Thorn in the Paw

The thorn in the paw can be avoided – that is, one can avoid the rawness by not touching the affected area – but ultimately its negative affect upon the being holding the thorn cannot lift without the removal of the thorn.

Mars in Aquarius was highlighted today by an opposition from the quickly passing-by Moon in Leo. The feelings and events it brought to the surface may have a lesson in it for the rest of Mars’ transit through Aquarius as well as the other energies and potential traumas rising to the surface from the Uranus-Pluto square.

The wisdom and practice of gentle and loving detachment allows the thorn to be plucked. It caught up on me today as I was cooking and feeling a sense of peace overcome me after a stressful few days. I remembered a disturbing dream I had this morning and also suddenly another thought entered my awareness: but I wouldn’t write about it. And then I realized I was realizing I wouldn’t write about it and that changes everything. It’s time to write. It’s time to do whatever that process is. At the least, it is a time to become aware of what we are resisting and why. At the most, it is a time to transmute and grow.


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