are surfacing now. We can step back and watch the progression with a sense of witnessing. You may find yourself noticing with a more objective awareness the times that you are vibrating in fear, fearing that you are doing something wrong/judging yourself – and subsequently noticing that there may not be an actual basis for this except habit. You have the ability to let it go, and make new choices not just in action but in thought, in your vibration.

Listen to your callings, listen to your yearning. KNOW that the path is open for you and that the path comes to you. All you have to do is align with it. There are infinite ways to do this. One thing this astrology really supports right now is surrounding oneself with INFORMATION relevant to one’s pleasures/values in life. You are what you eat, you are also what you think/read/hear/etc… so be a sponge of data streams that resonate with you or what you are seeking to call into your life, and take note of what things and patterns set off bells in your mind, shivers in your spine, etc. etc. They are your clues. Assimilate them into the larger picture. Or, if you already know the larger picture, zoom in to the details. See the structure of your dreams in vast, epic detail, and allow its symbolism and values to permeate the spaces of your life & then watch it grow.


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