Venus-Pluto Contacts


(Conrad Kiesel, Jeune Espagnole)

Venus-Pluto themes, either by aspect natally or by transit:

-Evolution through the pursuit of beauty or pleasure (ex. wealth, abundance, lifestyle, romantic relationships, art)

A Venus-Pluto person may be born into circumstances that empower their pleasure and value-oriented desires or into circumstances that are disempowering and challenge/require them to evolve.

Venus-Pluto manifested as lower behavior: jealousy, feelings of powerlessness, addictive behaviors, manipulation, seeking something outside of oneself.

Higher behavior: commitment in love of mind, heart, body, spirit, self-love, passion, power of love.

We can look at lower behaviors as layers that cover the true intent of the archetypal energy. When a person evolves, they are shedding those layers and coming closer to the core center of their Soul’s truth. Venus-Pluto contacts will mean that these layers that are being peeled away and the transmutation that is occurring is related to how a person perceives themselves and how a person perceives themselves in relation to others. The world of beauty, love, wealth, and pleasure are in this arena.

With Venus, a major lesson is self-love (relative to relationships, the meter of self-love will determine what kind of relationship can be attracted to the person). Because of the contact to Pluto, the Venus-Pluto person may have lessons around codependency. For example, If a person has to manipulate (consciously or unconsciously) others to “keep” them or to get someone to love them, the relationship may have a lot of emotional ups and downs and instability which causes the person to effort much. By nature, all of the effort that this requires will guide a person to become better and better at manipulating or controlling, or, will guide a person to look within and change inwardly as to not keep running into the same difficult lessons and emotional dramas. See-



(Charles Vidor’s Gilda 1946)

In an empowered state, this energy is channeled and focused and increasingly intentional. A person merges (Pluto) with a source of empowerment and becomes one with that frequency. Abraham Hicks’ teachings are very Venus-Pluto if you think about it – she is empowering people to feel good and teaching people how to merge with Source energy in ways to attract what they actually want. She is letting people know that their desires are good, that pleasure is worthwhile, and that it is up to them and the Universe to manifest it (not anyone else):

“There are many people who have achieved tremendous success in many areas of life who are born into conditions that would be considered to be the extreme opposite of success. And those raw and ragged beginnings served extremely well because born out of that poverty, or dysfunction, was strong desire which was the beginning of the ASKING that was necessary before success could begin to flow to them.”

“Find something to be happy about. With each moment of bliss, more of that which you’ve identified as your desire flows to you, until another moment of bliss comes and another, and another, and it seems as if the entire Universe revolves around you – and it does.”

“The greatest gift you can give anyone is to be happy. And we will take that further. The greatest gift you can give to any partner, past, present or future is to be so connected with who you truly are that they are irrelevant to your connection. And when they are irrelevant to your connection, then you are going to have a really good time together.”

“You will know when you are of value to anyone when you are able to think about the person and feel good at the same time. When you love others without worry, you are an advantage to them. When you enjoy them, you help them. When you expect them to succeed, you help them. In other words, when you see them as your own Inner-Being sees them, then and only then is your association with them to their advantage.” – Abraham Hicks


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