Something From Saturn in Scorpio Is Lifting


We are out of Saturn in Scorpio, with no retrogrades to take us back. One thing that was very prevalent during this transit was that we were seeing as a collective the ultimate shadow of systems of culture and of society, of government, and it was all just being raked up often without much awareness of what could be done about it… which, in terms of Saturn being through the lens of Scorpio like that, was depressive and dismal. Pluto in Capricorn is still activating this storyline, and is setting off a transmutation of the system (Capricorn), but our force of construction, Saturn, has now entered a more outwardly active and buoyant sign. A fire sign, lending its vision for the future.

We are in Saturn in Sagittarius now – Sagittarius being a sign of the visionary and of expansiveness. While Sagittarius does too, have a shadow, like dogma or bigotry — there is still going to be more of an emphasis on envisioning what we CAN do versus just attuning our depth focus on what is messed up. Which, however intensely negative that process felt, was a necessary part of the process.

But this phase being over is lightening, to say the least. How much groundbreaking, bottomline s%&%t did you go through October 2012 – June 2015?

This is playing out in our personal lives relative to how we are structuring or ordering our lives. At this time with Saturn in Sagittarius, matching your future-minded vision with concrete planning is a potent way of connecting to this transit. Plus Jupiter in an earth sign (Virgo)… and one other big thing about Saturn in Sagittarius is it can remind us that the Earth is a provider with far more resilience and a far deeper wellspring of magic than say the stock market. Don’t get too lost in the maya of money that you forget the Mother, like the archetype of a cold businessman/woman who has forgotten their heart. Money is real for the human experience at this time. There is a middle ground between off-the-grid living and being so entirely wrapped up in human constructions you’re part of a global psychosis. Saturn in Sagittarius may continue to illuminate what that middle path is. You might even find yourself more financially abundant with these transits if you tap into the vibration of Earth abundance. (Like, you can handle the money vibration if you are rooted with the Earth one.)


(Image: Leonor Fini)

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